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  1. Normally, you can log in to adjust your skill training and poke around a bit even when the servers are offline, but when they are updating the servers and the client hasn't been patched to match the current server - as is the case right now - you will not be able to do that. However, your skill progression is still saved and will be available as soon as the client and the server are on the same iteration again. Normally that process only lasts for a couple hours or less.
  2. So how it works right now is that the test servers go online most weekends. This weekend there's no test - I'm getting the impression that it's because of some update to the engine that will theoretically make gameplay smoother when the servers go back up - but next weekend there will be. So your $45 should get you into the next playable test - which should be April 1st I guess? - along with all subsequent tests.
  4. I'm getting a 3D printer soon, and this is gonna be among my first tests. Fantastic work.
  5. For the sake of avoiding future confusion and assuming that it is possible to edit posts beyond a certain age, I also recommend including a link to the next iteration in your previous posts, in case things change, to make it easier for people who don't read the date on a post to get to current information instead of necroposting. Super helpful, though. <3
  6. The fact that you think tyranny is the way to progress says a lot about why you post here.
  7. I also want to take a moment to chuckle about the fact that you're still here saying what a scam this game is while also claiming firsthand knowledge of how easy it is to make this game, compared to other games about the development of which you evidently also have firsthand knowledge. Sorry for the double post, but the edit button isn't working? Just replaces all my text with "REQUIRED" in red letters. -shrug-
  8. Seeing a lot of people claiming that the game is in alpha right now. Not sure why it still needs to be done, but I want to point out the enormous and glaring differences between alpha and PRE-ALPHA, the latter of which is where the game currently resides. The kinds of latency issues we are seeing so much of are fairly common for half-finished and mostly-unoptimized test builds like the ones we get to play on, for reasons that more credentialled people than myself have already explained earlier in this thread, and are in no way indicative of the state of the actual combat itself. If you aren't clear on the difference between alpha and pre-alpha, check my signature. If you aren't clear on which of the two is an accurate representation of the game right now, please don't share that information around without verifying it first. o_o tl;dr: the game is NOT in alpha yet, and combat has moved away entirely from root motion into a much more modern-feeling fast-paced style that feels much better and will be much more enjoyable once the game actually IS in alpha.
  9. That this forum probably has the best profanity filter I've seen? xD Not because it catches the most stuff or anything. Just on the pure metric of how often I laugh when I see what it did to my posts.
  10. I mean, it isn't what I typed, so I laughed also. xD Another one for the censor. ^^-b
  11. you may be right and you may be wrong, as might I. all I know for sure is that I've seen a lot of speculation about "why would I bother hiring help? my hooligan is huge--I can do it all!" Meanwhile, I think you're probably right that this will happen anyway, but I did say it would *encourage* them to hire protection, not that that sole feature would singlehandedly cause them to. There will be people who don't care enough to bother no matter what is done to encourage that behavior, whether or not it winds up being necessary. But as you say, time will tell. Edit - side note: though actually, your proposal of using harvesting time to scan the area and plan next move seems neat. I could get behind something like that.
  12. I didn't read pages 2+, so if I missed anything there, oops. Got to agree with Avloren and others - I would like to be able to press F once and wait, either until the node is gone, my stamina runs out, or I actively cancel by moving. I also *don't* think harvesters should be able to move the camera, as much as I habitually try to, and I have no feelings one way or the other on optional minigames. I'll go one step further than Avloren's justifications, however. Ease of use, sure. Socialization, sure. But there's at least one more component that is arguably unique to this game - the vulnerability that is inherent in not being able to scan your surroundings while harvesting will encourage harvesters to hire protection, which will further contribute to not only the social aspect of the game but the functional viability of both the market and also of pure combat roles in the early stages of the game and the early stages of new campaigns.
  13. He is the man, the myth, the legend. I am definitely for sure the only one who has said that. Ever.
  14. That's how it worked in Shadowbane. Aracroix had wings by default, while vampires could unlock flight by equipping a specific discipline rune. I don't remember if anyone else could fly, but I don't think so? But since races and archetypes are inextricably linked in this game, even that might be a bit limited. Maybe assassins are the only ones with wings, but they could add in gliders or parachutes. Dunno.
  15. THIS is the problem. THIS is the "wrong mentality" I'm talking about. Number one item on your own list. You are logging on to PLAY. Devs were pretty clear from the start and every test session since. This is NOT the game. If you log in looking to play the game and have fun and not have poorly made socks go catastrophically sideways without warning, you're gonna have a bad time. You need to mentally adjust away from the expectation of an uninterrupted play experience, because you won't have one. This is straight from the mouths of the dev team, and they have not made a secret of it, because that's just the reality of pre-alpha testing. If you still insist after being told this many times by people who aren't me that I am making a fallacious claim, then maybe you should re-evaluate your priorities. Not everyone is cut out to be a game tester. Just accept that fact and move on. The game - the GAME - will be out later. Come back then if you're so fed up. This is not me saying "your problems are unimportant and should be ignored," but me saying "your problems are totally normal for this point in development and not going away any *faster* because you point them out to the developers 19 times in one thread." We have too many armchair developers and not enough testers.