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  1. Some things still use projectiles, like Confessor meteor and tornadoes. Most of the single-target stuff is raycast now.
  2. That's a good point, it'll depend on what exactly the bonuses are, how they stack with new gathering trees and if they have caps. In the video the three gathering skills are named "decay rate," "beneficial harvest chance," and "beneficial harvest lifetime" .. but they look like placeholders (I noticed one of the blacksmithing skills lists "harvest critical chance wood" as its only stat), so we probably shouldn't read too much into it and just wait for the new skills to go live.
  3. I think the flexibility is fine for gathering. With only five types of gathering, and 9 total gathering bonuses in the trees (3x base trees, 6x subtrees), most gathering types will probably show up in two different places (as we already know ore does). So 4-6 races to pick from for most gathering specialists. The crafting bonuses seem like they would be more restrictive. There are just too many different kinds of crafting, it's going to be spread thin. Most crafting types will probably show up in exactly one tree, so 2-4 races to pick from.
  4. No it's definitely the base tree, I wasn't sure before but I just rewatched the video. Behold: Ore and blacksmithing in the "Man" tree: The separate "Human" subtree, whose bonuses we don't know: If you watch the video (starting at about 5:00), you can see him navigate from race->man->human, the hierarchy is clear. This means each specific race will have two sets of gathering and crafting bonuses, one from their base tree and one from their subtree. Halfbreeds will get ore, blacksmithing, grave digging, and necromancy based on the video.
  5. I thought ore and blacksmithing were in the "man" base tree in the video, so that they apply to the half-breeds as well?
  6. I see them as completely different systems that serve different purposes. The racial skills are your long-term homogeneous stat gain that takes the place of leveling up in other RPGs. You don't get interesting choices aside from "which stat do I want to train first," ultimately all maxed out nethari will be identical. Advantages/disadvantages are how you specialize a vessel for a certain class/role, how you customize it so it's not identical to all the other [insert race] vessels.
  7. Maybe don't render the character model and/or don't show the nameplate outside a certain radius? Like stealth but limited by distance. If it's not intended for you to be able to spot a guy 50m away at midnight without ingame lights or gamma-cheating, then they may as well (effectively) give him stealth relative to you.
  8. I'm a little worried about the crafting part, it does seem restrictive. It'll be fine if the skills are spread out with overlap. Like in the ore mining example they gave: both the human base tree (applies to human, nethari, half-elf, half-giant) and the underfoot sub-tree (applies to stoneborn, guinecean) get ore bonuses. Assuming the underfoot vs. human bonuses are similar, that means half the races in the game can be a top tier miner. That's a loose enough restriction that it wouldn't bother me. But what if it turns out that only one sub-tree gets a bonus to some profession - say for example that only underfoots (underfeet?) get the jewelcrafting bonus. Two races to pick from is a lot more restrictive than six. A hypothetical jewelcrafter who wants to play any kind of ranged class has exactly zero race choices that fit his class+profession. I feel like that could push more people to outsource their crafting to alt accounts.
  9. For the record I didn't intend that pic to be necessarily critical or approving. Blair seems to think the arrow system will feel better when we're doing a real, bigger campaign with less dying, banking and vessel changes, etc. I'm willing to wait and see how that works out.
  10. Serious note: that was a great video. Especially when it's been so long since a major patch, it's good to see the in-progress stuff we have to look forward to.
  11. The main problem with alts (imo): ACE wants this to be a social game, where people have to cooperate to get anything done. The training system and the uber-specialization it forces are no accident, it was deliberately designed to force that social interaction. Being able to buy a bunch of alt accounts and become self-reliant undermines it all. This is not a trivial thing. It's fundamental to the game, it's the secret sauce that transforms a glorified single player RPG with an auction house into a real MMO. It's the thing SWG and SB had that many modern MMOs are missing. It's the reason many of us are here. Personally I think ACE went a bit too far with the uber-specialization. I'd like to see at least 2 general trains per account, and perhaps faster training times overall (although the ability to progress without 100% in a skill may fix that). But I agree with the intent behind that specialization, with the desire to make this a game about social interaction instead of solo grinding.
  12. Come on guys. They give us updates 2-3 times a week. Not every news drop can be a massive race/class split reveal or list a hundred new disciplines or give us details of the first campaign. If they were ready to launch the first campaign today, we'd certainly get an announcement about it. They're not ready. It's not like they're delaying the campaign to bring us this! This is what they have to show us right now, like it or not (..and many do like it). You all made me agree with VIKINGNAIL again, damnit.
  13. I think the latest from ACE was: they plan to do custom built castles in the Dregs just like the EK currently has, only the faction rulesets will have prebuilt castles that you repair.
  14. I really like this idea. This coming from someone who is fine with ACE's recently announced changes: they do need to make money and I don't see faster VIP progression as a problem. Mechanically, I think it will work fine. But I agree that the system is not fun. Not for VIPs or non-VIPs. Needing to log in at specific times to pick the new skill or suffer some wasted training time is an annoyance, it's significantly less painful for VIPs but it's still not fun for them. It's also unfortunate that ACE's system is at its most annoying for the most crucial demographic: noob non-VIPs playing their first day/week, the people most at risk of bouncing off the game and never coming back. It'll get less annoying as you progress into longer training times after the first month or so, and that's exactly when they should be putting a little pressure on the now-hooked non-VIP player to start paying ACE's rent. The annoyance progression curve is the opposite of what it should be. A small pool of saved training time that you can spend for instant skill ups would remove the annoyance factor completely and give players something to look forward to when they log in, some fun instant gratification. You could even start every new account with 1 day / 1 week / whatever of pooled training time to spend immediately, this could immensely improve the essential day 1 noob experience. Then give VIPs a larger pool cap, or shorter training times, or whatever. This would switch things around so that day 1 non-VIPs get the best experience, and they don't start to feel encouraged to opt in to VIP until they hit the longer training times.
  15. I agree that it's unreasonable to expect players - even ones without fulltime jobs - to set an alarm and log in at 3am to update skill training. I share Tinnis's assumption that the typical player will simply update his skills when he logs in for the evening, and he'll need to deal with any wasted time that comes with having a life outside the game. Which leads me to the conclusion that VIPs will inevitably be ahead on training. 17% ahead by my math, with the caveat that the specific numbers are sure to change. So the extremely subjective part is this: is a 17% VIP skill training advantage a bad thing? If that crosses your P2W threshold, I think that's a fair position to hold and I respect it. Personally, as someone who grew up with subscription MMOs, I'm okay with VIP having an advantage like this (ideally I'd like it to be a little smaller though).