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  1. This thread makes me think of Eve Online's terrible siege mechanic.
  2. I'm not even suggesting that they be part of the long-term game. I just think Arenas would be useful for combat / balance testing, and hope they make a comeback in some limited fashion. Or even with a "CTF" type variant, to help test POI combat. I don't think they belong long-term, actually, because you can't balance for them, but they could be modeled and designed in a way to replicate the type of fighting expected in the actual CW. Again - like they did before with Siege Perilous and Hunger Dome testing. They probably need to come back in some way to help with the balanced OP posted about?
  3. Yeah that's not quite the same as an organized, official arena-based server though? I'm thinking something that provides quick access to discs, weapons, armor, etc. without the need to craft, and a sanctioned format (again, like CTF). But I see your point!
  4. This may be against the active testing philosophy, but some kind of arena based PvP server (like the old Hunger Dome) would be fun to test combat builds. Or, maybe even a "CTF" style map to put address OP's concerns. I know this isn't the long-term vision for the game (DUH ), but when the devs refocus on testing balance vs systems, I hope we get this as an option. The current focus is obviously not on balancing combat and TTK, damage, engagement boundaries, etc.
  5. God I hope not. Macroing and scripting the harvesting of resources would ruin the game.
  6. What was that?
  7. Any idea why I'm getting this error? Was playing yesterday ... http://imgur.com/a/ZzreB
  8. Guild criteria: Region: ​US, CST, usually later night (8-9pm to 12pm) Atmosphere: Mature, 18+ Casual/Hardcore?: I don't have the time to play 40+ hours / week, but looking for serious PvP Size: Would prefer more active vs less active, regardless of size. Size matters less than that. Play-Style: Still TBD, hard to say with so many archetypes left to unveil. Would really enjoy scouting if they make that viable. Commitment:​ Backer since 2015 (did the '16 Gold bundle), but haven't done a ton of testing. Have putzed around in all of the testing, though, since the Hunger Dome stages. Miscellaneous: I'm looking for a guild that's generally speaking - laid back - but serious on the PvP front. As far as time I can commit - I'm a married guy with kids, in my 30s, and a 9-5 job in tech. But, I work from home, so have time to mess around the during day, and am often playing FM17 or a CCG like Hearthstone/Eternal in the background when I'm on calls or working on contracts. Evening times are really open for me - kids are down at 7:30pm and my wife is usually catching up on work in the evenings. Yes, my life is full of excitement MMO Experience: ​Been gaming since I was 9 so it's a long list - ones I spent the most time on are: Ultima Online EQ WOW DAOC Shadowbane Aion RIFT EVE Online - it's really the only MMO I've played in the last 3-4 years, but I haven't played any in the last 12 months. ​​Voice Comms​: ​Doesn't matter, can install anything needed if I'm not running it (I prefer Discord these days). ​​What I'm Looking for?​ More than anything - I'm pretty competitive when I game. Will easily put 20+ hours a week into CF if ACE pulls this off (tbh - I still have some doubts given the loose combat mechanics). Although I'm psyched with the last 2 Big World updates - and seriously psyched about the EK update. After seeing that announced this week I've decided I want to dig in and find a good guild to game with. CF hasn't been any fun solo. FYI, I like winning. I hate losing. But - I hate video game drama ​even more and have no interest in spending time (which is valuable) with people that take gaming too​ seriously and don't have a good sense of humor. Finding a good guild is invaluable - if you're going to spend 20+ hours with people - you have to enjoy the comradery. Hell - if I'm going to spend more time building/crushing/yelling at fantasy voxels with a bunch of dudes that are either high, drunk, drinking Dew, or in their underpants... it should be fun, right? Think I'd be a good fit? PM me or let's sync up on Discord (excell_77#6496). Cheers, Ex
  9. Hate posting to just say +1 - but ... +1 !!
  10. Voted Donkey Balls, with the expectation that it's very early and that this is (hopefully) a known area for massive improvement with the dev team. A lot of what needed saying has been said on this point. Ultimately, the game does not feel responsive. Ultimately, it's not "fun" - I hope on testing because I feel compelled to after (a) spending money on it, and ( wanting to help test. But everytime a testing window comes up I think, "Ugh, do I want to hop on CF and play through it, or go play some Rocket League, Overwatch, EVE, etc." Half the time I don't bother hoping on a test because ultimately - it's not fun. The gameplay is not fun. Combat needs to be fun. Not sure how anyone can even come close to enjoying it in it's current state. Sounds harsh but again, I'm hoping this is something the developers are aware of and plan on fixing. If you reduce the stutters, lag, hitchy mechanics, and sharpen up the powers - could be a lot better.
  11. Yeah right now - it's just a cluster of numbers popping up everywhere on screen. It's almost impossible to figure out what is going on or what damage is being applied.
  12. Wow. Didn't expect this much conversation on the topic. To quickly summarize: I don't want to kill anyone's magic. Make the combat log hideable. Problem solved. I don't want to make anyone number crunch the game. Make the combat log basic. Problem solved. But - as a new tester - I have no idea what is landing on me 80% of the time. Given the state of the game, there are simply not enough effects (visual or sounds), that I can use to assess a situation or what is attacking me. I also don't know what I'm hitting half the time. You can argue that the obfuscation is intended but my gut tells me that ACE put big combat numbers (a la WOW's scrolling combat text) in my field of view for a reason.
  13. I disagree. It would be of immense value to see what damage is going out / coming in as testing occurs.
  14. Any plan for this? Tried searching the forum as I assumed someone mentioned this before, but was surprised to see a lack of discussion on the topic?