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  1. Yeah, me too. It also makes it hard to test whether it's working correctly when we don't know exactly how it's supposed to work.
  2. Some older source materials about stealth mechanics while I hunt down the video I quoted... They don't all have bullet points in the descriptions, so it might take me a bit. <--interview that our very own Scree had with Gordon about stealth mechanics in June of 2015. Edit: ugh. you know, I've hunted this video clip down like 3 times already and I don't care anymore. I'm pretty sure it's in either one of the Q&As or one of the older Fly on the Wall videos, and if anyone cares, they can find them on YouTube.
  3. I was exaggerating slightly for dramatic effect, but it's also been said that the only full-loot campaigns would be on The Dregs world band. Dunno if that's still true or will still be true in the future, but if you have contradictory information, I could very well be wrong. That said, we seem to be in agreement that anyone who manages this feat of astonishing stupidity deserves it. Edit: also, I do vaguely remember them saying that The Dregs might have limited imports. I don't remember them specifically saying the opposite since the Kickstarter, and obviously a lot has changed since then.
  4. That's reasonable. So far, the Duelist and the Assassin have both met my personal expectations of them more or less precisely, so this isn't an issue that I have personally run into. But at the same time, there's still a lot of the game's core functionality that we haven't gotten our hands on yet, and I am in no hurry to form lasting opinions about incomplete systems.
  5. I guess you are more easily disappointed than me.
  6. No, I'm not sure about that. It's just all the information we have right now. They even said it in the post. "In the meantime, while we’re waiting on these features, we’ll continue to grant “detect” ability to all players so that stealth isn’t completely OP." Blair also said it in a video months ago - what we see when we look at a burrowed Duelist right now is the same thing someone with a Detect Hidden skill that equals or exceeds the Duelist's Stealth skill will see. That may no longer be true when the game launches, but as of the last information we were given, it is still true.
  7. Can't argue with any of that. It honestly sounds interesting enough by itself to make me consider trying CU out sometime, but I care far less about that title than this one, and I remain more excited about Crowfall's Assassin than any facet of Crowfall's competition.
  8. This is inaccurate. Or rather, incomplete. The visible dirt pile for the Duelist is what you see when you can see THROUGH their stealth. That is what someone with the detection skill sees when a Duelist is in stealth. To everyone else, the dirt pile is invisible. Similarly, what they have said about the Assassin implies that to someone who CAN see her, or while she is NOT in stealth, she is translucent. At no point that I am aware of have they claimed that this was no longer the case. When the question is whether or not Crowfall is ripping off someone's idea, pointing out that the original source for the idea was actually made by many of the same people making this one isn't a semantic argument at all. A semantic argument would be if I said "that isn't ripping WoW OFF, that's just friendly imitation."
  9. I want to have a ranged Duelist that duel wields pistols, but Assassin will probably be my main.
  10. ...I don't really even see how this is possible in the first place. The only world bands where you can lose a full outfit of legendary gear in 5 minutes are also the ones that won't let you import any of it. Too many problems with this logical exercise - not sure where to start. But in the pure hypothetical, I agree with narsille. I'd feel like an idiot if I was dumb enough to somehow manage this.
  11. CC also has diminishing returns, meaning that consecutive CC effects have significantly reduced durations up to a point at which you are immune to that effect for a duration. So unless you literally took your hands off your mouse and keyboard or were being focused down by several people - neither of which I can deduce from the information you provided - I find it unlikely that your description of events is entirely accurate. That's what people mean by "need more information." There is no 1v1 scenario where what you described is a common thing, so either you're exaggerating or something was broken. If you don't provide details, people will naturally assume the former and dismiss your complaint, and if it actually is the latter, there's nothing anyone can do to fix it...unless you provide details.
  12. Don't get me wrong, it sounds INTERESTING, but it doesn't really sound too fundamentally different from regular stealth. Also noteworthy is the fact that people inside the veil are invisible to people outside the veil unless they have abilities that let them see into the veil or pull people out of it...just like every other stealth mechanic ever. My larger point was that people are upset that stealth EXISTS. They may claim that they aren't, but that's what their arguments come down to. "This established mechanic wherein there is a way for me not to see someone even if I am looking directly at them in a well-lit room is hogwash. We should replace it with something that lets me see invisible people if only I'm just more observant than everyone else." Everybody wants to be Kirito. There's nothing wrong with new and unique systems as long as they are balanced and functional, but by the same token, there's nothing wrong with reusing the classics as long as they are balanced and functional. It's just a matter of personal preference, and I'm sick of seeing people try to paint it as anything more. Edit: though I do like the idea of Elder Scrolls styled camouflage - because let us not forget that they did that first back in 2002 - wherein you become more translucent, maybe up to a cap, the more heavily invested you are in enchanting your gear with that particular magic. Edit: Also, my secondary point re: "why is Camelot ripping off Morrowind with their camouflage and Rift/Warframe/others with their veilwalking" was that there is nothing new under the sun. Even those games or whatever version of them is considered the first were predated in THIS GENRE ALONE by MUDs, which I can tell you from firsthand experience were doing all of these things years before the first MMOs with a UI, and even before MUDs these ideas were used in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. It may not be original, but neither is anything else.
  13. While you're in crow form at the temple, if you try to adjust your skills in the skill tree, you have to hold alt to show the cursor. Plentiful Resources: Cobblestone does not grant a pip of Plentiful Harvest on cobblestone nodes.
  14. "I'm not good at googling things and would rather be angry than happy."
  15. Depends - they've said both. Originally, they said it would maybe be possible for people to loot the vessel you were wearing in the Dregs, but later they said that would probably not ever be happening. For vessels that are in your inventory, however, there's been a lot less specificity - those are just items, so one assumes they will be subject to normal loot rules, whatever those are. If the limit is on the number of items, maybe they are easy to loot. If the limit is on the number of squares, maybe not so much. Too many unanswered questions to say much with certainty.