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  1. server descriptions still mentions "auto ally"
  2. What y'all think about Camelot Unchained's Social systems details and how that might compare to what you want guilds etc to be in Crowfall? https://www.reddit.com/r/CamelotUnchained/comments/71ub59/beta_1_document_groups/ Also because it is not explicitly mentioned in this document: CU will feature in game discord integration for both text and voice [and accessible outside of client too] http://camelotunchained.com/v3/a-little-bit-of-discord/
  3. ...we should make this into a game of "football" between teams competing over a single dummy, either on the same faction or opposing hah [vs the 3rd faction dummy]! ...caravan/bloodstone/win condition practice... yes!
  4. As a result of the new out of combat vs in combat news.... i was thinking: do new testers even know sprinting exists? There is literally no reference to it in game. Perhaps there should be an 'unslottable' power in the power screen to tell them it is an options and what it does... ...many don't slot their passives either.......
  5. not necessarily, it simply might not yet exist in a state fully presentable to players, versus just back end stuff. e.g. last time they were showing off the new skill trees on stream the tooltips weren't actually hooked up and some trees were not even leading to the correct sub tree... i volunteer as tribute!
  6. we can knock back target dummies outside their areas *ruins his faction's neat set up* they are creepy though and turn to keep facing you...
  7. if your aim is only 1080p monitor/gaming then the general recommendation would be a gtx 1060 for the GPU/video card. if you dont want super high end: i5 cpu and 8gb RAM would do you fine... SSD hard drive will be a nice improvement though.
  8. healing on a non support is painful my templar: naiad healing fountain on advanced sword takes 5 pips and heals for 50 a tick my templar ended up repeatedly getting their "parrying buff" stuck on for the full 30 second duration regardless of other actions or pip consumption. gave me perma self movement snare, mitigations, cc immunity, incoming pip generation and counter attack procs... > on another clip when i had this parrying buff stuck combined with an enemy 'slowed' or 'daze' effect i basically couldnt move until the slow duration ended... p.s. what do "parry stacks" do? videos
  9. TWITCH VIDEO ON DEMAND pst i know you have a cycle of a dev stream every 3rd moon or whatever, but a reminder longer than 20 minutes before a stream would be appreciated. QUESTION/COMMENTS: @thomasblair / @mhalashace Can you equip a RMB dodge on the survival tray? [therefore something like a templar could dodge out of combat but still parry on their melee tray?] Can things like buffs or toggles go here e.g. bard songs, cleric auras, toggle racials be placed here? There is still a large power gap and gameplay interest level between a single and multiple tray class... [you also implied only assassin could get all 4 - but can't ranger get a stealth tray or has idea been revoked or not finalized yet?] Is that "gold background" on the trays going to stay.......? NOTES 5.3 "action harvesting and updated power trays"survival harvesting tray - out of combat tray. can drag items and consumables on to it.Z toggles from survival tray to combat tray [e.g. melee or range]tray specific passives and lmb/rmb?if holding harvesting tool - your left click will do it.harvesting no longer relies on F to interact [thrones/looting still F to interact]out of combat movement speed buffs only on the survival tray. e.g. trailblazer or trailmaster sprint remains an "in combat" only powerhealth potions are out of combat regens onlydruid or ranger = T to go to ranged tray/life tray ...or remap itleft click "zapping" of trees instead of unlimited free basic spirit axe. flytext damage numbers vs resource nodes.can make a basic runestone axebroken the basic harvest tool recipes down - now all only require 3 woodtool will be out 100% of the time when active [can also hide it though]add some powers in survival tray to use while harvesting e.g. more dmg, convert health to stamina, better stamina use etc [on harvesting disciplines!]you will see harvest critsTREE OF LIFE will STOP taking damage from anything but AXES! [fire damage probably still tho?][so out of combat and vulnerable people can get dizzy downed when trying to hurt siege trees!]walls will take damage from hammers [catapults too obviously]fort walls weak to chopping as well? cleric spirit hammer and heal block: https://clips.twitch.tv/CarelessSecretiveBibimbapPicoMause
  10. Will we be seeing the "expansive mind" minor rune any time soon (or 5.3) - the one that grants +1 power slot?
  11. they could be referring to ideas from stalker and forgemaster that are moving to say ranger or stoneborn, as well as work on frostweaver/assassin? <shrug> only future class word is on a "bard"
  12. patch notes stated: "Chain Heal now heals properly, has been updated to a range of 100 and removed the damage flag." However the range remains at 35 meters [not that you could effectively use it at 100 meters anyway, given that allied nameplates disappear at about 70 meters] friar blessing still no movement speed any plans to give us a "combat log" chat tab? dryad form life orbs heal for ~60 on a non support. not worth being in combat mode for vs out of combat regen...
  13. empowering the bard hp regen song hymn of restoration to Gaea's chorus via twisting pure voice: the in combat regen does not gain any boost. [out of combat gets a mild increase] since you adjusted the values of both in and out of combat healing values of this power it is now largely worthless, even if you empower it.