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  1. The assassin was revealed before all the race class stuff right? So is the assassin just gonna be put off until the Race+Class stuff is put in or will we see a early release of the assassin archetype like the other archetypes have currently until the race class stuff comes up?
  2. I mean some of the team is on during most testing (Tyrant comes to mind mainly, but others are on alot too). I just dont know if they spend their time in their EKs waiting for some people to roll in and hang out or if they actually join the Corruption or Bloodbath servers and use their god tier skills to stomp all the noobies that think they can beat the creators at their own game
  3. So back during the early post kickstarter days i thought i read about some things involving Forgemasters having like extra blacksmithing related skills in their passive trees. I could totally be remembering this wrong or possibly even just thought this up on my own based off of the descriptions of forgemasters or something. But if this is/was the case i started thinking about some stuff related to archetypes. Im wondering what sort of things could be added to differentiate the passive skills of different archetypes. Cause right now the entire archetype passive trees are basically all exactly the same; Armor choices that grant bonuses to armor and cc mitigations, skill for increasing the classes max resources or resource generation or something similar, health skills, power and crit skills, support powers, and a few one off things like the more bonus movement you can get from leggos. Basically right now all the passive trees for each archetype are basically exactly the same with just small changes related to classes specific resources or small traits. One of the things i thought of would be to add some crafting and harvesting skills to each archetype based off of the lore or some unique traits of the race. For example; For the Ranger aside from just the Ranger proficiency tree, they could add a Ranger Crafts section that has some bonuses to leatherworking or bow making, and also add a Rangers Harvest branch that has bonuses to gathering boar hide and darkwood or something like that. Then for someone like the Templar have a Crafting tree for extra blacksmithing/armor working, and have them gain bonuses to harvesting gold ore (the purist of ores) and silver or something similar. The main reason i suggest this is because it gives more flexibility to what can be done with each archetype at any given time, but also because it makes the game more fair for some crafters and harvesters. Currently a player has 2 options when building your character, doubling down on combat (Current Archetype skills + the combat General tree), OR splitting the load in half (Current Archetype skills for combat boosts + a crafting or harvesting skill set). Players dont have the option to double down on a craft or harvesting skill like combat players get (Note: all craftes should probably not double down, but im pretty sure a guild would be glad to have a few doubled down crafters that are less proficient at fighting but can get them their next tier of gear much faster and such), also because of the basic *insert crafting or gathering skill you want here* players have to trudge through the basics of their craft/gathering profession before they can get to what they want to be ie: a person who want to focus on being the gold gathering guy has to first get through the basic stuff for harvesting (like every other person doing harvesting) before he can even start to put time into gold harvesting stuff, so 1 month into the game the person who wants to specialize in gold is no better at it then someone else who wants to do iron cause they both basically are just getting to the beginnings of that specific tree. Whereas if that person who wanted to focus gold made his first character a templar (like in my above example) he could start getting small bonuses to gold harvesting right off the bat then start adding onto that when he gets to gold harvesting in the harvesting tree, and then they get the choice to continue doubleing down or maybe split off abit. This would also give players with VIP a few more options in terms of extra characters. A player can double down on combat for their Champion but then have a duelist who has its points going into some basic harvesting of copper then the player can swap to his rat to gather copper during his downtime and maybe make some money or get someone to turn that copper into armor at a reduced cost or something similar. Idk, just thought i'd throw this out there and see what gets said. Also if anyone can confirm or deny my first sentence it would be much appreciated cause ive been confuzzled on that subject for a while now.
  4. Welp screw this, i aint gonna read 14 pages of posts from a day ago. Anyone wanna give me a TL;DR of all the arguing i assume happened between this post and the OP???
