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  1. This is ruining melee for me, I'm going to switch to ranged for now. I can land about 4/5 fessor LMBs, used to be about as good with melee LMBs, but now it's more like 1/5 against an opponent smart enough to circle around me constantly (i.e. nearly all of them). Maybe I'm just out of practice, too many years without playing an FPS, but I can't get this to work at all.
  2. Yeah, and it's only going to get worse with time and more training. Most of the skills in the weapon training trees have that melee/ranged split. This bug is pretty serious as far as numbers-only bugs go (as opposed to the ones that literally break the game somehow).
  3. Players: Druids don't do enough damage. Also essence burn really sucks! Devs: Druids can now apply essence burn to enemies. You're welcome.
  4. One of the Field Surgeon powers works for self-healing (rehabilitation, not rescue) - I think that is the strongest discipline self-heal at the moment. Both of the Dryad heals also work. I haven't tested this one yet, but Naiad abilities look like they should self heal. Bard gives a regen buff, although it's not very strong. Standard Bearer gives a "rescue heal" buff that automatically applies when you're under 35% health.
  5. It's not always a deliberate choice, it can be the natural evolution of having a safe zone around a graveyard (as pang mentions). At first, you're fighting out in the open. One side is a little outnumbered, they lose a few people, now they're more outnumbered and getting their asses kicked. Their dead guys are running back to them from the graveyard, so they fall back in that direction. This isn't really a bad thing - the farther they fall back, the less time it takes their losses to return after dying (and the more time it takes the other side, who presumably has a graveyard in a different place), it helps equalize things a little. But eventually if one side is really losing, they fall back so close to the graveyard that the safe zone around it starts interfering with pvp. It doesn't have to be deliberate abuse, the safe zone will get in the way whether the defenders want it to or not. Then you have problems.
  6. This is true, but consider how easy it is to swap passives around now - it's not really an opportunity cost if you can equip the ore passive, mine for an hour, then replace it with your combat passive in time for the big siege. The only cost is a little convenience (and not having your combat passive ready on the off chance you get ganked while gathering). As Zybak mentioned, ACE does intend to add a cooldown to passive swapping. But my understanding is that the cooldown is only to prevent macroing passive swaps and doing them instantly, even in the middle of combat. I'm expecting something like a 10 second cooldown rather than a 10 hour one. I don't think the intention is to limit manually swapping passives out of combat, say when you're preparing to spend an hour gathering.
  7. Granted, safe zones can cause some ugly issues if not done properly. Typical example: the safe zone is a chunk of geography, you're immune while standing on it, vulnerable if you cross the invisible line at the edge. This leads to people dancing back and forth over the line - stand in pvp zone, shoot a guy, step over the line and be immune to counterattack. But Shadowbane did it well, with a limited duration immunity+invisibility buff on respawn that also prevented you from engaging in combat (edit: also you lost the protection if you moved or took any action). Wasn't really any way to abuse that, it did what it needed to (prevent spawn camping) without any unintended side effects. I think we should trust ACE to implement Crowfall's respawn protection equally well.
  8. The passives seem like an appropriate way to make Crowfall: Day 1 more tolerable. I won't resort to hyperbole and say that the game is literally unplayable with 0 skills (including 1 plentiful harvest on everything), but.. let's just say it's not fun. But I think anhrezcf has a point here: Shouldn't 1 plentiful harvest be "playable" i.e. fun? By adding in these passives, they're ensuring that no one will ever hit a rock without having 3-5 plentiful. The fact that we're essentially removing 1-2 plentiful from the game makes me wonder why the scale even goes down to 1.
  9. Essentially it is class based. There's just one rune involved - Runescarred Gladiator - which combos with a passive from the Champion base kit.
  10. Yeah, I was encountering this problem last weekend dueling champions as templar. I was swinging my sword visually through the guy, which I could swear used to work, and now I'm hitting nothing but air half the time. I've read on the forums that it changed recently so that we're required to get the aiming reticle over the guy for the hit to count; knowing that I'm hoping I can adjust for it and become less easily circle-strafeable.
  11. Just in case anyone didn't notice yet: you can stack the default "Second Wind" passive with "First Wind" from Runescarred Gladiator. This gives you a new buff - "Third Wind" (I'm not joking) that provides rapid healing up to 80% hp. The sustain on that build is pretty crazy; if you can leap/dodge away and avoid damage for a few seconds, you can self-heal faster than the actual healing archetypes.
  12. More movement abilities! Disciplines are shockingly lacking in any kind of mobility - the best thing I can find is bard's passive movement speed buff. Make them weaker than the base kit mobility skills (I don't want everyone to have druid teleport or confessor dash) but give us something to help out the lower mobility classes. Squishy high mobility dps like confessors can use disciplines to cover their weaknesses, by getting healing and tanking abilities; why can't low mobility classes do the same? More ways to deal different damage types, other than your class's typical one. Disciplines are full of ways to hard counter certain damage types, now we need counter-counters to get around that. There are a few already: Standard Bearer has the electricity conversion buff, Adjudicator has a single holy damage attack. We need more abilities like that. More group support powers that are not active 24/7 like bard buffs. Field Surgeon's rescue or Escape Artist's two group CC breaks/immunities are good examples of support abilities you can't just spam on cooldown, I'd like to see more. Maybe bard-style buffs that are stronger but with a cooldown at least 3x as long as the duration - so you have to time them intelligently for the clutch moments. Also instead of so much healing, I'd rather see group or ally-targeted damage prevention buffs (like the self-only barrier/reflection/healing conversion/immunity/etc. buffs we already have so many of). Same concept, make them powerful with short durations and long cooldowns, so supports have to find the right moment to use them. Health and resource transfer. Let us steal health/resources from our opponents. Let supports grant powerful instant healing to allies at the cost of their own life. Let supports restore group resources for a high cost of their own resources. Abilities that debuff you. Imagine a powerful attack + CC that lowers your resolve for 15 seconds and resets your CC immunities. Or an attack that applies black mantle (blocks healing) to a target and to you. Or a support power that applies a short invulnerability to a friendly, while putting a longer increased damage taken debuff on you.
  13. You have no idea how relieved I am to read this. I went about a month without pvping as melee, and when I tried it again this weekend I thought my skills had rusted away completely - suddenly I was hitting not even half as often as I used to. Agreed that this is not a good change. It just encourages people to run and circle strafe and jump around like this is Darkfall. And god help you if your ping ever goes over 100.
  14. Well, note that the ToL protected only a limited number of buildings. This meant that you could do surprise raids at odd hours of the day to destroy unprotected buildings - usually guard barracks. You could also just break into the city (there were some ways to bypass walls) and murder people, very fun. So you couldn't take the city at 4am, but you could cause some damage, just to cost them resources or to soften them for the next siege. I thought it hit a nice balance between "everything's vulnerable all the time" and "everything's immune all the time except at 6-7pm on Tuesdays". Also note that the bane system gave you flexibility on when to set your siege time, so the defenders could take the time that fit their schedule instead of being stuck with an arbitrary dev-chosen time period. Of course that's all for Shadowbane, Crowfall may be a bit different. I think I read somewhere that Crowfall PoIs are going to be vulnerable 24/7.
  15. Alternately, we might not be onto something. You ruined it. I was hoping no one would report this. Other classes may think they know how to gather, but Templar is on another level. She's stabbing a rock to death. With a hammer.