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  1. It's better than a lore snippet! Yay for more secondary systems coming online / being fleshed out. The sooner you finish this instanced housing stuff, the sooner you can get back to making a throne war game. So will we be able to craft these in the CW and export the parcel as a single 1x1 inventory item, or do we have to export the vast amount of raw materials?
  2. The current build is a steaming hot mess, disciplines are coming up, the assassin is near, and the Tuesday news post is... fluff. Not even a new mob, just a tiny lore snippet on an existing one. No model for the Spring / Summer version of the hellcat, even. This is.. unfortunate.
  3. Some items cannot be spirit banked. There's a long lag putting things into Spirit Bank this build (long lag for everything). If I go too fast, putting item B in before item A has appeared in the spirit bank and disappeared from inventory, item A never goes into the spirit bank again, even after relogging. I can put it in a chest, and another player can take it, but the item cannot be spirit banked. Video evidence here.
  4. I took the "6 assembly from basics and 5 experimentation from basics" from the fact that I have 6 points in all the assembly skills that I haven't trained at all, and 5 experimentation points in all the skills I haven't trained at all. The character sheets shows I have less (35) runecrafting experimentation total than just the points from the tree (40), not including basics. So I submit that there is definitely something wrong in the calculations somewhere in there.
  5. My character sheet shows I have 36 runecrafting assembly and 35 runecrafting experimentation. 6 of the assembly is from basics. 5 of the experimentation is from basics. I have 35 points in runecrafting assembly, so the character sheet should show 41. I have 40 points in experimentation, so the character sheet should show 45. Video Evidence here Even not counting the points from basic, the character sheet is wrong. My chances of success crafting are far lower than they should be given the depth of my training in runecrafting.
  6. Let me provide a video showing a visual added that suggests a 1sec delay at the start and a 2sec delay on release... will edit this post with the video shortly. If nothing has changed mechanically, then that's great, and I'm relieved. Here is the video. Look at the RMB UI Icon... that countdown is new and is what worries me.
  7. Chest spawners still deteriorate over time. After a reboot, they all work. 36 hours in, about half of them no longer spawn anything at all. This has been an ongoing issue for months. Lag spikes are still brutal. I was on at 530am this morning, probably the only person on the server, and I was still getting frequent msg spikes of over 1000ms. Net latency remained under 50ms throughout.
  8. There is something seriously wonky with your netcode. There are perhaps 6 people on Corruption West right now. I'm having a 1v1 vs a druid, and am getting 13000ms msg lag spikes, plus dozens of "small" 500-3000ms spikes. Server latency is under 50ms. Network performance hasn't improved since the big pass you took at it when we were having consistent 22s msg spikes a few months back. I do not understand how you can expect 2000 concurrent users at release, and yet not be able to support 50 users comfortably right now. Do you really think that 2.5% of expected concurrency should be problematic at this stage of production? I understand that you haven't optimized much of anything yet. But the performance improvements you seem to be expecting to get seem pretty astronomical to me.
  9. The 1 sec delay you added to the start of block means that it's pretty useless now. I can no longer trigger a Templar parry-knockdown and block the knockdown. I can't block enemy attacks when I hit block during their telegraph. The 2 sec delay preventing blocking after I release block is fine, but the delay on starting a block makes the power far far weaker than it should be. Given that you already nerfed (hard) the damage block absorbs, you've gone a long way to making the knight's signature power as useless as the myrm's signature power. Myrm Berserk duration is still far too short 8s doesn't allow for more than one or two attacks between hitting berserk and having to mitigate it. And with CC durations being long and the berserk duration being so short, enemies can CC a myrm at almost any point when he's berserked and he's pretty much bound to miss his crash. Hunger shards are dropping as loot off mobs, with a 100% drop rate. Given that I spent over a week training the hunger shard skills in the harvesting tree, I find this extremely frustrating, since there's a 0% drop rate from skinning.
  10. I am wondering what the point of the potion nerf was. Untrained characters now getting 3 points of plentiful harvest, and less than max crit chance and qty. Well trained characters are getting 4 pips of plentiful. Crafters getting reduced success chance and pips. It's now much harder to harvest blue and purple mats, and much harder to make decent weapons out of the mats we do get. If it's to wean us down to what we'll be getting at launch without potions, we know it's going to be brutally harsh to both harvest and craft for at least the first 6 months. I've been training runemaking since the day it was added on my crafter, and he's still over a month from completing the tree (excluding the vendor branch). I am not looking forward to the skill wipe. I had a couple more bugs to report, but it's late, I'm tired, and I've forgotten them. I'll post them in the morning. It feels like you brought too many servers up. I ran around Scorn East for 2 hours and saw one other person. I moved to Corruption West, and saw 4 enemies the rest of the night. Your testing population isn't sufficient to support that many CW's when you've opened EK testing to many of them for the first time.
  11. This is going to be a really frustrating weekend. Friendly and hostile nameplates are both completely invisible. When you place the reticle over someone (friend or foe), they appear as hostile (red). This even applies to groupmates. Given that the enemy looks just like us, battles are chaotic clustercustards. The Chat system is still your greatest failure as a dev team. Chat is the one thing that every mmo should get right these days. Wow perfected it in 2004, and every other MMO has copied them since. Yet your chat has multiple failings: If I'm in a group, and I try to chat in global, my text appears in group chat instead of global. Once the global chat reaches a certain number of lines, it stops showing me new text until I change to a different window and go back to global. Then, the next time someone says something in global, it resets back to showing the old text. Video evidence. If someone is invited to my group, the group window tells me you're not the owner of the group, owner is. That text is repeated a ridiculous number of times. Server-specific chat windows don't appear most of the time the last few builds. This wouldn't be bad, except that global chat is how the devs communicate with us in game to tell us things like "server is coming down, bank your stuff." If you can't make your chat server work, at least provide a pop-up for server down messages.
  12. Looking forward to seeing the shield stuff actually. Rats with shields? replacing the gun or the rapier? Weird. As to topics I'd like to see? Gimme 5 hours of the design team breaking down all the disciplines and their powers...
  13. Two additional bugs: 1) When I'm in a group, with the global chat tab selected, my chat goes to my group instead of global. This has been ongoing for weeks. 2) The launcher is no longer passing login credentials to the client. After successfully logging into the launcher, I have to log into the client itself when it launches.
  14. Same +resource bug as last week: Using a weapon with +resource on it drops my stam to almost nothing.. enough only for one swing. Using a weapon without the +resource means my stam is normal. Both weapons shown at the end of the video. I did some further testing with other maces I have and with a shield that has +resource: With a shield that does NOT have +resource and a mace with: +stam - works fine +combat resource regen - works fine (including stamina regen, as far as I can tell from the video) +resource - stam depleted dramatically With a shield that has +resource: stam depleted dramatically on all combos. When I have a mace with +resource and shield with +resource, I have insufficient stamina to hit 4 even once.
  15. Vanilla WoW rogue. Solid class concept. I worry a little about the stunlock and the "very very big" opener from stealth. Hope there's a discipline that cleanses poisons.