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  1. Managing and gearing up 6 accounts is in no way shape or form Pay2Win because you actually have to PLAY on those accounts to make them effective. Passive training of crafting skills doesn't automatically create a fire and forget machine that pumps out effortless gear, in fact an alt crafter will need specific gear to enhance their crafting skill and a workbench slotted with a high quality thrall and access to a factory, that will take WORK by the owning player, in addition to taking away time that player could be working on gear for their main toon. What is preventing you from running multiple accounts? Money? or the actual added time commitment it will take to flesh out all of those accounts. There are currently 56 separate crafting and gathering skill lines, more are coming... only one player has expressed a desire to expend the effort to use them all. Most multi account users will only cover a tiny slice of the gear pipeline and will still be required to interact extensively with other players in the economy.
  2. That is per tier 1 skill... more like log in 3 times every 9 hours, day and night for 3 weeks straight and then you may have some 8+ hour skill ticks built up to get a few good nights rest. Start a different skill tree and do the 3 week routine again. It WILL keep people from buying the game. I am probably overestimating the burden but for certain lots of others are underestimating it. I can say it plainly and clearly, players without VIP will likely be dissatisfied with the advertisement of the game as Buy2Play.
  3. Blasphemy! This... even with an unmanageable number of accounts, no single player will come close to covering the bases of needs. The most hardcore amongst us with alts will likely be able to create a single source pipeline for a single category of goods. Doing this will likely remove us from the daily skirmish routines that PvP players will spend their time at.
  4. The next Unity update and working with the Unity engineers directly will have solid performance effects for the game, that said we also know how well a Unity update can foil a weekend. Latest is that Crowfall will be receiving custom Unity code planned for the Unity 6 update (due out in 2018), in other words we are moving ahead of the curve and becoming Unity's showcase release. This is very good for the prospects of solid GvG performance.
  5. The solution is really simple... training a node whether it has 100 ticks or 5 pips should still be a one shot choice where it trains to full, VIP or not, unless an active choice is made to adjust this decision. Give the VIP an ability to queue the next node choice. This is what we have been expecting all along. Also the "Bird of Prey" indicator is far prettier and thematic compared to the ugly "teeth" pip indicator, just sayin...
  6. Yea, it is a minute difference but still one of those things that was more of a solution looking for a problem ya know... I am one who would rather realize my dividend one penny at a time every day rather than wait a year to get $3.65. It is the same in the end but during the year I may need a dime or two. It is not just combat stats... some of us could realize an extra purple doober or an extra amazing result in crafting just due to that extra 1% chance... If I have to make that gear today no matter what and have even a slight chance of its quality held back from me so I can "feel" better about the change being more significant, better is exactly NOT what I am feeling.
  7. Are you saying that they are removing T1 through T3 nodes? the ones that will require telling the game you STILL want to train this same damn thing but have to log in again to tell the dumb thing to stay on track? Having to choose and accept the same training 5 times is unintuitive and just plain dumb. The "active" choice should be to stop the training short of completion (the 3 or 4 pips) and not the choice to let training continue. With this change, it seems Todd, Gordon, and Blair have demoted the game to the level of Free2Play rather than Buy2Play, one of it's biggest selling points and are making VIP just about mandatory for serious players. Perhaps Blair could step in and state that this change will have a lesser impact given complementary decisions being made about the skill tree changes, I have my doubts though. Even with VIP a lot of players are gonna be pretty cranky about getting up at odd hours to change training queues...
  8. Not in regards to this... they are reworking the Archetype trees into class trees but there won't be a third pass on the gather or craft trees until this second pass on AT/class trees is complete and tested. I don't expect any changes to the number of T1 and T2 nodes in the basic or initial skill trees... T1 nodes always means getting up 3 times in the middle of the night, and this could go on for over a month. That certainly does not sound at all "passive", rather is sounds like a horrible "grind".
