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  1. Herzlich Willkommen
  2. Thanks, we'll look into it
  3. Aside from the pre-alpha/post-alpha banter going on here, I'd like to go back to the inicial question - a timeline for crowfalls development. As some may already now, @bluemotion put a pretty nice timeline for the german community together. When we noticed the good feedback, we decided to look a bit over our own plate & make a translated version, so everyone can enjoy. You can find the timeline here, it should automaticly display in english if your PC's language is English (US) - otherwise it will be german. I'll hassle our technical team to add a "change language" button or something similar as soon as possible If you have any concerns, found a translation error OR want to contribute with a translation to your own native language, go ahead and comment or message @bluemotion, @CFC_Shiro or myself Hope you like it!
  4. Das macht gar nichts, das erklären wir dir alles noch Wenn du bei Order bist gibt dir das die Möglichkeit dich gegen uns im PvP auszuprobieren, da das CFC weiterhin Chaos verbreitet. Mehr oder minder.
  5. You could have wrote the whole second part without the first one, it would have sounded so much more nice and friendly It would have probably even brought me to actually debate with you. So I'll just pretent to ignore it. Yes, I see your point. Castles make the kingdom,no wait. People do. Still, we will have castles serving their actual purpose, as the same walls and structures you can build in the EKs will make an appearance in the CWs as well (whereas taverns & workshops will actually appear in the EKs - as far as I last heard they were very much planned to be by the devs). And in the CWs is where we'll have throne wars. Why struggle to replicate exactly the same thing we'll already have? I'm seriously perplexed by this, you know. Why is it so important for pvp'lers to have their style of gaming in every aspect of a game? O.o Why can't you just say: oh, we've got those nice CWs, so many of them, with different rulesets and people to fight with who actually want to fight as well! Instead what happens is: oh, there's a part of this game - which I could just ignore because I think it's boring anyway - but no, let's baptise it, because everything is gonna be better with a healthy dose of pvp! Jop, sounds like a totally good argument. I know this game is called a Throne War Simulator. We'll have that, plenty. I know it's lauded as one of THE big hopes for all pvp'lers out there. But imagine - there's also a group of people looking forward not only to the pvp, put to the other stuff as well. In combination. There's so many facets to this game. And I actually think the devs intendet it just like that. As I mentioned in my first post, it gives us all different choices. I'd just like to see people respecting those.
  6. Your the fifth-or-something player making this kind of suggestion. I'm not mean, it just overboiled. And you ignored my "Which is fine" I could additionally say that your writing style, differentiating "easily legoland-type kingdoms and kingdoms where some real gameplay is more likely to take place" is demeaning and speaks of a kinda arrogant worldview. Which I'll not do, so ignore the above. I can appreciate you saying that not all EKs should be ephemeral. But the way you are saying it paints EK-believers like teddybear cuddling, happily drool-smiling idiots who's only part time is to build lego-lands. It's the way you write that irks me, not your suggestion in itself
  7. Well, actually we will probably have the possibility to even enable structure damage, if it pleases the monarch/ lords of those parcels And that's basically it trismegistus: if you want to make your EK another CW.....go ahead. Nobody's gonna stop you. But do those players who are actually looking forward to have a peacful place to socialize the favor to NOT push yur wishes onto everyone else who maybe or maybe not shares them. Actually I think what makes CF great is that we have the choice. We can play however we like, without causing the other factions to much grieve by "stealing" assets that could have been used for them. We can bully the poorly made socks out of other players in the CWs. We can have a peacful (and in someones eyes surely boring) life in the EKs. We can have both in one. We can organize structured tournaments in the EKs or go for rampant slaughter in the CW. Or we can build a political empire founded on both EK & CWs. Again - choice. And what I seriously, absolutly hate the most, is when somebody is saying that his point of view is the more rational, better or advanced one, thus trying to take away choices. Because it's not. It's just your point of view. Which is fine, btw. Just don't trample down on people who don't believe in EK's "providing no gameplay" - it might not in itself, but it offers plenty of opportunities for players to create gameplay. For example, to create an arena style clash of clans setting with their own rules. tl;dr sounds like a nice idea, looking forward to you setting up an EK where people can find this kind of event ^^
  8. I can just see it before my inner eye: a Myrm, breaching the river, and on his arms, his horns, his back - a whirling group of Guineceans tries to stay clear of the water xD No but seriously. Nice idea Now Imagine if we could place, let's say, furniture everywhere we want. Take a river, place chairs in such a way that only the tips show above the water, and voila, you have an almost unnoticable bridge, which enables people who know about it to pass the river speedily. One of the oldest, but I'd say nicest tactical tricks in history ^^ Generally speaking I'll support every idea that would benefit tacticians versus simple zerging in this game
  9. There's been a lot of Posts regarding this topic, and there's already a ton of sheets around. I'd like to point you especially to this thread, and if you need an overview sheet, go ahead and use this, with good wishes from the CFC and all other groups and people who worked on this
  10. Um....this would mean we have to stand inside the keep.....which effectifely means we do nothing? Seems a bit boring....
  11. I'm all for it. Besides being a RL-Bard, kinda, I'd really love to see something like this ingame!
  12. Nice idea, though I think the cliff is already announced: Parcel Province Mountain Rank 2 It's for a stronghold, but there should be no problem just bringing a smaler version in Would like to see those parcels giving people tactical options & advantages!
  13. Dear Urahara, please do me the favor and refrain from posting the same thing in every post you visit. People have read it the first time, maybe up to the third. It won't get better even if you write it one thousand times. Thank you As to the party: I'd love to have another meeting, this time with actual mingling between the groups! I mean, CFC & Caldera have some sort of history-building going on now, we should definitly meet up sometime. And I guess with some more european guilds & players it would be a fun group altogether. Maybe we can organize one on our own, even if ACE cannot attend? Shouldn't be that hard to all meet up for gamescom or something.
  14. If arena-smashing is not your favorite type of game, you're actually quite lucky you've come in this stage of the game - hunger dome was far more arena'ish There are no different game modes, if you mean single player/online by that. There are different server types, pvp and one pve server. As a newbie I'd advise you to start out on the pve server and first learn your basic crafting - otherwise you will be smashed good without any weapon or armor. If you need help figuring out how everything works, just ask for help in the chat. there's normally someone around who can help And another tip: don't go out alone, take friends with you. Seriously. It's a pvp, team based game. And if you go out alone, you'll be smashed by those pesky 5ppl groups roving the countryside ^^