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  1. While it is true that we do not know the final timings or even the final skill tree structures... I conclude that two nodes active within parent tree restrictions will be something slightly under twice as fast to complete a tree as compared to one node active. If the skill trees stay similar in timing to get to mastery nodes, isn't the point of build completion coming all the sooner? When your build is basically done and you are skilling up secondary use skills has the game lost at least some small drive mechanism for playing? even if for just some players... I don't need to advocate for balancing the TTT for a desired rate of mastery skill completion. I think the team has that in mind in any case.
  2. You seem to be simply advocating "sped up" training... reduction of the time it takes to get to end-game/end-of-skill-tree. This shortens the life of the game and gets launch players to uncle Bob status faster, there is no other reason to have 2 nodes training in a tree at once. Yes, there is years and years of training out there, eventually you will finish several trees or more and have that jack-of-many trades account. In every game where expectation is to reach max level by grinding before fighting another player the playerbase loses interest quickly. Would you rather draw this out over the course of 5 years rather than in 2?
  3. The main mobs that will drop essential reagents for higher end gear and crafting stations as well as resources are not yet in the game... its still pre-alpha and these mobs are not in yet
  4. FYI... in the excavation general skill tree 3 pips of prereq unlocks Amazing Hammers. In the harvesting skill tree Amazing axes is not unlocked with 3 pips in the prereq nodes. I have also noted the ancestor skill nodes for Myrm, Ox Ancestor and Steer Ancestor (oxymoronic imo) do not unlock the next node, Bull Ancestor without a full 5 pips. With the Archetype tree, no big deal, will change drastically in 5.3 but unlocking logging mastery tree is a big deal.
  5. This^ the 2-2-2 allows double dipping in combat, crafting or gathering forcing a double time sprint to the end game skills in just 6 months then spreading out and hybridizing after combat effectiveness is reached (the gather alternative is gaining combat effective in the reverse). I see VIP accounts being easily jack of many (several) trades in under a year... those of us that have been on the slow track since last Oct are closing in on several end game skill nodes or have completed trees entirely and are hybridizing now. While it doesn't create that much imbalance between launch players total skill it simply accelerates the combat values reached and completion of end game skills that will make it much harder for later entering players to catch up. I am rolling with it for now but feel I am not going to be something specialized for very long in game, maybe less than 6 months and after that all player main accounts will be pretty much PvP combat centric with gathering side skills. Why specialize when your specialty is lost to the masses pretty fast. Lots to see and absorb too...
  6. Video driver crashed in TestEast, after restart log-in was in crow form over body with a ghost crow and no way to get to temple. Haven't seen this bug in awhile... no players were near to kill me in 20 sec. Update: it reset me to a faction fort after 15 min. Still a DC/crash death though.
  7. Peace to Coolwaters and comfort to his family and friends. The caliber of player he was shined through in our many discussions over the years and the many times we crossed paths. Farewell!
  8. email
  9. Managing and gearing up 6 accounts is in no way shape or form Pay2Win because you actually have to PLAY on those accounts to make them effective. Passive training of crafting skills doesn't automatically create a fire and forget machine that pumps out effortless gear, in fact an alt crafter will need specific gear to enhance their crafting skill and a workbench slotted with a high quality thrall and access to a factory, that will take WORK by the owning player, in addition to taking away time that player could be working on gear for their main toon. What is preventing you from running multiple accounts? Money? or the actual added time commitment it will take to flesh out all of those accounts. There are currently 56 separate crafting and gathering skill lines, more are coming... only one player has expressed a desire to expend the effort to use them all. Most multi account users will only cover a tiny slice of the gear pipeline and will still be required to interact extensively with other players in the economy.
  10. That is per tier 1 skill... more like log in 3 times every 9 hours, day and night for 3 weeks straight and then you may have some 8+ hour skill ticks built up to get a few good nights rest. Start a different skill tree and do the 3 week routine again. It WILL keep people from buying the game. I am probably overestimating the burden but for certain lots of others are underestimating it. I can say it plainly and clearly, players without VIP will likely be dissatisfied with the advertisement of the game as Buy2Play.
  11. Blasphemy! This... even with an unmanageable number of accounts, no single player will come close to covering the bases of needs. The most hardcore amongst us with alts will likely be able to create a single source pipeline for a single category of goods. Doing this will likely remove us from the daily skirmish routines that PvP players will spend their time at.
  12. The next Unity update and working with the Unity engineers directly will have solid performance effects for the game, that said we also know how well a Unity update can foil a weekend. Latest is that Crowfall will be receiving custom Unity code planned for the Unity 6 update (due out in 2018), in other words we are moving ahead of the curve and becoming Unity's showcase release. This is very good for the prospects of solid GvG performance.
  13. The solution is really simple... training a node whether it has 100 ticks or 5 pips should still be a one shot choice where it trains to full, VIP or not, unless an active choice is made to adjust this decision. Give the VIP an ability to queue the next node choice. This is what we have been expecting all along. Also the "Bird of Prey" indicator is far prettier and thematic compared to the ugly "teeth" pip indicator, just sayin...
  14. Yea, it is a minute difference but still one of those things that was more of a solution looking for a problem ya know... I am one who would rather realize my dividend one penny at a time every day rather than wait a year to get $3.65. It is the same in the end but during the year I may need a dime or two. It is not just combat stats... some of us could realize an extra purple doober or an extra amazing result in crafting just due to that extra 1% chance... If I have to make that gear today no matter what and have even a slight chance of its quality held back from me so I can "feel" better about the change being more significant, better is exactly NOT what I am feeling.
  15. Are you saying that they are removing T1 through T3 nodes? the ones that will require telling the game you STILL want to train this same damn thing but have to log in again to tell the dumb thing to stay on track? Having to choose and accept the same training 5 times is unintuitive and just plain dumb. The "active" choice should be to stop the training short of completion (the 3 or 4 pips) and not the choice to let training continue. With this change, it seems Todd, Gordon, and Blair have demoted the game to the level of Free2Play rather than Buy2Play, one of it's biggest selling points and are making VIP just about mandatory for serious players. Perhaps Blair could step in and state that this change will have a lesser impact given complementary decisions being made about the skill tree changes, I have my doubts though. Even with VIP a lot of players are gonna be pretty cranky about getting up at odd hours to change training queues...