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  1. Not quite. You can play a hybrid in that you can take an archetype and then, provided the discipline system is as impactful as it seems, basically change an archetype to fit a new role, and beyond certain things like resource or the Lego's base movement speed ignore the Archetype's basic "build". As for skills carrying over between vessels, skills are either general, including so combat buffs, these are global for any vessel your crow hops into, and archetype, which only works for that archetype, and late game archetypes get promotion classes, there are hints that vessels can only use on promotion but crows can change as many as they like (A Ranger could train Archer and Brigand promotions, but only access one of them per body, and when they jump into a champion could access any of it.) TL:DR You can custom craft any class with effort, it remains to be seen if this is capable of making a true hybrid but looks promising.
  2. That could work.
  3. They are going to get expendable, not throw away. if everything breaks then everything is useful. Ok, the color wuality. The semi abstract classifiction of how good something is, so how dos that effect the things that matter? Durability, damage, secondary bonuses from the ore use to combine things. lucky rolls can make a green that's as good as a low end purple so just saying "the color" isn't enough. Yes they will. It will take about twenty seconds for a crafter to gather enough materials for five swords, "Hi miner mike here's some stuff, now give me all your iron." Crafters that think that's too tough should probably stick to theme parks. You're working off the false assumption that people will be doing things alone. So the game isn't allowed to do anything standard when it's already 90% either new or revived from the days before publishers demanded everything be dumbed down?
  4. Wait, my great grandfather was a bricklayer, does that mean I'm ony allowed to put points in masonry? gosh darn it.
  5. I'd prefer a point blank range move that let's them treat you like a mount for 5-10 seconds for the lego.
  6. Yeah, make sure it's worth the risk, but fun with physics based murder is always great. Maybe give them a massive bonus if they nail someone on the way down so it becomes a game of timing.
  7. The synchronized eyebrow quirk really sells it.
  8. Actually it wasn't clear, you talked about increased damage being insufficient then talked about dnd in the seventies, making it seem like a criticism of it being "primitive". I'll admit you did stumble on something that gets me prickily and I was already in a sour mood because of something unrelated to this site, so apologies. The activity is in figuring out what materials to mix,what to experiment with, who to give or trade or sell to. saying everything rests on the RNG just because that is the only automated system is short sighted. This isn't the deepest system in the world but it isn't shallow by any means.
  9. It's entirely possible that the gods pick crows they feel will serve their interests but that the crows are effectively free agents after that and the gods have agreed that there won't be punishment. They simply won't grant the boons of relics/parcels/blessings that they would for a devout crow. After all, with the hunger their power is better spent raising new crows than smiting ones that help that jerk Yaga.
  10. I fail to see how the year changes if a significant attack boost is good or not. And DnD is still going strong. And far more entertaining than any mmo.
  11. This. Since there is no restriction on how many different trees you can dip into dropping some extra points into constitution or the early armor levels of combat is perfectly safe. I don't know exactly what they do but aren't the beneficial harvest buffs partly to help harvesters with staying alive? I heard there were sprint buffs mixed in there. Us Harvesters basically have a choice, we can go for pure harvesting and get the largest amounts of high quality material, but not be as combat effective and need larger groups or a combat dedicated bodyguard to avoid being killed, or we can sacrifice some ability with harvesting in order to stand a better chance of surviving with smaller groups. I suspect the best harvesting expeditions will be a mix of these two types, probably mixed with a strong combat focused tank player or two.
  12. Well most people will probably direct trade for their better stuff. I mean, sure you might hand off some blue helmets to your shopghost but that purple one with the super high health regen? Sorry Casper the boss is selling this one personally, you'll just mess it up. I see the thralls as a concision to the fact that selling every last item personally would be a chore, but they still want to minimize the automation.
  13. I find the paranoia of being jumped plenty engaging personally. And once the spirit bank is gone and we have to caravan that stuff back manually? As a primary gatherer that'll keep me in the game just fine.
  14. Minotaurs have nets already. . I like the way you think though.
  15. I don't think it's the only acceptable risk, but I do think it's one that should remain on the table. Especially since I get the impression blueprints will remove all risk, though how efficient they are in the end remains to be seen. I think a fair compromise would be to add a "risk mitigation" option to the experimentation stage. it removes failure chance of the item by X for every point spent up to a 100% success rate. That way you can avoid risking losing all those materials and potentially good experiment rolls up to that point at the cost of not improving things. make it so that option can't fail and you effectively turn the option to not risk into a viable choice. Sure it won't be the +5 sword of instadeath but it'll be a +4 sword of ouch and you know you won't lose any oranges to chance. Meanwhile the crafter well stocked or confident enough can go for broke. Both sides win though I'm sure it wouldn't please everyone.