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  1. Switched from a confessor vessel to a legio vessel, and got at least 6 messages saying "your prior vessel had an item equipped which is not equippable by your new vessel. It could not be preserved because there was no room left in your inventory to perform the transfer. Item was destroyed." I imagine those were the discipline runes I had equipped - the error message is misleading. Plenty of room in my inventory - just can't unequip and store discipline runes.
  2. @Stumpstuff I've been wracking my brain trying to understand why stam regen feels so broken on the knight, and I think I may have come up with it: Stam regen is paused / prevented when I'm spending stamina. You can see this when harvesting - it never ticks back up during the hold F to harvest - it drops at a constant rate. Same when blocking... regen is paused for the duration of the spend. Stam regen happens at regular intervals, be it in combat or out of combat. If I'm using a power when I should be getting that regen tick, I don't get it. This means that if I chain some powers together (444 for knockdown followed by 4EE for bleed, for instance), I forfeit multiple stam regen ticks that would otherwise be restoring my stamina at a decent rate. This also explains why slotting passives to reduce PCM, equipping low PCM weapons, and using powers that reduce power cost don't matter - I'm losing many of my stam regen ticks by using powers. Could you ask the designers to confirm or deny my theory and fix it if I'm right? Given they won't want to change it for harvesting or block, most likely, they may have to consider changing the combat resource to something other than stamina (which is fine with me, as it fixes the problem with knights not being able to sprint in combat like other classes either). Edit: apparently this is working as intended. No stam recovery during any power use that costs stam. Which means knights can't string together attacks without forfeiting stam regen. I am now more convinced than ever that using stam as the sole resource for knights is detrimental to their well-being.
  3. Thanks for taking our questions (even though mine appeared to vex Blixtev). It would have been really nice if they'd addressed the hot topic of resource starvation... but maybe it's better they didn't since a blithe response would have disgruntled us off even further. Resource starvation doesn't even feel like it's PCM-related right now for knights. It just feels broken.
  4. Right-click the program and choose run as administrator.
  5. Knight power test A12 Shockwave. Sometimes fails to knockdown targets it hits. Video evidence at 4:22 of this video (shows dmg but no knockdown). Also at 0:33 of the same video (shows no dmg no knockdown, range 4m) and at 1:05 of the same video (no dmg no knockdown, even closer). Maybe you can tell if they're running juggernaut from their buffs. Knight power test A14 Obliterate. Obliterate is listed as a moderate bleed. Applies a severe bleed (has done for months). Please fix the description, not the bleed! Knight power test A15 Noble Blood. Barrier does not appear on my UI when the power is active. Other people can see it on their UI, but the caster cannot on his own. Video evidence at 0:45 of this video. Also at 3:10 and 4:10 of the same video. Knight power test A17 Chain pull. Chain pull frequently doesn't pull its target, or pulls the target partway and target rubberbands back to starting point, or does pull the target and the target rubberbands to the starting point. Or pulls the target past the caster, and the target rubberbands elsewhere. Very rarely, it works as intended. Video evidence at 1:18 of this video. At 5:23 of the same video it hits a parrying templar and does no dmg. Knight power test A17 Chain pull. On those rare occasions when it works, chain pull allows people struck by it to RMB out of it while they are being transported to the caster. Reproduction: Hit a target with chain pull. Have them RMB while being pulled to the caster. They will escape. Knight power test A17 chain pull. No graphical indicator of chain pulling target. You can see the chain going out to the target, but it disappears once it hits. Chain should remain visible until the target has been pulled to the caster. Templar power test B5 RMB Righteous Stance - the Righteous Parry triggers off any attack, not just melee attacks. So a shout, an arrow, a fireball, etc.. all trigger Righteous Parry and the huge dmg knockdown. Repro steps: Hold RMB, have a confessor hit you with their LMB attack whilst you are doing so. Notice Righteous Parry trigger when it shouldn't.
