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  1. Only prelate I ever played was my guild's centaur template, and it was OP as custard. I also never played a dorf, so honestly not sure what their upside was. Anyway, anyone who can get away with being a pantsless priest is better by default. Edit: this logic makes hamster clerics the metagame pick.
  2. Alright, awesome. I just started watching the August 15th not-live-anymore stream, but I don't think I'll have time to finish it even if it happens to be the one where that question is answered, so I appreciate the reply.
  3. Bah. My guild had a centaur prelate build in Shadowbane that I really liked, and now I want to remake it in spirit. -shakes fist- Curse you, developers, giving me more things that I want to do with your game! With my OXO Good Grips cheese knife, I stab at thee!
  4. So..maybe this was answered elsewhere, but I haven't been keeping up and don't really have time to do so now. I see that the bloodline passives are listed as disciplines here, but do those racial bonuses actually require that you craft and slot the discipline like the rest, or is the racial inherent to any vessel you craft just for being that race? I assume the powers granted by the bloodline still have to be slotted in their appropriate power bars to actually be used, but this detail I'm a bit less clear on.
  5. Man, where was this video when people in the Discord were giving me poorly made socks for suggesting that gryphons had ever been announced? Don't answer that: obviously, it was on YouTube, like it has been for two years. Rabble rabble rabble.
  6. 10/10 this thread. pink drink and garbage wings. ^^-b
  7. If this is referring to Crowfall, then that's true *right now,* but early access copies that come with a month of VIP also cost $20 more than the launch price. Looking forward, I see no reason to expect this to remain the case. Edit: that said, it might go a long way toward rectifying the issue if they decide to keep it that way.
  8. I know about PLEX. But the gap between you and someone who has always had VIP will remain insurmountable if you get VIP later, regardless of whether or not you paid cash for it. My issue isn't about whether this gives a measurable advantage to players who pay cash money for their VIP service - my issue is that this change makes the game worse for non-VIP players in a particularly stupid way. What I said about the difference eventually being negligible for EVE largely holds true here - diminishing returns by way of time mean that eventually the difference won't be a big deal. But EVE had already passed that point when they launched PLEX, while Crowfall will have this potential for disparity from day one. Additionally, it is actively removing something that non-VIP players previously had - the ability to sleep for 8 hours without losing progression - and replacing it with nothing. That is a bad change. Full stop, no further comparisons or context needed. Edit: also, to reiterate, PLEX was introduced as a way to keep your subscription active. Because EVE was a subscription game, not B2P. Not a clean comparison, really. We aren't talking about being able to keep your sub active through in-game means, we're talking about being able to afford to stay on even footing with someone else in a game you have already paid full sticker price for.
  9. I agree with Todd here, and actually don't think this change is pay to win. I just think it's a dangerous and counterproductive step away from their previous stated goals. The reasons why have been elaborated on above - this system doesn't just give a speed boost to training for VIPs the way Tinnis's examples do - it changes the fundamental way that skill training works for a VIP versus a non-VIP, and it does so in a way that generates a permanent and insurmountable disparity between two players with a full time job and a healthy sleep schedule. This doesn't impact me at all - I study and work from home and can afford to pay $15 a month for the convenience of not having to log on every 3 to 14 hours or lose pace with every VIP or player with more time to play. But the point is that not being able to log on according to an arbitrary schedule OR being unable/unwilling to pay $15 a month shouldn't cost you the ability to EVER be on a level playing field with someone who has those options. The closest match to these problems is EVE, where arguably a buff to training times was a big advantage. But it wasn't insurmountable - you could buy boosters to catch up and there was a point at which the advantages you gained over someone else became negligible, and most importantly, regardless of your premium or not status, you were beholden to all the same rules for how skill training operated. Premium EVE players didn't pay for the privilege of not having to log in as often to maintain their spreadsheets. Edit: also, EVE isn't really a great comparison because until it went F2P it was a subscription-based game, so that monthly fee wasn't optional and the playing field was artificially level. If you quit a game, you shouldn't expect your progression to keep pace with active players, but if you are an active player and the monthly fee is OPTIONAL, that changes the topography of the debate a bit. That said, as has been stated above, some people will never be happy. I don't think this change is the end of the world, but it is a crap change. Even if you entirely disregard any difference between VIP and non-VIP players, it makes the game less fun for non-VIP players to play. That's a bad change, full stop. Edit: also, I chuckled a bit at Tinnis's inclusion of ESO on that list. In ESO, a week of grinding will have a new character at level cap with every skill tree maxed out because it's 100% active training. The only benefits to ESO+ are that you get $15 worth of store credit every time you spend $15 for a month of ESO+, it unlocks all the DLCs (though you can also buy them with the store credit it gives you after a few months), and it gives you an infinite crafting bag. So..after about 6 months, you can buy all the DLCs without having to spend a dime on anything but ESO+ and decide whether you think the crafting bag is worth $15.
