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  1. This has already been discussed multiple times. Its an issue that will be addressed later down the road.
  2. We used all legendary material. I think base stats for quality should go up for each level of quality. Meaning when you make a blue and purple hilt the blue might be -.110 PCM and the purple would be -.115PCM. The gap might even need to be smaller since the number can change quite a bit on a good roll. It should also change the base damage.
  3. We didn't get great rolls on this. We had a goal to craft a legendary weapon and we attained that goal. We believe it to be the first player craft legendary. Jah and Gradishar spent a lot of time over the last few weeks helping with this effort. They along with other Winterblades members deserve a lot of the credit for getting this done.
  4. Stuck with bad weapons? Buy Tark & Wesson (Membership required)
  5. Yeah that is what I thought might be going on as well. Would you agree from the way Blair described it that it should roll each one independently?
  6. 10 is the stat sheet cap. Haven't confirmed if it can surpass the stat sheet cap. When I crit my crit amounts are all the same color. Yet I could have sworn blair said they are supposed to be rolled independently of each other. So if my crit amount is 9 and i hit a purple i will get 9 purples. This has happened too many times so I'm not sure what is going on behind the scenes. Either way I'm rolling in blues and purples. At this juncture its way too many. That opinion might change once more crafting gets put into the game and you have to spread out your materials more. Did a wood session and ended up with 182 blue 29 purple in 48 minutes. Purple came out lower than usual but that is most likely just bad luck on RNG.
  7. Not sure in a row is the right word. It was 9 from one node on the final hit. I wasn't there so I don't have a video of it.
  8. He touched on some points in the ACE forum. We didn't get into intricate detail other than they've done simulations and the results come out as expected. But I suspect that maybe there is a lack of understanding on how tricky RNG really is. Its a you don't know because you dont know kinda thing. You can't recognize that there might be an issue because you lack the understanding to identify it. Of course he might understand it just fine and I'm an idiot. Very real possibility.
  9. We had 9 legendaries drop from one node. Unless someone smarter can explain it to me how can 9 out of our 10 crit amount rolls hit legendary when the chance of that happening is only 2%? I tried to engage Blair on how the system does RNG and how it seems to follow a pattern and it gets gets stuck. He didn't seem to think there was anything wrong.
  10. Perhaps, but at the same time its probably more likely that you said node, Blair saw node, and therefore he responded to node. The "cheap point" is conjecture at best and I haven't seen a pattern of behavior from Blair to even entertain that idea. You weren't the only one in that thread coming up with unlikely scenario's.
  11. Why did you guys address the Orb crafting bug? Aren't weapons kinda important to game play?
  12. Are you going to do encumbrance like they did in SWG?
  13. FF could work due to the fact that intuition belongs to positive observations Orderliness gives rise to sub empirical mortality and if ACE holds that to be true then they should let it rip once the servers go live with 24/7 testing. The future self interacts with reckless belonging. I believe the issue of friendly fire hinges on the fact that interdependence is rooted in irrational experiences The secret of the friendly fire shapes subtle external reality. If there are not enough players to justify it then that they should just get rid of it completely and not even think of it until launch. When talking about this with my good buddy @Jah he made a good point saying "Perceptual reality is mirrored in the expansion of possibilities". The dregs could have both a hardcore rule-set and then a slightly softer rule-set. Because you know what they say, "The mind fascinates mortal acceptance".