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  1. 5.2.4 was the best build nobody played. It was stable, had a good framerate, and combat (on a confessor, at least) was good fun. Bug: When I use RMB on a confessor to scoot, the sound effect plays twice, every time. Bug: Shieldbreaker discipline: the two powers that punish don't work. Dispel doesn't knockdown the target when it is used to remove a barrier. Shield Breaker is supposed to knockdown a parrying or blocking opponent. Instead, it sometimes knocks down an opponent whether they're blocking or not, and it does so with a long delay (5-15s). Feedback: Feeding the hippos those ridiculously oversized resources is frustrating as hell. Needing two each of the three building materials per segment is frustrating because they are so huge that you can only carry one of each at a time. It takes too much time to run out to each of the three POIs, grab one of each resource, run back to your fort, drop it in, and have to go back out again. Having to feed each segment multiple sets of 10 knotwood was better because at least we could stockpile the knotwood and do more than half a segment at a time. If you're going to have the building resources be that huge, you need to add wagons / caravans to carry them. In the meantime, if you want us to actually build up the forts, reduce the size of the construction resources so that we can carry as many in our inventories as we'd expect to do with the missing caravans. Turnout among experienced testers has dropped precipitously. There were some newbies running around, but it seems most of the experienced testers couldn't be bothered this weekend. I worry that you'll reintroduce siege testing, and 5 people will show up for it. 90% of the testers in my guild can't be bothered to login these days. Seeing the population numbers on the servers, more than 99% of your paying testers can't, either. The tug of war campaign feels "bleh." No one cares about taking the forts, because they can't be protected unless you sit people at them 24/7 (boring), and building them up isn't fun. 3 faction campaigns aren't fun because you don't get to choose your teammates. Having one cluster of each type of rank5 resource is ok, given the low population... we got a couple of fights over resources this weekend, but with no skilled crafters, harvesting feels pretty empty anyway. Having the rank 9 nodes was just silly - we haven't the skill training or the tools to make them remotely worthwhile. Once again, the boars drop only rank 1 corpses (fine given our lack of crafting skill, but it'd be nice to see you produce a rank 2 boar corpse, just to prove you can). I don't want to speak for all the experienced testers, but among those I do speak with frequently, this is what they're waiting for: game loop with win conditions that aren't easily cheesed. guild support (I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. We don't want to fight for a faction with a bunch of strangers. We want to fight as a team, as a side on our own, clearly identified) All the lovely promised stuff from superpatch 5.3 (class/race, new skills, etc). With all the talk of 5.3, 5.2 feels like a dead end branch (we know it's not - the game loop stuff is absolutely vital, as are POIs, and capture mechanics, and construction, but from an individual tester's perspective, changes to our characters are more exciting than the 5.2 stuff).
  2. TL;DR: you've really been given a pass on balance issues up to this point, but with the new class / race changes, disciplines, and skill trees all in starting with build 5.3, balance has to be a concern. There are no more combat systems waiting in the wings. No more "you don't see the bigger picture with the coming changes". In terms of combat, 5.3 makes Crowfall systems-complete. Hi Ace design team, me again. I am reduced to playing a confessor this week, because I don't feel I can contribute enough on my knight to justify his inclusion in a group. There are several contributing factors to this (with standard bearer, runecaster, armor of faith, etc., formerly "squishy" classes can be as tanky as "tank" classes, while maintaining the advantages of range, mobility, and higher DPS. Plus PCM screws knights and myrms over more than other classes because their per power resource costs are roughly 50% higher than other classes.) There is clearly no point in looking for balance in the 5.2 line. But with the complete class / race overhaul and new skill trees in 5.3, you really need to show you can provide a relatively balanced playing field in that build. You have a clear vision for harvesting and crafting, it seems, and you stick to it. But you really appear pretty rudderless in the combat area. There don't appear to be any defining concepts that you adhere to. There are several combat ability areas that can be grouped to make up a class: Durability DPS (sustained and burst) Range Mobility and escapes Crowd Control (ranged, single target vs AE, etc) Since you're constantly referring to your budgets (damage budget, powers budget etc etc), it would be really nice to see a value between 1 and 10 assigned to each of those, and a budget of say 25pts for a class (so you get 9 in durability, 7 in CC, 5 in dps, and 2 in range and mobility, for example, for a class that would be considered very tanky, or durability 5, dps 6, range 7, mobility 9, CC 3 for a ranged harasser). Disciplines need to add another 3-4 points between them at most on this scale - maybe use a larger scale for more nuance). As thing stand, a confessor running runecaster / juggernaut / master of arcane / armor of faith / careless whisper) has durability 8, mobility 8, range 10, dps 8 and CC 8+. Your supposed melee glass cannon champion is far more durable than any of the tank classes. You have said you are not going to try to balance classes perfectly with each other - that each class will have areas where it shines, and others that it does poorly. That said, you have given us no indication that you are able to balance even types of characters. Combat favors mobility, range, CC and dmg, given how durable everyone is with the current 75% health buff and a few powers that have percentage based healing and the wealth of defensive buffs from strong disciplines. Bringing a melee character right now has insufficient benefits to warrant inclusion in a strong group. A group comprised solely of confessors, rangers and druids has range, mobility, ranged AE CC, high dps, and excellent durability. Adding fights over POIs and fixed positions will not favor tanky low-mobility, low-dps classes. Those folks will simply get picked off over time from range. We need a system with checks and balances. Mobile, ranged dps classes cannot also have great CC and durability. Tanky classes need either excellent CC or excellent mobility (not both). Harasser classes need good mobility, and either range or escapes (not both), etc. Your existing balance changes have been ham-handed, utterly lacking in subtlety: Myrmidon too strong (mostly due to the overpowered C power)? Let's a. nerf the C into the ground, b. nerf berserk duration by 50%, c. make pulverize interruptible, and d. remove the "dmg taken increases dmg done" class defining feature of the myrmidon. All at once. Ranger's getting the reverse treatment: quivers to reduce ranged resource cost to effectively zero on a per fight basis, massive ranged dmg, two new CC powers, and the addition of specialty arrows for switching damage types to avoid hard counters. So I hope you can understand our concern about combat balance. Please get the big picture balance right in 5.3, and continue to tune as we move towards soft-release and beyond.