  5. Wrong. ACE has stated a few times that the amount of imports, rulesets, exports, and any other changeable aspect of a CW can and will be changed between CWs and that those options are not in any way restricted by bands. They even said there will be dregs worlds that DO have some imports, weather or not its full import or just a small amount is up to how much they want to tweak it. So saying that a person cant lose a set of imported gear on inner ring CWs is a false statement. But even then, if the person ran into a dangerous CW like that with said gear there is already a layer of something wrong with their thought processes OR they are really confident in their abilities (which will inevitably bite them in the arse)
  6. For the gist of that first section just read the italics at the end of it, i started rambling --------------------- So in srathor's example the would be ganker "The Warrior" (pure combat spec) brings some decent armor and a weapon and a little food and nothing else. The harvester has to bring his tools and hopefully some gear with some mitigations and what ever materials he needs to help him do his harvesting. In most circumstances someone going out on a ganking frenzy is going to bring the bare esentials for them to fight and nothing else. In the Warriors case The risk is situationaly Minimal (ie. In the circumstance that hes only fighting the harvester and not getting into other fights). His Risk is very low, because the harvester is already at a disadvantaged in overall combat effectiveness (how much is irrelevant in this circumstance) and the warrior is only bringing the gear he needs to be at probably a baseline of combat effectiveness. However his reward can be Low or High or for a very unlucky harvester the warrior could hit the jackpot. So Overall a Low risk with a varying Reward tier ranging from jack and shyt to multiple stacks of mats. The havester however is always in a High risk circumstance because not only is his total combat effectiveness lower, the act of harvesting takes time and makes alot of noise to drag people to him, and also he has to completely focus on one thing at a time (he cant harvest and watch his back at the same time, and he cant harvest and fight at the same time, and any time spent watching his back or fighting is also taking time out of his possible gains from harvesting). Whats the reward for the harvester though? A set of armor that may or may not have better mitigations then his own (depending on if the warrior went for armor that provided more damage bonuses or mitigation bonuses), a weapon that he may or may not be able to use (ie a druid wont find any use from the pistol unless they happen to have a subclass that allows them to use pistols) and what else? If the warrior is smart and doesnt carry around 3 extra legendary weapons and 5 stacks of orange/purple mats what else is the harvester gonna gain? So the harvester is already going in with a Very High Risk, and his reward is either; Complete RNG of the materials he can get and make it back to safty with (Those nodes are either gonna drop Whites or greens or blues or ETC. but even with better stats doesnt mean hes gonna come out with 10 stacks of purps, he might still only get 1 or 2 stacks or purps even with a full focus in that harvesting skill tree, depending on how far he actually managed to get in that time frame, Also i highly doubt there will be a sure fire way to get enough skill in a harvesting profession to get absolutely nothing but purples or higher, everything is always gonna be RNG even if you have a 50% chance of purps and a 5% chance of whites you could still have a poorly made socksty run if RNG hates you) OR hes gonna get complete RNG mats based off a warrior he kills, if that harvester is the first one the warrior ganked then the warrior isnt gonna have anything useful but if thats the 5th harvester he ganked then that harvester might get some free mats and even some mats not from his specific harvesting profession. So the overall rewards in either case are completely random based off a shyt ton of factors, and both the Warrior and the Harvester can make out with utter crap or the jackpot of a lifetime but the actual risk is completely skewed in the warriors favor. But again all this assumes the implausible circumstance that somehow throughout the entire open world only these 2 individuals find each other and there is no external interference from any other sources ------------------------ Now realistically all the complaints about harvesters being at a disadvantage to gankers is true to a certain degree. But because CF is an open PvP world, the would be gankers are not safe either. A harvester is just as gankable by a ganker, as a ganker is gankable by an even stronger/better ganker and because its open world PvP it literally just comes down to who finds who first and who is more prepared/skilled. An unprepared harvester is gonna have a hard time against an unprepared ganker, and a really hard time against a prepared ganker. A prepared harvester may or may not have a tough time against a unprepared ganker (it relies on the skill of the harvester to use the small amount of combat training he has to his advantage) but will still have a hard time against a prepared ganker. An unprepared ganker might have an easy or hard time fighting a prepared harvester, and they will have a hard time against a prepared ganker A prepared ganker's only threat or challenge would be other prepared gankers of equal/better skill (All of the above circumstances also apply to groups to a certain degree) Any solo person is always in danger no matter what specialization they choose, working in groups, especially organized groups, will always be the better option no matter what the circumstance is. Even then, the groups still have to look out for other groups. So really it just comes down to how low (or would it be high?) on the scale of masochism you are, cause being alone is gonna be 100% torture, being in a small group will be 80% torture, being in a large organized group would be like 50% torture, heck even being in the largest most organized group would probably leave you at about 5%-15% torture cause of random bs that might happen. Harvesters will only have it rough on them if they choose to make it rough, but this fact also applies to any type of character. Moral of the story: Dont Make Things harder on yourself then you have to. PS: Does this forum not have a spoilers button option? Cause i really wanted to put all the excess stuff in a spoiler, so people wouldnt have to see it if they didnt want to, but i dont see how to do that.
