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  1. Big THX to Caldera ! GREAT EVENT! LOTS of FUN! I believe i was the first one who died in the EVENT xD anyways.. COMMUNITY FIRST, Ego second! ATM
  2. Alright!, i will be there. First of all i was very afraid of the thing to be in place with a lot of non german speaking persons. But now(after thoughts about the community and and my personally evolution) i like the idea(nearby i really appreciate it anyways) which brings my decision to be a part of it!. Communty first, Ego second Cya! Fun fact: i am drunken right now after two beers xD
  3. I really enjoy your kind of writing, Orc!
  4. Eminently punchable doesnt work anymore... as a knight this is a disaster Edit: it seems to work again. Maybe its cause i am at Srathor´s EK for a long time , and so my discipline setup. i just threw out the old ones and put new in = works again!
  5. US EAST is ok (139ms) for me(Austria) but there are also EU players with a worse ping than that - maybe some of these will join this discussion and let us know their thoughts about it.
  6. One Server for a decent population.... ....but i really worry about the server locations. ATM we dont need a EU server for the campaigns. Caldera is way too strong in comparison to anything else.(good for them, i really appreciate that) Otherwise a US WEST server would not fit any kind of EU players at all.(server ping too high) IMO it has to be a faction campaign server on US EAST and the big guilds: Sugoi and friends, Winterblades and Caldera have to organize their factions.(ATM it seems a way too unbalanced if Sugoi and Caldera keep on playing BALANCE).
  7. -------------------------------------------------------- Maybe ppl make their own rules?... otherwise it seems very primitv to me.. its ok though...but not enough (for me) -------------------------------------------------------- anyways.. good fights, looking forward to more of those
  8. Why killed people run back into fights at all? Just cause...?
  9. +1 but you can also: SEEK AND DESTROY THEM!
  10. I dont like that there is no frequently occuring sound on bard songs anymore. Perhaps this will get a reset + a whole melody for each song which i can hear piecewise on the self-recast. Would be nice =P
  11. YEAH!
  12. Just here for the boobs! Cya!

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