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  1. I already answered that question above. I can elaborate more if you are willing to try. It seems that you have a basic understanding of project management. If you're interested in this stuff, I can suggest a few books to bring you up to speed, and there are some great tools now for running monte carlo simulations to get even more certainty. Obviously none of this is relevant to the discussion at hand, we don't have the information to even hazard guesses toward a monte carlo sim. I don't see you putting any effort into this conversation, nor am I getting value from it, so I'm going to close it out for now. Most people think you're entirely a troll. I have some hope that there is some earnest value in there somewhere. Don't dash my hope, please.
  2. To me, or publicly? Because I don't see it. There has been a bunch of great input on what the community values, and I appreciate that. I have not seen any value in your analysis or speculation about Crowfall's engineering team or this concept of infinite productivity by queueing tasks. None of us have nearly enough information to contribute to the decision making in a real way on allocation of engineering resources, but I'm happy to hypothesize and discuss if that holds some value for you. It doesn't for me, because I can't change it. The only thing I can do is suggest ideas and contribute to the community. I don't think it's been proven that these classes won't delay the release of the game -- isn't that counter to logic? Adding work will always add time. But what is proven is that the portion of the community represented on the forums is willing to wait. No final wipe before all classes.
  3. Why would a troll admit to being a troll, if they actually care to troll? I admit when I am trolling because I'm not a real troll. I just value wit and humor. Do you think it impacts me in any way if you think I don't understand something? By making blanket, presumptuous statements like this that border on disrespectful, you're just encouraging me to ignore you in the future. If you legitimately aren't trolling, and you legitimately presume that, please elaborate on what I don't understand. I'm happy to help in your education, but there is little value here left for me. Thanks!
  4. Of course I understand that.
  5. By the way, you're getting better at trolling. I actually engaged with you on this stuff. Fail Orleans.
  6. The status of the pipeline is irrelevant to the fact that all things take time. You can only allocate one task simultaneously per engineer. You can queue tasks, but that doesn't cause them to be completed any fast. You're basically saying that adding things to the queue somehow increases productivity. That is not realistic, and in my experience, the result is opposite. People get overloaded and overwhelmed when you pile too much stuff on them (obviously). Cognitive overload is a real thing for engineers. Following your logic, they should work on all things for the game, and, well, all world problems simultaneously, because they'll all proceed just as quickly. It makes no sense. Resources are constrained, because this is reality. Decisions have to be made about where to apply resources. I was positing applying resources in a different priority. That is all.
  7. Unless they have separate teams with absolutely no overlap on skill, this is logically impossible. Taking time from one task and allocating it to another by definition slows down the first task. Right? It's not a question of what they spend most of their time doing. Any time spent on class development is time spent not doing other things. What I didn't understand is that the community values classes over features. Likewise, streamlining is great, but it doesn't change the equation fundamentally. Your point would only make sense if they had infinite resources or engineers.
  8. Source/logic? Class development includes a lot of different engineering skillsets, so presumably touches most engineers at the company, which pulls resources from other tasks.
  9. I never said that, nor am I impatient. I was positing that perhaps an early wipe would be prudent for the health of the game. I was wrong.
  10. I don't have a lot of experience with game development, so it has been really enlightening to see people's reactions. A lot of it has been driven by a misunderstanding of my suggestion, mostly due to differing nomenclature, but more has to do with my lack of understanding of what gamers really care about. I seem to care about very different things, but that's not relevant. What I do have experience with is software development and startups, where it's important to ship early and iterate quickly. It's almost never a bad thing to get an MVP out, partially because the best feedback you will get is from users. It also creates a good junction to start generating revenue, which is the lifeblood of raising future rounds or building a sustainable business. When viewed from this perspective, it could be argued that Crowfall has already released an MVP, and are iterating based on customer feedback as well as generating revenue. However, there is another junction point for Crowfall that is the final wipe, which defines 'release'. At that point, more people will be interested in the game, which will increase revenue. The points about only having 'one shot', and the risk of turning away a market are spot on, and things that I don't think about a lot. I don't participate in any markets with those conditions, so I had overlooked it. In the gaming industry, and especially the niche PvP MMO segment(s), there are a small number of media outlets and PR opportunities, and a relatively small potential customer base/audience, so it 100% makes sense to wait for complete product. In any case, we can rule this out as a bad idea. Thanks for contributing everyone! I appreciate the education.
  11. Thanks for elaborating on this stuff, Tinnis!
  12. This is an idea based on what could be, not what is. I'm suggesting moving choice over the role of a class to the Vessel, with some limitations.
  13. Sorry to drag your thread off-topic, I'll move this into it's own thread later, but this is a helpful chart to explain what I'm suggesting above. At Vessel creation, a player could choose between one of two optional emphasis' to put on their Vessel to focus on damage, tankiness, or support/healing in addition to their base class focus. I made a helpful chart.
  14. I believe the intent to the support power changes was to mitigate the impact of non-support classes taking healing disciplines with the same power as supports. The design goal is solid; no class should be able to do everything simultaneously. Just need to work on the implementation in the long-term. It would also be better to allow the player to choose for their Vessel which route they want to go. Clerics should be enabled to DPS or Tank if they really want to, at the expense of their support power. Templars should be able to support/heal if they want to, at the expense of their tankiness. Druids already can sacrifice their healing to have more sustainable damage.
  15. @Zybak I don't think the formula for healing power to spirit power is linear, or even close. In brief testing on 5.2, it seems that the difference between 2500 to 3000 is significantly more impactful than 0 to 2500. The ~2500 SP mechanic seems like a quick hack to help balance the current meta; I don't expect this will be the final design. At best, it's a confusing experience. It has also had a (probably unintentional) impact on balance in other places. It made bard significantly weaker for healers, as we should be SP capped which means the +SP does not help. Further, it weakens Chain/Leather armor for healers with trained up accounts because the +SP from Matching Armor passive is no longer pertinent. That means Basic Armor is basically defacto now on a trained healer, unless you're trying to maximize your damage output and want the +AP from Uniform Armor. I'm all for hacks that help us further test balance -- I just hope the system doesn't remain as is.