  6. This started out as a simple feedback comment and has turned into a knight rant. Knight feels really weak since disciplines were added. Taking anything out of our base kit leaves significant gaps in our playstyle (except the 7 power, but that doesn't matter since no one else has a 7 power in their base kit). So we have two slots to add new powers. Not enough. So we give up essential bits of our kit. This is brutal. Please make expansive mind work, at the very least. The two-second cooldown added to the release of block, frankly, feels terrible. I can no longer drop block to incite a confessor to hit absolution because if I do, I can't put block back up for a full 2s, which is more than enough time for a competent confessor to hit absolution and cream me. About a year ago, I posited a new mechanic for block that had a delay after it was released before it could be pressed again. That was in the days of block preventing 90% of incoming dmg, when block was the only power that took stamina. Right now, block is far too weak for its cost, and adding the 2s cooldown is adding insult to injury. I raised this issue when the visible timer was added and Blixtev said there's no delay in startup (there's a 1s counter when you hit block), but didn't address the 2s cooldown on release. I have -.37 final PCM (it would be -.43 if the skills contributed and you didn't cap efficiency). I should have dramatically reduced stamina usage. So why am I always out of stamina in a fight? This wasn't the case before the addition of disciplines and PCM. There is something wrong with power costs or stamina regen on the knight (did you set in combat regen to a much slower pace? You broke something. With no numbers on the stam bar or in the character sheet for stamina, we can't troubleshoot for you beyond saying "this feels terribly wrong"). It really feels like the stamina-only knight experiment is a failure. Having stamina as our combat resource means the knight cannot sprint in combat like other characters. It means if we get jumped whilst harvesting, we're at a bigger combat disadvantage than other classes. It means that block consumes the same resource as the rest of our powers. When powers consumed mana, mana regen was still challenging. Folding block and sprinting into the same resource pool as attacking means we're screwed, because you won't modify our stamina enough to matter lest it give us an edge whilst harvesting. Chain pull doesn't pull. I have absolutely no way to close distance on a fessor or druid now (I don't get dodge pips, they get 2). I can't dodge-pip-cancel because I can't get close enough to. I can charge to close some of the distance but not prevent them from re-opening it, since they can hit me from outside charge range, and charge is slower than their RMB escape by a significant margin. And my charge is on a slower cooldown than their dodge pip regeneration. I've had to drop dodge-pip-cancel off my bar entirely to make room for discipline powers. Yeah, I can block their attacks still, but with the huge hit point pool, juggernaut, and field surgeon, they are completely immune to a knight. I will run out of stamina and health long before they drop to half health. The discipline block gives the knight 100% dmg reduction but no reflect. I'm not using it because it's obviously broken. No one should have 100% dmg mitigation. Why is Nova (discipline power on a short cooldown) a much better version of the knight C power? Honestly, if I could put a normal power into the C spot and be able to use it like a normal power, I would give up the knight C power without hesitation. It's a very weak ultimate. The dmg is poor, and there's no CC involved on the pull, even when it works as intended. Adding a root or strong snare would really help. The knight's strongest hitting abilities are chain-pull and retaliate. Is that intended? Knight feels terrible right now. Solo, I can beat other knights and otherwise have to rely on my opponents playing poorly. In group play, my CC is easily countered because every ranged character is running juggernaut and field surgeon. Field surgeon counters my bleeds as well as healing up my opponent and giving them endless resource regen via the passive. Juggernaut lasts, what 8s and has the same cooldown as my gap closers and CC powers. I don't know what'll make knight more feasible in the current environment. All I know is it's gone back to being weak.
  7. Needlin Haystack power doesn't work as intended. It reflects and bleeds duelist LMB (piercing) and flintlock shot (crushing?). It does not reflect and bleed duelist impale (piercing) or other duelist piercing attacks or ranger piercing arrows at all. Knight's chain pull is still bugged. It hits the target, and sometimes pulls them half way to the caster (and they rubberband back to the start), sometimes all the way to the caster (and they rubberband back to the starting point), sometimes past the caster (and they frequently rubberband back to the starting point). Also, people being chain pulled can RMB away during the chain pull, while they're being pulled toward the caster. That shouldn't be possible Melee targetting for basic attacks is too strict. I can swing at someone and have my sword animation pass through their body and not register a hit. With circle-strafing a thing, and latency a thing, the attack needs to have a larger DM. Shield fighter discipline sounds like it should be ideal for knights. It's terrible for knights. The thrown shield hits like tissue paper, and the charged slam drains stamina for damage... for a class that uses stam as its only resource, this is a terrible design. You'd be better off removing knights from the classes that can use this.
  8. Shieldbreaker dispel does NOT remove the barrier from mana shield. It knocks the confessor down, but the mana shield remains active. Shieldbreaker dispel DOES remove the barrier from knight, and from master of axes berserker passive and from standard bearer passive. The only barrier it doesn't appear to affect is the one that really matters. The increased mana cost for confessors means that most can no longer facetank everyone with mana shield up. I'm seeing more and more of them have to restore their mana in the middle of a fight... something that just didn't happen before.
  9. From the patch notes: Master of Shields: Dispel now works to remove barriers. Should this read Shieldbreaker rather than master of shields? Also, are we ever going to see the launcher pass user credentials to the client the way it used to?
