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  1. At 4:04 of this video, you can see my C power on my knight hits twice instead of once. Does 7K and 10Kdmg to a Champ, and 15K dmg to a fessor, who dies before the 2nd hit. Those dmg numbers are much higher than last week, even without the double hit. Something definitely wonky there.
  2. Rangers are still unable to equip Crushing and Slashing arrows, even after training the exotic arrows skill and the crushing and slashing bonus damage skills to full. This problem has been ongoing for weeks (I'd say months, but it got fixed for a while, then got broken again).
  3. Takeaways for me from this test: server performance feels better The lack of leather better than grey/white is crippling crafting Scorn ruleset doesn't work with less than 80ish people on the server. And people aren't grouping with their faction-mates anyway. The double-hitting on powers needs a quick fix for next test Monster spawners are spawning only one monster per "spawn" timer (so one cat or boar every 20 mins), exacerbating the leather shortage problem per-group heraldry (like the faction heraldry) on FFA servers would be awesome Knight 4-combos need a fix Myrm Berserker still needs a longer duration. Finally, I am concerned that people who get their asses kicked repeatedly will just walk away. We already see it with unguilded people getting killed with no support, and walking away from testing. You need to get guild support in place ASAP and make it clear to people that this is a guild vs guild game, and that they need to find a support system. Lone wolf players are not lone wolves in Crowfall.. they're lone sheep. And they're going to get eaten. Because the wolves hunt in packs. Sure, some of us send someone in for 1v1 when we come across a lone sheep, but really, a self-supporting loner against me in my full epic gear, training since day 1, and almost two years' experience is not a fair fight. It's more merciful to steamroll them with a team so at least they can say they didn't have a chance because of numbers. Every week we see a pile of new testers in, making their basic weapons on the PvP servers next to the temples they spawn in at. It feels like about 10% come back for a second week, and maybe 1% stick around long term, because they join a guild and get support. That's not sustainable going forward, and a lot of damage has already been done. You have pushed interdependence as a mantra in design, but players aren't seeing the systems in place to make it happen. Maybe all these testers will come back when the game hits beta and all these support mechanisms are in place. I really hope so. But if I were you, I would hedge my bets by getting those support systems in place ASAP.
  4. At 12:45am CDT, builderworld East started having inventory troubles. I made 4 book chapters. The 4th one didn't appear in my inventory. I tried to put one of the others into a chest on builderworld. It did not transfer. I relogged - the 4th book did appear in my inventory, and the one I put into the chest appeared in the chest. I didn't have video recording turned on for that, so I turned it on and tried to reproduce the error. I pulled a stack of pots out of my spirit bank. It appeared to work. I then pulled out a stack of apples and two more stacks of pots. These did not appear in my inventory. I relogged. Not only did they not re-appear, the stack of pots that did transfer also disappeared. I have this part on video. https://youtu.be/QsTU_haZE4U Logs submitted by email. At the same time, the same problem (stuff not transferring into or out of inventory) happened to at least two of my guildmates on the same server (builderworld east).
  5. Some attacks from some classes are hitting really hard, or maybe twice per keystroke? Some templar attacks, Druid non-orb heals, druid death orbs (hitting for over 50K in some cases), some ranger melee attacks...
  6. Knight 4 combos (4-4-4 4-4-E 4-E-4 and 4-E-E) still completely custarded - same as last two tests. See my video and reports from last weekend and the weekend before. Obliterate doesn't land if knockdown is on cooldown, or if the wind is blowing, or something. Sometimes both 3rd parts of the combo go on cooldown and neither of the 2nd parts do. Etc. Server performance feels better.. hard to tell because we're dealing with NA to EU ping to get some fighting in, but the lag seems steady rather than spiky for me. Framerate drops unexpectedly from time to time (maybe when other people come into render range even if they're not visible?).
  7. @davegreco I have one of your pieces framed (blonde conjuring 3 ships), but I can't remember where I bought it. Do you have prints of more of your art available for sale?
  8. 5.5 has some very shiny changes. What version are you upgrading from?
