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  1. I would put more stock in the current tests than I would on information released in 2015, but to each his own
  2. That chart has been around since Kickstarter days. I think they've changed gears several times since then. I think when they first went indepth with the EKs, they wanted the EKs to be resource barren with very little of any resource spawning. As they are now, they're littered with only Poor quality mats. (P.S. Slag, Cobblestone and Knotwood are Tier 1 and are only ever Poor quality)
  3. I think what needs to be done is that Devs (Blair and Halash specifically) need to make tenets for each of the classes. What they want a particular class to excel at, what areas they want that class to be good or alright in, and what areas they want that class to be lacking in. For example let's use @durenthal's metrics (Durability, DPS, Range, Mobility, and Crowd Control) as tenets for designing the Knight If I was designing the Knight using these tenets, I'd want the Knight to excel in Durability and Crowd Control, have good Mobility and be lacking in Range and DPS. For the Frostweaver, I'd want them to excel in Mobility and Crowd Control, be alright in DPS and Range, and lack in Durability. There can be classes that can excel in more than one area or no in area at all, but no class should excel in every area or be lacking in every area, and all classes should be lacking in at least one area. The players will then use Disciplines to either bring up what they're lacking, make what they're good at better, or go further at what they already excel at and leave the rest to groupmates and guildies. I'd imagine the Devs would want more metrics for different aspects, because I notice durenthal's lack metrics for heals, buffers, debuffers, and stealthers. I would hope the Devs can find time somewhere between 5.3. and 6.0 to create tenets for each of the classes and budget powers to them that accurately reflect those tenets and bring those changes to us testers for feedback. Just my $0.02.
  4. Skill Training will be reset at Soft Launch
  5. What, you mean Slag, Cobblestone, and Knotwood?
  6. Fae Frostweaver is going to be so Badass if they use a kusarigama
  7. When a Centaur claims a throne, they should kick the back off and lay on the seat like a lion
  8. Can't pull any of the Annex, Gatehouse, or Archway Wall Pieces out of my Spirit Bank
  9. I think @jtoddcoleman asked for one of these: Can't capture cause there's no Throne
  10. Enemy Factions can enter your Beachhead (don't think that's intended) Graphics issues with Hollow Gatehouses when viewed from 30+ meters away, they go away when you get close enough Gathering Skill Node under Exploration Basics shows one of the Druid's Promotion's flavor text in it's description and stats don't show Please add Premium resource nodes and mobs to Tyranny
  11. Ranger has a 10m dodge Just wanted to point that out.
  12. Gryphons are part lion right? They probably drop high quality cat leather
  13. I don't know if the paired system will affect the Duelist at all, since their weapons were never paired in the first place. If I had to guess, Pistol powers will take damage from the Pistol, and all other powers will take damage from the rapier, since the rapier is classified (or should be classified) as the Duelist's main hand weapon. Since you don't use rapier powers, you're probably correct in putting higher grade mats into the pistol. If anything, doing this probably means only offensive powers you receive from discs will be effected.
  14. Can't move the buildings with Crow icons out of my Spirit Bank