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I like that you've got a single knob you can turn to affect resource costs across the board. At the start of the game I feel this should be turned down quite low, and it can be turned up as crafters gain enough skill to counteract it. That it's a standard deviation thing means that crafters will want to put everything into getting it below 0, and then switch to weapon dmg, because they'll get diminishing returns once the value turns negative. A 6% reduction in stam costs for my knight might be enough to make me stop complaining about PCM! Actually, I normally run mental fortitude, bringing my final PCM to -15 or something. I also run hit me, and the MoSwords resource cost reduction power. And I still run out of stam faster than I did before disciplines were added, which is why I feel there's something wrong in there somewhere. Pre-discipline patch, I had to watch my stam, but it wasn't critically low all the time. Now, even with all the things I'm doing to make resource starvation less of a thing, I'm still feeling resource starved all the time. I really wish you or Mark or Val could take the time to really look into the system to see if there's something not working as intended. It feels fundamentally wrong at present.
  11. "Soon" - such a tease, Max. Given the upcoming day of streaming, it seems reasonable to assume that this will go live immediately (say under a week) after that. Hopefully with win conditions, etc. I am looking forward to a faster pace of iterations on the test server now that you don't have to worry about breaking things for the wider audience.
  12. Knight chain pull has been screwed up for a few months now. I can land it, it pulls the target to me or partway to me, then they rubberband back to their original position and I waste my shield bash or stun or whatever melee power I'm following up with. Also, people can dodge (RMB) away WHILE they're being chain-pulled, which is total BS. Chain pull needs to pull the target to me, and lock them there for 1s. Your support power nerf has screwed the healing classes, forcing everyone to build sustain builds. I'm sure you can run the numbers yourself to see what percentage of the fighting population uses field surgeon. This results in TTK's in excess of 10 mins for many melee fights as most of the melee players have given up increased dmg on our weapons for power cost modifier, and given up damaging powers in favor of self-sustain. I like self-sustain, and have long advocated for everyone having access to a little of it, but it shouldn't be an absolute requirement for survival in group fights. Druid and Cleric should be able to produce enough healing that people who enjoy that role can feel useful to their groups. Your discipline themes need work. The counter to poisons shouldn't be in the poisoner discipline, for example - It should be in a diametrically opposed discipline. Also, I must reiterate that your implementation of power cost modifier makes the game less fun for everyone. Having it as a focus of crafting as an alternative to dmg is fine - make it reduce the resource cost of our powers. But don't make the starting point so incredibly punishing. I don't know how to say this any more clearly: the recent resource cost changes are the worst thing you've done to this game since root motion, and they are universally disliked by everyone they affect. Stop making your game unfun.
  13. The power cost modifier calculations appear to be wrong. I have a weapon with .065 PCM. I have -0.06 from the skill tree. I should have a final PCM of 0.005. But my character sheet shows 0.03. PCM is enough of a pain in the rear when working correctly. Bugged, it's even worse. Please fix this one ASAP.
  14. Logged into game world (Blood Bath East). UI loaded, but the game world never did. Had to ALT-F4. Couldn't reproduce the problem, but here's video of it.
  15. Given you've said you've been adding things at a breakneck pace, and that you're struggling to fit everything into the build candidates, I find it a bit odd that we've been running the same build with minor bugfixes for 3 weeks in a row. I guess my definition of breakneck doesn't fit game design. It's really nice having animals back on Scorn, although I don't understand why you can't put animals with rank 2+ hides anywhere. Why are they all rank 1? Performance on both Scorn and Corruption remains poor for the most part, especially compared to bloodbath. Scorn is fine for me around the balance temples, but gets steadily worse as I head towards Order. Framerate drops from 60fps near balance to 10-15fps in the center of the map and near Order. That said, we were able to have a 3 faction battle (order and chaos vs balance) with 45 people in it on Scorn, and the cell-specific framerate issue was the worst part of it. Server performance held up nicely. I don't like having to take a major discipline to slot harvesting passives. I understand it's a response to the idiotic wailing about how harvesting shouldn't be given easily to PvPers, but it hampers my harvest-focused accounts, not my PvP accounts. Having to take Laborer means I can't take one of the major disciplines I would normally use to help my harvester survive PvPers. The harvesting passives were a good response to the first year economy issues (although providing a more robust starting position across the board for harvesters, the way you did for combat, would have made more sense to me. Everyone is able to fight while untrained. Why not let everyone harvest at a better beginner level to match? Same for simple crafting. It'll already take longer than the lifespan of the game to max out just the skills you've got in place now (never mind the ones you haven't added yet), so interdependence will be preserved. I don't really like faction maps. Not being able to choose my allies sucks. Please bring guild support in and let us choose our sides ourselves. We did a guild harvesting run on Bloodbath today and had balance randos trying to steal all our doobers. We had to have guildies log alts in on other factions and kill them repeatedly to drive them off. Also, Cats are dropping hunger shards with no stats: