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  1. Definitely wasn't intended to be aggressive from me. I just was left confused as to what the purpose was when watching it. I have nothing against what he did but it just seemed to be different than what I read. I'm all for top plays videos. I love watching them for Dota and I assume they could be a lot of fun with Crowfall as well.
  2. While all of those clips are Sugoi, I'm not sure you should use the Sugoi intro if you are wanting something that a lot of people submit to. Just seemed odd for something that appears to want to be something more widespread than Sugoi clips. If it is just intended to be a top 5 Sugoi clips of the week, ignore that thought. Assuming it is intended to be more widespread in your clip selection, how are you planning to get/how are you getting submissions for this?
  3. If you go all George RR Martin about it, it will never actually be posted.
  4. He isn't the GL. He is just the most senior player in LoD that is actively testing in CF as far as I know.
  5. I was actually looking today and it does seem to be utilizing a spread on the cores but this was just running around the builder world. Much different than what I remember so maybe it was a particular build or maybe my memory just sucks.
  6. Heard that you guys got involved yesterday. It has been fun seeing some mixture with other groups and playing around that.
  7. There were 10 or so of them we ran into on the EU server after we left the event and went there.
  8. Yeah, combined with the fact that passive combat rage generation being bugged and not working, it makes things and adventure. When I was playing mine today, I was casting eternal rage on cooldown while running to make sure I entered the fights with full rage. Actually was able to manage around that but if you enter without being full to start, it is very difficult to maintain the ability to use things.
  9. I may actually be able to show up this time. Sounds decently fun if we have enough from different factions
  10. So this was a really long while back but it was only utilizing 1 core back in HD/SP if I remember right from my testing right after I got my 1080.
  11. That is definitely what I wish those discs had been turned into but there was never enough dev time devoted to them or Enchanter to make them actually useful. In SB they just basically would attack people and that was the end of what they were capable of doing. The disc pets didn't even do that well.
  12. While pathing issues definitely were an issue for any mob style creatures in the game, the pets from the Discs were always useless because they didn't really deal much damage and they died extremely easily. Both the wizard and Huntress pets at times were effective because they could hit for a decent amount of damage and didn't just instantly fall over. In larger engagements, they generally were not as effective but smaller type engagements they were useful. The pets from Animator or Summoner were basically only used as mana batteries for doomsayers or occasionally an AoE target in larger stack fights.
  13. Shadowbane kind of did both since some mastery and discs did consume stat points while stat runes definitely consumed stat points. I think your point system would be pretty cool though. Could almost be something added in a later pass at the system too. I don't think the type classification is a completely bad option either but the point system would feel more like you were making an important choice about your vessel. I always like stat allocation.
  14. Yeah, I'm speculating on a lot as well. It is just a concern because one of my favorite portions of SB was character creation. I'm pretty excited about the system overall but I still am not a huge fan of the passive training system.