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  1. Templar Tanking Very happy with the survivability of this archetype. We are hard to kill but not impossible to kill. It mostly comes down to mistakes by the player whether you live or die. Combat My biggest issue is combat abilities missing their target. The charge misses a good percentage of the time. On my screen I will land face to face with my opponent and it will miss. Charge still has terrain problems when trying to leap up a hill or down a hill. Parry misses a lot of times. I think we either have a hit FOV issue or a range issue. Part of this could be server performance related. I dont expect to hit someone with this ability when they are a few yards away. But when they are on top of me and it misses its very frustrating. The majority of fights I lose very badly are the ones where my abilities are missing. In smaller battles we are still very much pip starved. I feel like you need to take one of our abilities off the pip system and tie it to something else. Taking the parry off pips and tying it to stamina would be nice (like Knights block). I'd trade that for a nerf somewhere else. There are times in 4v4 I'm running around not able to hit anything even with basic attacks and i cannot generate pips. It should be a chore to generate pips. Healing I currently feel like the 5 ability has no use and has too much opportunity cost for what is gained. Animation Weapon out run animation looks a tad wonky. It has a running waddle look to it. Mining Bring back rank 7 and 8 nodes. Maybe even put rank 9's and 10's in the game to encourage group farming. Other gathering skills Please put blue leather back in the game. It is currently very frustrating to know that white leather can downgrade my excellently rolled blue item. You want us to come test your game then please reward my many hours spent farming by giving me the opportunity to farm higher grade leather. I have a feeling this is falling on deaf ears but you have people who have spent their entire test to gathering and crafting skills. We are a minority and issues like these get overlooked. Myrmidon One of my guild officers requested that i personally ask you to nerf the poorly made socks out of this archetype. @angelmar last request is a joke
  2. Skill Tree's: I don't like that mining pick damage has been moved to a basic skill. What is the point of having it if everybody needs to train it? I much preferred it off in the advanced tree so I had to pick between that or training one of the other ore skills. Templar: This is what I plan to main come live. When you train the healing skill the 4 skill gives a HUGE increase to healing. Not sure if this is a bug or if this is intended. But I feel like this heals too much. Damage on the 4 was nerfed too much and has made it useless. My number one gripe about the templar is its hit range and/or hit box is too small. Sometimes I'm not hitting anything point at point blank range and it is very frustrating. I also landed my charge several times with and it never stunned the target (target was not invuln). Build World: This world was very laggy due to all the buildings. I have a fairly good video card (980ti) and my fps would drop by half or more. I can only imagine what is happening to some of the lower end cards. Leather: Please put a way for us to get blue leather. It feels like an absolute waste to go out and farm other materials only to have our items downgraded by crap leather. Motherloads: Was not able to damage one at all with a +60 pick and another person hitting it.
  3. I still think 2 full trains is way off track compared to their goals. I think there needs to be a compromise. 1 full train. Then 1 train where the time to train is increased by 75 percent. So if that skill takes 8 days on a normal train, it would take 14 days on your 2nd increased time train. This gives people the option to go in two different directions. But it doesn't give them the ability to keep up with the person who decided to focus their training in a specific area. An ore miner should be rewarded for focusing in only ore mining.
  4. My kill on site list consists of: Phylor Angelmar Coolwaters Jah Damebix Daworf baconbaconbaconbacon < -- This one is a real bastard. Beware!
  5. I disagree. I'm trained pretty far in the Iron branch and there is no way I can keep up with the demand of weapons we currently need. Once they make armor useful it will be even worse.
  6. Streaming right now
  7. If they do server caps they need to allow some leeway for people who's guilds join that server at launch. I shouldn't have to take off work to make sure I get in. If you have a sizeable guild then everybody in that guild should be allowed to join at their leisure. I wouldn't stand for any shenanigans trying to artificially meet the cap to stop a rivals members from joining. The simple solution is a guild leader can reserve a spot for members of a guild. When you log on you can choose to accept the invitation.
  8. I personally do not think alts will be necessary. I'll just be sticking to my 1 account.
  9. facerip Did you show the one where you and I were standing around the houses and I jumped in the air to let you know I didn't want to fight. Then you attacked me anyways and i layeth the smacketh down on your candy@ss? Pro Tip: Don't chase a Knight into a house as a confessor.... twice! All in good fun
  10. I'm testing it currently
  11. Respeccing in the cash shop is a pay2win aspect and it wouldn't be hard to make that case. I don't think they will do it.
  12. It depends on what you can do with EK resources. I could make the assumption those resources will allow you to build things for your EK. If that is so I'll probably spend a lot of time farming. The EK will be a good distraction when nothing is going on in the dregs.
  13. In theory there is an unlimited amount of items you could make. I wouldn't expect a robust system at launch but sky is pretty much the limit. Vanity items are a big money sink (in game money) and help keep an economy flowing.
  14. Its still there. Its at 669k https://equity.indiegogo.com/offerings/artcraft-entertainment/