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  1. Holy crap, a calm and rational discussion about potential future issues! Sure would be a shame if someone...deris dragged away violently For serious, though. Non-sarcastic clapping behind my monitor. Usually any mention of catch-up mechanics or lack thereof devolves immediately into a pointless flame war. This thread gives me hope that maybe we can adult our way through to launch day without burning the gripe to the ground.
  2. Seems like a neat idea, but might take a few weeks to catch on. The forums aren't the most heavily trafficked place on the internet, so a bit of press can't hurt. See if you can recruit some streamers and get them to yell about it. If it ends up being a big deal at all, though, it might also function as a stress test on a bit of a larger scale than we've seen in a while.
  3. Eh. Pure spite, probably. They probably hated OP specifically and wanted to ruin their fun.
  4. Hrm. Maybe. But honestly, to me this smacks a bit too strongly of a manufactured problem. Trying to solve a hypothetical issue that can and should be avoided by moderate application of common sense. And in the Suggestion Box, I personally prefer to see suggestions that will somehow improve the game, rather than potentially resolve hypothetical future problems some of the time. Maybe that's just my biases shining through.
  5. Fair enough. Just wanted to make sure, because your response put me slightly off-balance. This part I got. I just disagree, hence my clarification in the second post. My first post was more aimed at the future ramifications, while in the next post I tried to focus more on why I don't think it's a problem right now. So..that's fine and fair and I disagree with the parts in bold.
  6. I should clarify. I don't think the possibility that maybe someone might go through all the trouble of using this system to grief noobs when there is no material benefit for them is a justification to spend an ounce of developer resources - even thought, let alone code - resolving the "problem." You know what's worse for testing? People being trolls. But the devs aren't trying to code for that - they're just expecting us not to be trolls because the only people who suffer if we turn the testing modules into a free for all troll-a-palooza is...uh, us. So compared to the very existence of people like OP, I disagree fundamentally that this is "bad for testing." As for "stop posting in it..." MAKE ME, LIVING INCARNATION OF ALL HUMAN SUFFERING. Alternatively, "NO U." Edit: also, if you are offended by any part of this, my bad. I legitimately thought this thread was a joke, and I'm still not sure it isn't.
  7. I disagree that this is worth the thread. I also disagree that it would be easy, or even possible, to use the current EK ban mechanics to grief others. First off, no spirit bank at live. Second off, if the only materials you can harvest in an EK are gray basics, there is absolutely nothing you can get from an EK that you can't get from your own private EK from which you can never be banned, except for Third off, things you bought from a merchant NPC set up in someone else's EK, and as far as I'm concerned, if you logged into someone else's world to use their merchant NPCs and got banned before you could get from there to the bank, that gear should be returned to the vendor, not to you. I don't care how unfair it seems - you disgruntled off the owner of the world that NPC is in badly enough for them to ban you. Their world, their rules. Don't like it? I...don't care. Seriously, though, this seems like such a ridiculous non-issue that I don't understand why anyone feels this is a discussion worth having. I feel dirty for spending nearly two minutes formulating and typing this thought. Shame on you for making me do that. I blame you, @coolwaters. You and only you. Edit: side note, the thing about items being returned to a vendor is just my personal view of justice. Reset the game state to before you bought the thing. But if the vendor kept the gold and you dropped everything in your inventory, or if everything in your inventory just vanished into the endless void never to be seen again, I would still consider that perfectly fair. Maybe it would teach people not to do things that get them banned from EKs, or not to join the EKs of people who don't like them.
  8. -cries big salty tears-
  9. WHAT'S THAT? YOU ALL HAVE BEEN TESTING SIEGE MECHANICS WITHOUT US?! -rampages violently across the forums-
  10. It means that you have to take some extra steps if you later decide to upgrade your package or trade in some of your content.
  11. Hi.

    So..not gonna get into the argument of whether or not you're in the right place. Just gonna address your comments on the Forgemaster. The Forgemaster was not one of the earliest classes - way back in the Kickstarter, they were basically promised as the only archetype that wouldn't be done at launch, and backers were promised early access to them as a reward. Not sure what part of that ever suggested that they were at the front of the line for development, and now that the archetype system has been replaced entirely, I'm double unsure what use their progress is as a benchmark for closeness to launch.
  12. I'm also hesitant to try and apply numbers to this before live, but a few problems off the bat. First of all, increasing value by 25% per grade seems like a bad choice for a number of reasons. For one thing, green quality materials are NOT 75% as common as white materials. Not even close. Additionally, blue materials are DEFINITELY not 50% or 56.25% (depending on how you mean "increase by 25% per grade") as common as white materials. Second of all, even if that were a reasonable increment, the only people who can get the highest grade of materials at all are people who specialize in harvesting that specific material, meaning that the higher the grade, the rarer they are not just for a given person hitting a node, but in the overall scheme of gameplay. Third of all, the same people who have the highest quantities of goods that can be traded will also, necessarily, be the ones generating the most ethereal dust, since it is a byproduct of gathering and therefore is unlikely to be something worth using as currency to the people who will have access to it before it gets injected into the economy, unless a lot more sources of ethereal dust are added to the game. I could probably think up one or two more issues, but you get the idea. It might work, but as of right now it seems like a stretch that it will be worthwhile as currency, and it seems downright impossible to actually attach a value to it, even before you get into the drop rates for dust.
  13. Dunno why I found that so funny, but now I've got cola up my nose. So thanks for that, unpleasant person.
  14. That one is on me. In the Kickstarter, there were a lot of references to destructible terrain through Voxel Farm, though I don't remember ever seeing any playable modules that were using it. That said, I also missed most of the early tests, so maybe it was there and I never saw it. My understanding of Voxel Farm is that it was only on Unreal Engine, so I assumed there had been an engine switch at some point. This post prompted me to google "voxel farm unity," though, which...yeah. My bad. Edit: see kids, this is why you should avoid talking extensively about things you know very little about. Re-edit: and in case anyone wonders WHY I thought Voxel Farm was only for UE4, I'm sorry, but I have no clue why I thought that. Probably just gone senile. Re-re-edit: it occurs to me that when I referred to Voxel Farm the first time, what I meant was "destructible terrain." I have no idea if the entire thing ceased use, or if just that one facet got scrapped, so..edited to correct.
  15. Yeah, that too. One thing they've said before is that they actively chose not to tell us some big news specifically so they could surprise us all, as a community, with announcements like "races and classes, y'all! -confetti and champagne-"