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  1. Only use the patch/launcher to update the game. Open the game directly from the client... inside the CF Test folder (pin it to your toolbar).
  2. Crowfall is not a subscription model, it is buy-to-play. VIP was never promised anything but fluff and convenience.
  3. Right now you can only sell accounts still bundled (untrained) through the trusted seller program. Not sure if they will ever allow "used" (trained) accounts to be passed to another player in any official way. It is against the EULA. Multiple UT trains would allow a player to simultaneously train combat skill AND stats/leadership increasing DPS etc with a double dip... it would allow a single account to train a gather and a craft allowing much easier creation of gear, too easy in fact. Allowing an account to skill up a gather skill and a combat skill allows PvP focused players a freebie bonus to harvesting when fighting is at a lull eliminating the need for full time gathering mains entirely. All of these extra skills not given to non VIP players would make VIP absolutely P2W. The game is intended to require single specialization... at least for the first 9 months... after that a crafter could get siege weapon operation skills, a combat account could get scouting or stealthing boosts or that harvesting you've been dying for.
  4. Yea the 6 in the death tray is pree-ty much a good way to help the opponents... add to that a Blood pact rune and a druid has an even esier way to suicide.
  5. This healing power graphic effect remains like a stinky release from my druid arse long after the powers have ended... in fact it looks like a perma-fart not so discreetly slipping out from under my dress. It appropriately appears from the Soothing Winds power from the Mystic Staff Weap Disc. I think this effect is supposed to head forward as you cast, if not maybe rename it Stinking Winds and make it a rear cone attack that removes stealth.
  6. After dying the Twisting songs minor disc the passive power remains available. It CAN be added to the passives tray. I found this is also true with troubadour powers. Dropping new major discs in added even more powers.
  7. We have been playing Legio-Fessor-Fall for months now so the natural response to that FotM type play is player migration to the hard counter of that build. I expect very dramatic shifts in the Meta with these changes, while the fessor hard counter may be the build de jour for a short while, particularly for front line classes and healers, to expect that people will give up all of the other shifts just for this counter is silly... there will always be targets for the class with the highest burst damage in the game. When the remainder of discs are in there will be hard counters to every damage type. Don't be a one trick pony when everyone is focused on your particular trick.
  8. Exotic as in... Monk (MINOR): Druid, Cleric, Duelist, Ranger Passive - Dodge +3% Meditate - Channeled resource Increase (Reduction) Fists of Fury - +250% bare hand combat damage (ignores equiped weapon) Combo E: Roundhouse Kick - single target knockdown Staff Mastery (WEAPON): Any Passive - Allows Staff weapon (crushing) Low guard - Channeled Parry (Stamina) (similar to Templar power) Combo E: Retaliate +200% melee damage blow Combo 6: Low Blow Stun (3 sec) Dart - 5m range jump/melee thrust attack +150% (very short cd) Morris Dance - AoE melee spin attack +250% (6 sec duration, long cd) Shapeshifter (MAJOR): Druid, Ranger, Assassin (Removes standard trays, adds LMB melee attack/RMB sprint, only 2-3 powers) Bear Form - passive +100 Con/+100 Str (uses Ghia's wail model) TANK Claw swipe (slash attack) Bite - +300% melee attack (crushing) Break form - return to Archetype form Wolf Form - passive +1% run speed/+5% dodge efficiency SUPPORT Howl - AoE damage debuff On the Hunt - Tracking skill Break form - return to Archetype form Badger Form - passive +100 Dex/+100% Con/-1% run speed SPECIALTY/DPS Burrow - same as Guinecean power Maul - +200% melee (piercing) attack (Doubled from stealth) Break form - return to Archetype form Master of Flora (MINOR): Druid, Ranger, Myrmidon Passive - group hunger (-2) Bramble - AoE 20% slow 30m radius (8 sec/30 sec cd) Thorns -10 sec damage shield (stacks w/Bramblecoat, 10 sec cd) Barbs -10m ranged cone attack (piercing) Master of Fauna (MINOR): Druid, Ranger, Myrmidon Passive - 0.5% group run speed Call of the Wild - Group Stam +2 regen Call the Murder - AoE Reveal stealthed Call the Herd - AoE Melee attack
  9. It is... Refer to the many many threads that pit the AND crowd vs the OR crowd for insight. As many new players come into contact with a "Decisions have consequence" mechanic such as having to choose for an account focus to be combat, gathering OR crafting, this topic recurs. As a leading proponent of the OR crowd that supports the developers current design, I tend to be a little abrupt about this. Just like grinding levels, loss of multiple general skills is part of the move away from themepark and solo play. Don't take it wrong... It isn't about you or your contribution of ideas, it is about a serious development decision that has split the community for over a year since Passive skills were announced.
