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  1. What's stopping you from raiding your own faction chest and hoarding the resources?
  2. Will the new terrain shaders be in for this CW test?
  3. WOOHOO! Its our-first-fully-functional-campaign-that-we-can-all-play-and-it-will-be-like-a-released-game! Come on Campaign worlds!
  4. Let's start a GoFundMe to buy the Shadowbane IP since the Chinese aren't using it!
  5. any time
  6. Read this article: tl;dr You get to name locations and structures in the Campaign Worlds.
  7. You can change Archetypes, pretty much at will granted you're at a Temple. All equipped items (except discs) and items in inventory stay with you when you change class. (For now, at least. Can't say the same for the launch version)
  8. Nope
  9. Forgemaster ded There is a possibility that Forgemaster will become a crafting Discipline, but no confirmation
  10. Will these new parcels also have the new terrain shader on them?
  11. Thread is a year old...>_>
  12. Promotions are up in the air at the moment, they said they'd revist them after Disciplines were done