  9. Jj... to progress through the vessel tree towards leadership is ALL Tier 1 nodes... that is over a month of logging in every 2-5 hours night and day to stay efficient for a non VIP account. The losses due to training efficiency in non-VIP accounts are going to add up extraordinarily fast. Instead of maybe losing an hour or two of training time per month many players will lose 20 to 30 hours of training time per month. Buy2Play has no meaning when buying the game without VIP puts you at such a huge training disadvantage. There are over 30 t1 nodes that most players will have to train through and most will train all 5 pips as they push asap towards 50% or the tree to unlock familiarity.
  10. It is actually much worse... you will no longer get that .05% (yes it is still the same amount in the end) until you ding whereas before you had that tiny incremental benefit happen continuously. In the case of a tier 8 node you will now wait 14+ days for ANY the change to kick in. How was realizing the benefits of training more gradually but continuously a bad thing compared to essentially banking up the benefit in a holding account that will not effect your stats each 20% rather than each 1%. Makes no sense that anyone would support this... could mean the difference in a close fight but hey, the whiners seem to win over the devs here a lot.
  11. You left out 1. Set alarm for 12:10 am, 3:30 am, 6:45am, etc, Mon through Sun 2. Wake up enough to see straight rinse repeat for all T1 skills... most parts of T2 skills and the first 3 pips of T3-T5 skills 3. receive "Employee appears tired most days" on performance evaluation. Casual Player Not.
  12. Lesson Here... sometimes what you wish for isn't what you get. The 100 tick incremental training was better for players as you realized the benefit continuously, particularly in the higher tier nodes. Now you will wait many many days for that final tick on a tier 8 node getting absolutely nothing in between. I was happier with 1-100 than with a truncated 1-5. But who listens to reason... Now we have to reallocate training every 1/5 of a node with widely variable time scales or pay for what was free up to this point, hmmm another one of those unexpected large steps backwards. In 8+ months I have perhaps missed 20-40 hours of training from not precisely planning log in times... with the new system I would expect that to quadruple at least. Passive training now feels a lot like it isn't very passive at all, instead of grinding mobs or quests we can now just log in 10 times a day, 3 times to play the game, 7 more for the grind of reselecting the exact same training node again and again... sounds a lot more like a grind than what we had before. my 2 cents... give non-VIP the full node before a re-queue, give VIP multiple node queues as we have been asking for since we first saw the skill training. This is a game killing change for the casual player base.
  13. If balanced right, the War Machine is exhorbidantly expensive, as it should be... a siege event with a chance of success should cost 100s in real world currency equivalent, 100s of thousands of dust. It is this cost that drives a successful guild to export from campaigns for the purpose of trade to accumulate the assets needed to siege... driving the EK economy. Trading within the CWs is risky and unlikely to reach a larger market beyond the single faction. Expect this.... we would have to build up to siege cost that could be beyond the reach of even a large guild's single campaign income. In reality, after soft launch the siege engine recipe unlock is possible a month or two out. The first CWs could simply be economic races without sieges.
  14. Back to the topic at hand guys... This will start with fairly short tests over 3 days of a weekend... the result could be severe imbalance between the factions regardless of possible agreements between the larger test guilds to split up. This same scenario came on when scorn was first released, how do we get balanced numbers in the 3 factions when no balancing mechanic exists (or might ever exist). As suggested the best case would be for the stronger existing guilds to tackle the ends of the tug-o-war but this would require a reshuffling of the current norm. Maybe, just maybe, the existing set block can be renegotiated by the guild leaders but my personal feeling is we will test this first try at 3-faction campaign with existing alignment: Sugoi-Balance, -W- Order, UDx/Avari-Chaos... Caldera?... nobody else has yet to field 3+ fighting groups. I think a realignment is more likely after we see how the first weekend goes... and where the rest of the test players go.
  15. Laughable... there has been zero time wasted looking for you or any other non-factor. Matter Most is where you get elitist... good networks have players that have less ego and more drive to get the long term win.