  10. Never on your life... that is full on PtW and would destroy everything. ONE UT has been confirmed recently by Blair once again. Wish we could put this idea to rest. Harvesting and Crafting Discs will allow for "some" vessel crosstrain so that the min/max stat/dmg crowd CAN have low level haervest or crafting vessels without any passive training... not gonna be great at it without specialized focus but they will have maybe some basic ability.
  11. That was pretty fun even with my ISP consternations... The ebb and flow of battle gave me hope for some great things to come. I like Druid play best but Legio is the backbone atm.
  12. It isn't about you, Xarrayne, I am not referring to you specifically at all... sorry that you felt that way. I am referring to the mindset, the mentality, that does not have the patience to master each piece in its own time. And yes, in many ways I am being facetious... I will play the game however it is built in the end, my show of support for certain principles the developers have set as standards is not meant to be a criticism of you or your opinions. I feel like I have to counter this same push, over and over, that desires to allow primary PvP combat players an easy mode ability to participate in gathering. They don't want to do it unless it is free, they don't want to sacrifice that 5% more dps in order to gain an alternate skill and that is a choice. Often the most compelling argument made is that some "majority" of players want it changed. I have to post in every thread to debunk this assumption. I simply want a game that provides no grind, no shortcut, and no amount of fast track to skills... the current system only requires patience for the skills to come and good choices of what skills will be required, and when, in the bigger picture.
  13. There is nothing at all "preventing" players from training Combat AND Economic skills, none at all... there is ONLY time. This is the false narrative I have been pointing out from the start... Your saying "Daddy, I want an Oompaloompa and I want it NOW!", well, Violet, good things come to those with patience and a plan, certain patterns of training are optimal and others are not, for each role the game offers. In no way are you "locked" into a role... it takes 10 seconds to click a different training button, from then on it is just either some silly form of waiting OR be ACTIVE and go do things in the world that you CAN do regardless of your passive training, scout for your team, heal for your team... nothing prevents you except some silly min/maxing conditioning that YOU choose to bow down and worship. Yes, many of us are using several accounts, Artcraft has made money on that. One account is viable for a casual player or a hard core player with good connections or in a solid guild. That should be enough for most, anyone just aching to play more roles will buy another account. Also consider the account naming and the fame factor, oh narcissistic selfie, alt accounts are relegated to background roles. Players do want their identity on display for the self gratification of being a known quantity, respect or infamy, only your main account will acquire this as well as titles over time. Alts simply will be background noise in the scheme of things, performing services and filling holes in an organized guild role chart. They will provide a backup plan to insure competitiveness for the organization until active players jump into those roles. If I am out beating rocks then you can rest assured that I am not crafting gear on any of my other accounts, juggling multiple accounts is a chore most players will choose to avoid, like beating rocks, I think that is plenty of discouragement to most players.
  14. This is how Shadowbane worked... classes were locked to a choice of just a couple or a few of the races. Disciplines also had pre-reqs of race and/or class.
  15. What you fail to acknowledge besides your easily recognized desire to do many things on a single account (which you can after a couple years of passive training) is that there are Combat Power training nodes in the Exploration tree too. Leadership IS power, added Stats are power, use of higher quality vessels is also power, tracking skills is power, stealthing skills are power... these things are exploration but having access to them as a second universal completely destroys the power balance. This is in addition to gaining economic power on top of your combat power right away... my multiple account play simply cannot harvest AND then turn and fight with full combat power of a PvP focused player. Your decisions HAVE TO matter or the game goes full easy mode. We will not support this kind of shortcut under any circumstances. Have patience, play the game for a year, in other words go fight or do what you do and then guess what, in your second year you can add an economic skill. Hell, you can do it after a month or six... there is not limit to switching your UT skill training except the one self imposed by YOU because you think you need it to have an advantage in battle over another player. BUT this is a team game balanced around large scale battle and not some 1v1 or arena play. I would bet a crafting main might still get a kill shot on you in a battle because that crafter may only have 5% less combat power than you (but they may have better gear/vessel earlier). Your choice to train exclusively into Combat skills is your own choice and you have to feel that the choices matter too.