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  1. "Yes Max....you are a good boy.....can you let me go now please? I'll take you to gamescon and not the vet i promise!" - Todd
  2. what we currently known faction worlds have the more set locations via 'hippo' points we feed resources to griefing concerns for factions etc... https://crowfall.com/en/news/keep-away/ while worlds without factions, e.g. the dregs etc, will likely have free(er?) building like in the EKs (comments developers have been suggesting on live streams etc) but haven't really got definite statement in say a news article or anything along these lines yet
  3. Todd ending the stream comments.... how did you expect this to go @MiracleMax
  4. todd's theory on max's readiness...
  5. instructions unclear... https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklingSparklyOtterHeyGirl
  6. incoming x5 druid spark mutli-box hold-down-LMB-death squad...
  7. gary oldman and chris tucker DLC coming soon!
  8. druid gaea's wail projectile hipster: completely missing for no reason before it was cool! (one of the few remaining projectile powers) from july 2016...
  9. would be interesting if we had the choice to train in race instead of class for the generic combat etc bonuses - allowing someone to make an "alt friendly" build at least for a race
  10. targetting: "dont ruin it.....dont **** it up!" https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklingSparklyOtterHeyGirl
  11. its super unclear if mino is meant to get a bull rush charge or not...i dont think they do? sounds like elken gets a copy like you said....even @thomasblair wasnt too sure re: minotaur side though? (with the passive immune to stun from front being the one that looks like it was missing...?)
  12. Am I missing something, have you played a guinecean knight? anything that isn't forum-bane?
  13. p.s. you have been visited by the the half-gentleman beard-idon of plenty!
  14. i swear they also said that mino would get bull rush on previous race/class stream. did not see it here though? or am i mistaken?
  15. you misunderstand: the tooltip did not show centuar bloodline. (yet every race gets one) they have already stated centuar will get trailblazer (and rear kick). elken i think also will get trailblazer too. (if we compare to wood-elf - trailmaster* was on the bloodline there) *master being the faster version, you can also get it on others by combining two sources of trailblazer e.g. from race and something else like a scout rune etc