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  1. Can a second druid move your orbs with their nado?
  2. There are plans for it, and it should be already be in-game, but it doesn't help really. It lasts too short and cc bursts happen too quickly.
  3. They'll probably wait until 5.7 before updating to 5.6. I remember Gordon saying something about waiting for the major bugs to be fixed before updating. That might've been when 5.5 hit beta, and someone asked about updating the engine
  4. @PannSee, this announcement would have been much more exciting with a colored Assassin model P.S., didn't you guys update to Unity 5 like 2 years ago during 1.1? I feel like there was a news post about updating the engine...
  5. Risk vs Reward Don't want the risk? Come on down to Coolster's Emporium! We have everything, from polearms to axes to plate to leather. Whatever you need for your dastardly exploits, we have! (You need a Coolster Membership card to shop. Cards cost $1,000 coolsterbucks per month. We are not responsible for sny defects in any products; it's your fault for buying the defective product)
  6. Protip: It's pointless to argue with VikingNail. You'll kill your brain cells before you get a meaningful argument out of him
  7. WTB physical spirit bank
  8. Sounds like the kind of guild that would watch the world burn.... then party on the ashes
  9. They haven't been released yet. expect to receive them around launch (dunno if soft launch or hard launch)
  10. Don't let that cute face fool you, there's a deep, dark, twisted personality behind that face.
  11. You just made me imagine Knights Chain Pulling Assassins out of the sky
  12. Nah, Coolsterducks have way more value But yeah, the most commonly accepted currency will either be 1) the most commonly used mat (i.e. iron ore, limestone blocks), 2) food (Apples, briskets, etc.), or 3) upkeep mats (more than likely ethereal dust)
  13. Have them make a large keep using a small keep and 2 small forts
  14. Maximum Land Casters.... I wonder whose EK that is
  15. Is the plan still to have water around the edges of campaign worlds?