  7. Would something like all the survival games harvesting work (like ark/rust/7 days/h1z1/everything else)? Equip the tool bring it out and hold left click/mash left click over the thing you wanna harvest to damage it and get mats to drop, that way you can move around and just smack the ore. And Just like with certain archetypes that have alt skills, assign a hot swap to something like "Y" then when you hit Y you bring out the first tool in your list, then if you continue to press "Y" you can cycle through them, or just make a wheel and when you hold "Y" drag your mouse to the tool you want and pull out that tool. and any time you wanna swap back to your actually archetype skills just press "T" to return to the tray you were using before pulling out the tool Then they could even start toying with the idea of possible harvesting based skills that you unlock deeper in the trees for stuff to add to the tray when you have a tool equipped (i might be remembering wrong cause its been like 3+ years but i think ff14 had something like that) which could improve interactivity slightly. Do you pop your enhance tool spell now for a 2 min buff knowing it has a 30min (give or take) cool down or do you wait till you find a better patch of ores with a few extra motherload ores then pop the skill? or something like that idk. Edit: Heck on the note of equipping the tool and changing the basic attack to a harvest attack ability, make more harvesting modifiers for armor and stuff (kinda like my pistol i made once that had beneficial harvesting ores on it) that gives you something like "harvesting attack speed" or "harvesting damage" then you can add a whole new layer of stats people want for their armors and such. Get high mitigation stats and some harvesting bonuses and have a harvesting set equipped then if stuff gets dicey swap to your combat armors or something. Edit 2: Also this will stop that dam BS that happens when a rock is to close to an ore where your mining your ores all hunky dory then you walk up to the one near the rock and even though your looking at the freakin ore your hammer starts to channel and your like "NO GOD DAM IT GAME I WANT THE ORE NOT THE ROCK" then you gotta fidget around the ore till you get that sweet spot where it lets you mine it. If you had to have the tool out/equipped looking at the ore and hitting it would always result in ore progress and never pull out a hammer for no reason. (if this has been fixed already praise Jesus but if not >.> seriously Eff that noise)
  8. And you would expect wrong. Its been stated multiple times that the band itself doesnt have anything to do with import values or campaign rulesets. ACE stated that the import rules and campaign rulesets for campaigns in a band can be changed, they even stated that some dregs CWs will have imports. That outdated as hell image, that showed a general mock view of the campaign bands, was just to show in general that Outter bands are easier with less rewards and inner bands are harder with better rewards. Inner bands can have import worlds and no import worlds, and so can outer bands. Inner bands can have Standard campaigns and bloodstone (i think thats what its called anyways) rulesets and so can the outer bands. So its up to the players/guilds to decide which bands to join and how to gear appropriately for the start up of the campaigns. Your right a guild going into a no import dregs might very well choose to have more crafters, but a guild going into a no import gods reach or shadows(if shadows is a thing still idk) might want more fighters than crafters, but that doesnt mean those are the only viable strategy for those given circumstances.
  9. Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!! That is all
  10. You mean beta 2 will definitely be in by the 31st?!?! /s
  11. My only suggestion would be make multiple tabs/pages for different sections of the materials to test. ie. -First tab is; login, tutorial vids, character creation/selection, chat stuff, and world choosing. (Things that happen before being "in game") -Second tab would have; World Spawning, Menu Option stuff, Faction stuff, Party/group stuff, inventory, compass stuff, etc (Things a person can check right when they get "in game") -3rd Tab non combat things like; Harvesting, Crafting, Hunger, Skill training stats, etc. (Things players can interact with that are not combat related) -4th Tab; Combat, Archetype Skills, Death, Respawning, Durability, Mob actions, etc (Things the players interact with when in combat) -5th Tab network related stuff; Crashes, Latency, FPS, Errors (<--- Other stuff like those things) and if theres anything you cant fit into those a 6th tab for miscellaneous stuff
  12. Is it sad that i thought it said Raisin for about 2 minutes :\
  13. The main reason i would ditch the game and get a refund if they did the subscription model is because there were 2 main reasons i bought into crowfall 1: Passive Training - Meaning me (sometimes) and my friends who work can play the game at our own paces and still play together (Meaning we cant out level each other and leave people behind or soar through pve content on alts making the overall experience dulled down when we get to do it as a group finally) and 2: Because of the Buy once play forever policy. Unless ace was releaseing an entire games worth of content every 60$ i pay in a monthly subscription then its never worth it in my opinion to spend more than the game is worth. It also isolates me and my friends when work or other issues get in the way of them making those payments and then not being able to play with them any more. I work as a contractor for software and web development firms so there are times when im between jobs (like currently) and since my friends have stable jobs in their web company i tend to get more periods of time when i get to no life a game for a while, but i hate haveing to make multiple alts and such just so when my friends have a chance to play i can play with them. If my friends get caught up in work for 2 months for crunch time then things start to get lax and maybe