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  1. GILF could be : granny i like to (insert things here)
  2. Currently you arent a active guild in CF. even there are lots of guilds out there without any promotions like you on the forum you have to go one step futher in the game to make the difference - to make the impact. start playing, start dying and start learning and extending the playerbase with your attitudes. Take your chance NOW! I am waiting for you!
  3. ey Drako, jetzt REISS DICH ZUSAMMEN!^^(schon das zweite Mal xD) Ich habe irgendwann mal etwas auf YT vernommen..und weil es keine high end grafik hatte , dachte ich mir, es könnte gut werden =P
  4. Stamina management is ok for me. If someone tries to kite me i run away and still do my duty as a tank keeping him away from other targets. I am more afraid of the upcoming future with the cleric and his block- just the best version of all blocks in theory Lets wait and see^^
  5. mhm... clerics block sounds soo much better than knights block..
  7. Hello, anybody has informations how do i get to an invitation to the crowfall backer party in cologne? I already asked the same thing on the german forum but haven´t received an answer so far.
  8. glad to read about "advantages and disadvantages" again =P
  9. Please ACE, just ONE big SERVER on US EAST! (for this new campaign)
  10. Würde mich auch mal interessieren. Wie gelangt man zu einer Einladung?
  11. Big THX to Caldera ! GREAT EVENT! LOTS of FUN! I believe i was the first one who died in the EVENT xD anyways.. COMMUNITY FIRST, Ego second! ATM
  12. Alright!, i will be there. First of all i was very afraid of the thing to be in place with a lot of non german speaking persons. But now(after thoughts about the community and and my personally evolution) i like the idea(nearby i really appreciate it anyways) which brings my decision to be a part of it!. Communty first, Ego second Cya! Fun fact: i am drunken right now after two beers xD