  10. According to my browser history, that's the exact term I did search for. I don't see the article you linked in the first two pages, but I see that I skipped over a couple of clickbait-looking articles because...what you said. lol. Apparently Google treats us differently. Hence my asking. Reading link now. Edit: Two of the games on that list launched as promised - one was a flop and the other was actually a commercial success, just PewDiePie didn't like it. Two more of the games are still in development, which I get can seem like a problem, but is actually SOP and nothing to do with Kickstarter at all. Of the remaining 11, I've never heard of 10 of them, and the one I have is a console. So while I guess I can agree that Kickstarter is a risky venture and investment and development aren't processes that the average gamer is familiar with, I don't agree that Crowfall is following the pattern that has caused those games to fail. In fact, if you follow along with the logic behind what got any of those 15 Kickstarters on that list, it becomes clear that Crowfall has no place on it. Additionally, as has been pointed out before, if there were any reason for concern over the financials, the backers who are also shareholders would no doubt come forward. They aren't exactly shy with their criticisms, but they have enough faith in the development team to have backed AND invested in their project.
  11. I see this specific argument come up a lot, but I'm not personally aware of any high-profile projects where this actually happened, unless by "failed to deliver" you mean "the game sucked." I generally don't trust anecdotal evidence, so I was wondering if you had any examples. Just to satisfy my own curiosity - I'm not accusing you of making a fallacious argument or anything, I just don't even know what search terms to look for to find this out and if you know of some projects I could look up to save time, that would be helpful.
  12. Sorry, guess that wasn't very clear. I was explaining how your comments came across to me, not trying to tell you what you had actually been trying to say.
  13. This is a straw man. Edit: best case, this is a straw man. Either that or a non sequitur. Either way, my answer is "o_O"
  14. You may not have noticed that, despite your inflammatory tone, I'm not trying to get you to stop participating, just to understand what your point is. It was not clearly stated where you were coming from or what the stakes in this discussion were for you, and your posts mostly came off as trying to shut down the people who were disagreeing with you. Since that runs counter to a productive discussion for exactly the reasons you described here, I'm trying to reach a common ground with you so that we can all discuss the same thing at the same time and stop bickering and sniping. I now understand what your position is a little bit better, though I'm still confused about where the stakes are for you, but I don't have to understand every facet of your position unless I'm trying to actively refute it. But make no mistake, this IS a debate. Whether or not anyone can "win" isn't relevant - it is a discussion about a subject with two or more opposing sides, which makes it a non-imaginary debate. People are arguing for the merits of their proposals, but you seem to be the most vocal that those who disagree with you should stop typing, or claiming that people should stop arguing because there isn't an argument happening at all.
  15. Trying to delete because I merged with post above. confusion ensued. Edit: THIS is why I sometimes post consecutive strings of posts. If a mod can remove this, that'd be awesome. Or else I'll un-merge the posts, I guess?