  9. If I hit chainpull whilst running, the power goes on cooldown, the sound effect occurs, but the chain pull never happens. No visual effects, no damage, no pull. If I do chain-pull someone, they can RMB dodge away WHILST being chain-pulled. This should not happen. I've had confessors, rangers, and druids all RMB away whilst being chain-pulled towards me. You can see this at the 1:30 mark of this video and at 7:17 of the same video, I crit a ranger with chain pull and it only brings him halfway to me. At 16:57 of the same video, I chain pull a knight, and he completely disappears from my screen. I find him a few seconds later behind a tree way off to the side. Chain pull has a whole pile of issues (including being really hard to land) that you fixed with Myrm net pull, but never applied to chain-pull. We really need group heraldry for larger battles. In that same video, there are 6 groups, and it's very difficult to tell who's on whose side, especially with the little red letters on the green background. Allowing us to set heraldry for our group would be a great help. At 17:50 of the same video, you can see a good example of the greybox era models that sometimes now co-exist with the normal character models on-screen.
  10. Additional items When crafting rune tools, the durability pips spent on unmarked stone blanks and on all sigils are unused. You spend them, and the item has no durability at all. On a purple tool, that's 16 pips of durability that don't contribute toward the finished product. We have reported this multiple times, and haven't received an acknowledgement yet. Logged in this morning, transferred an item out of my spirit bank. The client crashed. When I logged back in, the item I transferred wasn't in my inventory or spirit bank. That cannot happen at release. Crash report and video submitted by email. Latency spikes are bad again this weekend. Scorn is the worst for this, but corruption suffers as well.
  11. Going forward, it'd be nice if you got rid of the faction server for tests. You know the concept works, but for existing tester populations, it's brutal. Balance has steamrolled the other factions the past couple of weeks, so this week, it seems every unaffiliated player went balance. Balance players have no one to fight, and the few non-balance players are completely overwhelmed if they engage. When there are only 100ish testers on the server (30 at a time, 25 of whom are balance), this makes for an completely un-engaging experience. What we really want is a guild v guild CW with a win condition. That'll bring the testers out. The AT changes this weekend have gone a long way to making every AT viable. Champ has an issue with i-frames in the ultimate warrior not working, so they're still squishier than they should be, and too squishy for group combat. Myrmidon is much better than it was the last 2 weeks (it was unplayable) but berserker duration does still need to be longer. Knight feels good to me. I lose to Sugoi's elite competitive players of all ATs, but do well against everyone else. Thanks very much for your work on knight. Confessor still feels good. Druid now seems quite good - good burst heals, mobility still quite good. LMB dmg on druid needs a small buff though. Duelist hits like a freaking truck coming out of stealth, and has amazing burst damage. Catch them unstealthed and they drop fast. They are situationally awesome and situationally poor. I guess that's balanced? Templar still feels pretty good. Divine Light is not the threat it was, but I still hasten to get out of it. A weak first tick followed by strong follow-up ticks was posited, but it doesn't feel like the follow-up ticks are as strong as intended. Legionnaire remains both strong and boring. Ranger suffers the most from lag spikes, so it's not doing well this build. In the lag free builds a couple of weeks back, they were very strong. So congrats.. all ATs are playable for the first time in... over a year.
  12. Knight Knockdown and Bleed powers still not working well. I'm just going to link the video I made last week, because it's the exact same issue still. Edit: Here is a video from tonight of the 4-combo simply failing to fire my obliterate power in a fight vs a templar. Over and over again. Also still seeing greybox images of other players. Video evidence (again from last test, same issue still)
  13. I have managed to clone myself on my screen. My clone has independent movement... when I go into combat mode (by blocking - can't hit Z to enter combat with a clone) my clone doesn't enter combat mode with me. So if I'm in combat mode and my clone isn't, he keeps his speed buff, so he moves at a different speed than me. He has independent physics, too.. he gets stuck on walls if I run him into them and so on. While I have the clone active, I cannot get out of combat mode once in it. Here's video evidence. It's pretty cool. Video upload will be complete in 10 mins.
  14. Thanks for responding to our concerns on existing ATs this week. Looking forward to testing these changes. I have a sneaking suspicion the reduce animation time on berserk won't help enough to offset the reduced duration, but it's definitely worth testing out. Root breaking on damage is a good change. Restoring Myrm dmg buff mechanic is very welcome. They'll be stronger than intended until the cap is implemented, but given that we know that cap is coming, that's fine. Can't comment on the other changes until I test them out, but very much looking forward to doing so.
  15. One more thing for this week - the Knight skill tree is underwhelming at best, still. It has fewer skills than any other AT's skill tree, and smaller gains than other AT's get. It has two full skill nodes utterly wasted on faster mounted travel. WTF? Templar and Myrm both get an "increased healing taken" skill. They get more stat modifiers, and significantly greater amounts modified. Knight doesn't need to clone their skill trees, but it does need some love in this area, too.