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  1. I forgot to post this so maybe few days old, but here is what I have encountered: Live: Corner pieces in Forts would not upgrade. The Iron ingots would go into the log slot and vise verses with Logs. Logs would not fresh in chest at POIs and also had same issues with the Iron ingots.
  2. Same here, this was the order statue. I tried several time with full bars expired and nothing. I can't seem to attach a ss I have.
  3. Thnks for posting the fix, I have been having the same issue and this fix help.
  4. Nice, good job guys and the only complaint I have is you haven't invited me yet to test 5.2.
  5. I would say wipe, when game goes for launch everything is going to be wiped anyways so start here to work out the bugs.
  6. Very nice, looks great and cant wait to mess with.
  7. Do we live in a world that everyone gets a trophies, oh wait we do! Freaking work for what you want and make it worth something, if you want to be a master crafter in ore, then do it, that means ur the best. Stop watering down stuff because people are to lazy to pick and want everything now, pick and chose. That is just my 2 cents
  8. Also, you can just run the "CrowfallClient" file and not the patchier. Only time you will need to run the patchier is when they push out a new built, if they do then you will get a message that you have an invalid client.
  9. 5. Grade of materials: red, white, green, blue purple and orange (not sure if I am missing one more?)
  10. Nice, like the new setup and cant wait to see it in action. I am kind of on line between this VIP/Non-VIP but will see how it really works out.
  11. No patch so no patch notes, maybe we get a new patch next weekends testing but when its ready they will push out the new build.
  12. I missed this chat, is there going to be a video link posted?
  13. I say no to giving everyone harvesting, U need to choose what you want to do in game just like EvE.
  14. errrrrrrr, I got nice stuff in my bag (not SB) and then poof EK went down and will not come up now.