  3. Thought I posted this earlier but I can't find my post now: None of the UI "are you sure" questions allow for a No answer. So you drag an item to be destroyed, it asks "do you want to destroy [item]"? and your only option is OK World chest is slightly off the top of my display (1440p) New UI changes are really good. Especially like the scaling nameplates.
  4. When dragging an item to destroy it (intentionally or not), there is no longer the option to say No when it asks if you're sure you want to destroy it. Your only option is OK. World bank chest window is partly off the top of my screen and I can't move it. 1440p resolution. UI changes are otherwise good. Scaling of nameplates is very nice.
  5. Shield Breaker discipline power "dispel" does not cause a knockdown when it strips a barrier from the target, as it should.
  6. I can harvest just fine on my EK and on Tyranny US East. On Bloodbath, while I cannot harvest, I can interact with chests and loot them.
  7. I ate an apple, and got moved off-world. Had to log out to the lobby as a result. I'll stick around in the lobby and global chat for half an hour or so in case your engineer has questions or wants to see me do this stuff in bloodbath.
  8. Partly. I still cannot harvest resources. I still get the zoom when I hit F but no harvesting starts. I get rooted after I release the F key for as long as I held the F key, then can move again. I held the F key for 10s as a test, and got rooted for longer than that. Jumping released me from the root instead of moving me off-world. Do you need video? I did record it.
  9. Logged a different account into Bloodbath West. At first I couldn't approach my temple in crow form. Relogged. Could then approach the temple but not select a vessel. Video here:
  10. I had company this weekend so haven't been able to test until today. Logged into Bloodbath West. Went to harvest cobblestone. F to Harvest zoomed me in but did not start harvesting. I was also rooted. Jumped to get out of the root, and ended up outside the world. Logged out. Logged in, was teleported in front of my base. Repeated steps with a different rock. Same result. Logged out, and back in. Repeated steps. Same result. Video here:
  11. When closing the game client, the patcher remains open but you cannot relaunch the game from it. In 5.2.1 the patcher closed when the game client did. That was better behavior.
  12. Your patcher host is going to need a lot more bandwidth once you get to CWs. It's absolutely crawling with what I assume is probably well under 500 folks downloading (given test populations). 50 mins to download a 5GB patch is unpleasant, given I have a 100Mb connection. Bug: After being killed, I could not harvest anything. No F to interact appeared for any resource. Feedback: Having to use basic weapons because the poorly made socksty advanced weapons we can make have terrible PCM makes the game unfun. Basic weapons should never be a better option than advanced weapons (fix advanced weapon PCM, do not make basic weapon PCM worse). People are cheesing by switching to rangers (PCM doesn't matter for bows) and druids (again, PCM doesn't matter as much, and you fixed PCM on druid staves). Nice to see the POIs in game. Performance doesn't feel great, but I'm not noticing the drastic framerate drops other people are mentioning. Having no worthwhile resources on Tyranny is a bit frustrating. Do they put more of a strain on the server than slag, knotwood, and cobblestone for some reason? When I first loaded into the game and chose balance, I appeared at the chaos beachhead for 30s in crow form before being teleported to the balance beachhead.
  13. We don't know what you know, though. If Blair says something is fixed, and the next two builds released to us don't have it fixed, does he know it's not fixed? I had been reporting the "chain pull doesn't pull" bug (with video evidence) for two months and in the livestream Blair and Halash had no idea the problem existed. All we can do is report the bugs we find each build. If they're already fixed in your internal build, disregard them. But telling us not to report bugs feels counterproductive. Testing is tougher this time because we have no gear and no ability to make decent gear because skills weren't imported to this environment. So we have rank 5 and 8 nodes, no skills (combat, harvesting or crafting), and no stashed gear. The first few hours are spent be gearing up with basic armor and slag weapons, and discovering that slag weapon PCM is so bad we can't use powers that cost resources. If you want feedback on specific mechanics or issues, tell us. We're happy to oblige. Lacking that guidance, we're going to beat the crap out of each other over and over, and report the bugs involved in that.
  14. I must say I don't understand why you'd wipe skills without changing the skill trees. You're going to have to wipe them again for the introduction of the new trees. PCM on advanced weapons is absolutely terrible without good crafters. A basic weapon is going to be more playable than advanced for knights and myrms. A basic weapon should never be better than an advanced weapon. Crafting in this game always leaves me in a pissy mood so I'm not going to comment further. Edit: Bug reports: Knight is still not getting stam regen from Druid 3rd LMB orb and Legio restoration power. Blair said this was fixed in the 12 hour stream, which was right before 5.2.1. It wasn't fixed in 5.2.1 or 5.2.2 Chain pull still doesn't pull the target to the knight, or the target rubberbands back to the point of impact. Entering someone's EK puts me in some other random person's EK chat, still. Exiting the 5.2.2 game client doesn't close the launcher, but the launcher has no launch button at that point. It just has to be closed manually.