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  1. So... what you're telling me is that Frostweaver is next?
  2. They aren't moving away from promotions, per se; they said that they'll see what's left for promotions after Disciplines
  3. I believe Blair said that the Skill Trees don't have the tech to grant players anything but stats. So just as how Exotic Arrows don't allow you to equip Slashing and Crushing Arrows (yet), the Leadership Tree doesn't have the tech to grant you the Leadership buff (yet).
  4. Two updates on a Tuesday!! Yippee! You sure know how to please @Pann
  5. Sounds like EverQuest Next: It's Actually Happening This Time Will wait and see.
  6. Probably because what you concept almost never looks the same as the finished product. They knew what they wanted Disciplines to do, but didn't know how well it should do that function. After actually building the Disciplines, they have a much clearer picture of the function and role of Disciplines.
  7. I second, third, and fourth a Discipline stream
  8. Perhaps we misunderstood each other. You asked, "for what duelist needed after assassin goes live?", which I thought you meant to say, "For what purpose is Duelist needed after the Assassin goes live?". As such, I quoted Blair's philosophy to imply that the Duelist was weaker than (unequal to) the Assassin.
  9. They do have a philosophy of "Not every Archetype is created Equal"
  10. Aren't you out of combat during stealth? So if you're attacked, you're immediately dizzy downed, then put into combat?
  11. :thumbsup: Just what I wanted
  12. Assassin! Disappointed that there's no screen shot of the in-game render of the Assassin. Also wary of Assassins being designed for stun-locking when almost every AT has a stun or knockdown. I would suggest removing some of the stuns or knockdowns on other non-Tank ATs (like the Fessor AoE knockdown :p) or increasing the cooldowns on such powers so they're used less regularly.
  13. What's this Fort Lodge Accessories? Are they props, like tables, boxes, and shelves, or something else?
  14. Then how would you make player aim effective, if you can't calculate where on the body they were hit?
  15. I do love the spinning diorama of the Archetypes, can't wait for the final 4 to be added to it. (p.s Assassin when? :P) A suggestion though, if you're going to do away with the bright white screen, I would propose changing it into a gritty battlefield, full of the Hunger and dead Archetypes, fighting a never ending war.