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  1. So based on the bit of information that both JTodd and what was hinted at in that post, stealth should be somewhat similar to what it was like in Shadowbane where stealthers were revealed primarily by Scouts who could detect hidden. For a scout, they could see a stealther like a normal person(although they were translucent) but no one else could other than them. They did have an ability that was a big PBAoE that would reveal everything in a large area but it did not prevent them from restealthing if they were able to get that off. Scouts could also attack them to reveal them. Other people could reveal a stealther if they were hit by damage. This will be easier to do in Crowfall since you can swing at nothing which you could not do in Shadowbane with the exception of being able to ground target with AoEs or hitting someone with a PBAoE.
  2. It won't be this weekend. If it follows their previous pattern, it will be a month from now at least.
  3. Yeah, a lot did depend on who got the jump. In many cases it was possible to apply all your debuffs and pop evasion up until you could fly again since most huntresses could not actually time their grounds well to keep out of hitting distance of a thief. That being said, a flying bow user should basically never have died to a melee even if they could fly.
  4. yeah, Scout on Huntress is less than ideal. Thief could take a huntress though. At least if they weren't stupid.
  5. So, I'm actually pretty excited to see how SB stealth(which I always liked) will work in this system. There is a huge difference though in the fact that you can swing at things without a target or use abilities that can hit areas without having to have a target or even ground target like you would in SB. It should be significantly easier to pop a stealther even if you don't have detection if they get close to you. The stealther issue in SB definitely was a problem but the bigger problem outside of the stealth was really their mobility. You mostly saw Aracoix because they could fly. You saw more thieves and scouts because they had extremely fast move speed. Obviously scouts were an optimal choice because they could also detect other stealthers. Their insane mobility was more of an issue than the stealth component because they could escape from most bad situations even if they got caught or popped.
  6. Blair has already said they aren't going to do separate hit boxes on body parts. Edit: Source:
  7. This would make my day.
  8. It's mostly just that @destrin guy that I hate.
  9. I agree a Myrm or ranger would have been beneficial. Although right now, it appears that retaliation is coming up way too fast so we were not able to keep anything CCed for long. The second fight, we had just finished a scrim and you guys caught 3-4(including 1-2 of our horses) of our guys coming back so we probably should have reset before engaging with the rest of what we had. I can't speak for the first fight because I was not there for that. TTK is definitely a bit better. The archetype skill training getting lost also helped a lot with this as well. I didn't even realize I didn't have my bonuses for a large portion of the night. Confessors with those skills still hit pretty hard and Rangers seem to still burst pretty hard too.
  10. Retaliate is still coming off cooldown too quickly or never going on cooldown. I've been able to chain do it at times and I know I've seen others(who wouldn't hit that button if they thought they needed it when it pops up?).
  11. Jah inc with the smackdown
  12. What Pang said is basically what they have said so far. The maps are going to be created by cartography like you mentioned but they really haven't given any details and cartography was last mentioned months ago as far as I know.
  13. I think Tark mentioned that his was pretty high for an individual account. Mine sits at about 1.5GB per account(as off this weekend while logged into my EK). Not sure if there is a leak that builds up over time. A couple of months ago, I tested out some multiboxing with 3 accounts in for a couple of hours and they all stayed around 1.5GB.
  14. Yeah, it is stressing them pretty hard. I'm popping into upper 70s(individual core temps). It isn't really dangerous if it isn't for really extended periods of time which luckily with there not being pvp this weekend, I was not on much.
  15. - On the Euro server on Sunday night, half of the time I would jump on a rock I was kind of rubberband and slide into it. This was not happening on Saturday evening. It may have been a client side visual thing. - Also it has been mentioned several times but this build is just wrecking CPUs. In heavy fights, all processing cores were hitting 100% utilization and even in the menu could spike that high. - Frame rate fluctuates a lot from high 50s to low 20s. I don't notice much hitching so that is an improvement but the lower frame rates definitely cause issues. - It would be nice to have a US FFA server brought up. We've been on the Euro server a decent amount and the ping issues for our west coast players is awful. I'm in the central US and it is bearable but not great by any means