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  1. or they could of designed the tests to not require us to craft basic weapons in order to use any powers or wait two minutes to withdraw gear from the spirit bank, or golly if only there was some sort of eternally safe place for a new player to try things out first instead of visiting the footbath server? and if they gave testers some NPCs to use as target dummies i'm sure there might be less instant ganking anything red too
  2. So at the moment we have such silly things as field surgeon's Rehab. It has a very low cooldown, trivial resource cost, and high duration in relation to its cooldown. The heal values are also quite over the top (but values are not the focus of this discussion) This is basically a sillier version of Legio's Bellow of Triumph....except that it has a 35 meter range and it is currently available to all classes. The main issue with this power outside of the raw strength and spammability: it automatically targets the caster (and a ally as a bonus). Most people are using it as a self heal - which strikes me as not the intended design. I'd prefer this does not turn into guild wars 2, with everyone loading and spamming (self and other) heals that are trivial to hit and use generally. To learn the lessions from Legio: healing powers should not be trivially spammable and should not automatically always hit the caster - or auto hit your entire group without having to aim and make decisions over your target priorities. You should have to aim and make decisions over your targets - especially whether or not you are included in a heal (another option would be for it to ONLY apply the self heal if you actually hit an ally etc) I would further make the case that for things such as generally available healing disciplines - any available heals should not be a simple "press button to heal" - but more along the lines of heals only on triggered effects - like field surgeon DoT cleanse that only heals if a DoT is removed etc (can someone confirm if 'rescue' only heals if the ally is prevented from death or not?) I'd love to hear soon what ACE has planned in broad design strokes for the Cleric and whether or not they will apply the lessons they should of learned from the issues of the Legio (and related concerns about the current issues as the druid both generally and especially as a support class)
  3. repeating suggestion for better testing tools: give us a parcel we can add to our EK that contains the following A crystal multiple zombie spawner (e.g. the circle of multiple underground zombie hands around a hunger shard) to test both attacking and taking damage of both single and multiple targets Optionally also include a permanent fireplace on these parcel for ease of recovery Any word on a combat log? How about a 'testing passive' that causes all attacks/heals you do to do precisly minimal RNG rolls to avoid the giant range of random values all powers have in order to test variance due to stats, buffs and debuffs etc e.g. instead of my base power tooltip and weapon tooltip rolling 5-8 - it will always hit 5
  4. So tell your friends who are interested - sign up their accounts before 'open beta' starts or might be out of luck! Recent live stream statement put open beta (followed by soft launch) by the end of 2017
  5. major runestone Dryad has issues a ) previously reported by others - but is it intentional that the 'enchanced druid orb' stat granted consumes essence when people pick up your orb? only applies to true druid orbs. dryad orbs neither generate, consume or restore essence to caster on pick up b ) the 'take root' passive (increases healing mod and physical mit while standing still) - the healing mod bonus only applies when orbs are consumed, not when they are created! if you stand still, cast an orb and then say move to it - it heals as normal. only if you cast the orb and it is consumed without you moving does it get the bonus. is this intentional? generic orb issue: i am seeing every now and then an orb is created and consumed - but ZERO healing is applied.
  6. we need feedback when attacking a barrier target - here is feels like im missing...but im hitting a barrier and getting no feedback
  7. FEEDBACK: nice work fixing druid teleport rubber banding - but other than that the druid current shackles of essence flow (even using master staves quick burn passive AND empower buff), damage and healing flow and power feels terrible BUG: i started essence burning at 9-12% essence...while on the death tray also reports of NON-DRUIDS getting essence burn too... looking at the footage it happened at the same time an enemy druid cast leachng seed on me - which either they missed the range...or perhaps THAT applied the essence burn effect...? or somehow related to mortal sin debuff on me?
  8. if you gave us target dummies that wouldnt be should a problem (or zombie spawns parcel for EKs)...
  9. druid death orbs not removed on damage trigger...(can chunk people multiple times...)
  10. its not like i had a choice about it either way when crafting it...
  11. illusionist - shadow sight - does nothing to reveal a burrowed duelist @Hyriol
  12. my advanced druid staff uses more essence to cast things than my basic weapon does? logic?