they even take a week break or so, i expect to be able to hop back on to the game and continue playing with them not have to be like "Yo you wanna spend 15$ to renew your subscription so you can play for maybe a week and maybe a few more times after that before your subscription runs out" because the answer is always gonna be no, and then im left alone with no one to play with. Why pay for 1 month of access to something when most of the time you dont even get to utilize that month. If i only get to play 3 days a week but for 6-8 hours on those 3 days (which is still more time then my friends get to play even when we do sit down and game together). Why am i paying for a "30 Day subscription" if im only gonna use 12 of those days and even then i didnt even use 12 days i used about 84 hours (3 and a half days) of time in a 30 day month. So i payed for 30 days and only used 12 days (or 3 and a half if your doing hours). The average person is gonna look at those numbers and most of the time conclude that its not worth it to pay for a subscription for a game. Most people expect to have a game when they buy a game. Every game ive ever had for my N64, Xbox, PS2, 360, Wii, Etc. I payed for a game and if i wanted to i could find the box with all that stuff in it and play Halo 2 with my cousin or Mario Party 6 (?) with my grandparents or pokemon stadium by myself. I payed for a game i have the game and i can play it. Every game in my steam library (even the 3 that i dont know how they got there) i can have the games uninstalled for years (which is the case for most of my games) and when/if i wanna play it i can hit the download button and play it. If i pay for a game i expect to be able to play it, not to get on one day and see a big red F-U on the screen saying Give me 15$ or you dont get to play your game. You dont go to a restaurant and order food only to get half way done and have the waiters come over take all your food and say "Your times up please pay for your food again to continue eating" I understand that servers need to be payed for somehow, and getting a bunch of money upfront can only take you so far, but unless ACE came up with some new subscription based thing like a only pay for the days you play sorta thing or something. Then i cant see many people willing to stick through it. Something like If i pay for a "30 Day Subscription" and i log in for 3 days only during a week and then can see that i have "27 days" remaining then hell yea id pay for something like that. I didnt play for 3 whole days (obviously) but the fact that i can not play for 2 weeks and come back for a day and have 26 days remaining is hella reassuring and makes me personally feel like im getting my moneys worth and not getting shafted just cause i cant always play a game 30 days a month. But ultimately thats up for ACE to decide and there is alot of background things going on that i cant make suggestions/guesses for. But going back on a business practice/promise is gonna have a lot more repercussions than simply changing game mechanics.
  14. One thing ive been spitballing is to just change what you can train with and without VIP. Make it to where instead of 1 General 1 Archetype you just get 2 Training slots that can be used in any 2 things in different categories (Ie 1 in combat 1 archetype or 1 in combat and 1 in crafting, etc) Then just have VIP Add 2 Additional slots that can ONLY be for archetypes. This way 1 person is not at any point in time stronger than another because for a non VIP you have the option to go 1 combat 1 archetype and with VIP you can go 1 Combat 1 Crafting 2 archetypes and aside from haveing the option to have a larger varity in archetype choices and the ability to craft you still dont scale better combat wise cause you are still limited to only training 1 combat skill at a time The other reason i suggest this is because having 1 general 1 Archetype sucks for people who are new to the game. They are gonna probably have an idea what they want to play but they will need to spend time trying different things out, and it would just suck to spend 2 weeks worth of training on Champion only to find out that Myrmidon fits your playstyle much better and feels easier to controll then. Whereas if they had just 2 skills to train they can put 1 in combat and use the second to train craft/explore untill they find an archetype that they really like, then they can start focusing on that archetype without loseing anything because that Myrm in my above example would still have the benefits of the combat and exploration where if it was the combat champion setup then the new Myrm player is basically missing 2 week of training he is not benefiting from. ----------------------------------------- Also another thing could be to have a 4th/5th band (im not completely sure about how the shadows/dregs merge works so i dont know how to count the bands yet) that is a BETA band where people with VIP can test new archetypes and give feed back and stuff before they are released. The current VIP gives you earlier access to new archetypes (which depending on the amount of time a normal player has to wait might end up being a little unfair in my opinion) and this will fall in line with that it would just be they get access to that archetype in the Beta bands only untill it releases. And this doesnt have to be restricted to just archetype testing for the beta bands but ACE could add any new features or mobs or rulesets they plan to release, to the Beta bands before throwing it out to everyone, that way they can see how it works in practice and get feedback for it. Ultimately how this beta band would interact with passive trainings and stuff probably will take a little more consideration, and since its 4 am and im tired im probably not gonna consider those things yet. but there would be some way to balance beta band passive training weather its a beta training slot that only applies to beta CWs or some other thing that make it to where a person testing an archetype doesnt have to waste passive training to actually train up the test archetype a little.