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  1. Coolwaters and I rarely saw eye to eye when it came to opinions about Crowfall. We often bickered in teamspeak or discord and said mean things to each other. Even if we had a bitter fight, he was the type of guy who did not hold on to grudges. His ability to move on was one of qualities about him that always stood out, and I wish I could be more like him in that respect. I haven't been with Winterblades very long compared to some members. The one thing I'm starting to understand is how much he meant to Winterblades. He really is the heart and soul of our guild. If there was a fight breaking out on the forums you could almost guarantee he would be right in the thick of it. He always had an opinion and he was unapologetic about the way he felt. He loved this game, he loved his guild and most of all he loved this community. My condolences to his family and to his friends Yoink, Angelmar, Damebix, Remlap and the many other names I'm missing. His presence will be greatly missed.
  2. Had a bug where I traded some slag ore with my alt account and the after the trade completed it ended up in a stack of 70.
  3. If you hold down W and start running then hold space bar and start jumping down a hill you still start jumping pretty high. As long as you keep those two buttons pressed and you are out of combat you can easily jump on top of a house. This could possibly be used to jump high walls that you arent suppose to be able to get over. To the other players it looks like you are rubber banding. Had others in my guild and they were able to replicate.
  4. Yeah we noticed that as well. But does the local bank wipe with the map? The local bank also shows import/export numbers. Will those function at some point or is that just something that needs to be removed?
  5. @jtoddcoleman EK's are working now. My EK still has a 12 cap. Also you might want to consider raiding the import / export limit until we can get this stable. We are getting a lot of people not banking and then the servers get wiped and we have to spend a considerable amount of time making worthless slag stuff. Its burning people out.
  6. Jah's kingdom showed the pop cap increase but he could not launch. Destrin also said he could not launch.
  7. Getting message "SORRY" "Your Kingdom couldn't launch right now. Internal Timeout" My kingdom was also one of the ones selected in the thread found on the ACE partner forums.
  8. I think they'll add support. Additionally when it becomes an actual game hopefully support will be added within the controllers software. Kind of how Nvidia shadowplay doesn't see crowfall as a game by default.
  9. An opinion does not shield you from being told you are ignorant to a fact.
  10. I am not at liberty to discuss. They have talked about controller support in their videos and it is something they are keeping in mind.
  11. You don’t know what you are talking about.
  12. How dare you tell him how to play.
  13. You should pm @VIKINGNAIL He has some incredible insight on the game and might be able to get you in touch with the niche community you are looking for. Sorry you were treated poorly here. People like Sirgeorge don’t mean any ill will towards you He has an issue and it’s not entirely his fault. On behalf of the 4th best guild in the game (Sugoi) I would like to extend an apology.