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  1. Crowfall's combat is definitely spammy. But tbh that doesn't bother me so much. Also I think more strict resource management requirements will make people have to think a little more before spamming away (hopefuly). Like the new fessor mana management for example.
  2. I agree with OP. Easy to gain, easy to lose sounds like a good system to me. The crafting system can remain deep and complex, just require less mats per piece of gear. The devs keep saying factories and thralls will change everything, so I'm waiting on those systems before I make my final judgment. Also I would add, another thing to learn from Albion: please don't have crap server performance. I've seen some horror videos on YT that made me want to stay the hell away from that game
  3. @SoberSoul told me about Gigantic and I'm having a blast with it. It's obscenely fun, fast paced action combat. Finally something outside of the box within the MOBA genre. You can download and play it for free too.
  4. I'll check it out this weekend. It's so hard to find any information about this game online, what is it about? Sounds (and looks) like a Skyrim online kinda thing. How many players per server?
  5. I agree, I would really like if a support build remained viable for templar. Artificially increasing druid and cleric's SP by thousands just shuts that door for templar. I hope a final solution to the support issue takes into account that templar is another class with healing powers in his base kit.
  6. To be fair pretty soon everyone and their dog will have that same AoE root once Arcane Archer is implemented. EDIT: I still think buffing aurora emitter is the way to go. Give druid the unique role of stack buster, would fix both staff as well as scim druid. Give them unique utility and a reason to be picked.
  7. Holy crap, that base kit looks so strong! Druid will need some love after this, or anytime a support player says he'll play Druid he'll get lynched by his team
  8. "I need healing!" "Save me!" -- So, who wants to play support today?! *crickets chirp*
  9. The only thing I took from this stream is that cleric has OP blocking and throws hammers around like Thor. H Y P E
  10. It was very fun! Thanks for organizing it Orleans! And srathor for playing the hostage. That RP walk...
  11. No new updates in a while, so we're just taking it easy until Campaign Worlds kick in. Decided to try out templar for the first time this weekend. The servers were pretty empty for the most part, but here's a couple videos: 1) First time templar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsqwknNOD0M&t=2s 2) Capture the hostage event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS1hr6rNn0s
  12. Orleans's capture the flag event ended up turning into a capture the Srathor event. Both enemy teams had to find and then "tag" Srathor (by either bringing him to half health then invite him to your team, or by killing his designated bodyguard then invite him to your team); afterwards you had to escort him to your keep (each team had a different keep assigned to them) as he RP-walked his way to safety. It was great fun, thanks everyone who participated: Sugoi, UDL, Orleans, Ekso, Sl33perkeeper and I might be forgetting someone ... here's my templar POV from just a couple of the matches we played (video would be too long if I showed everything):
  13. Just to add a bit of perspective into those examples, GW2 and EVE are F2P whereas ESO and Albion are B2P. EVE and GW2 both seem to have a F2P version of the game that is an incomplete "free trial" kind of thing. It's not the full game, you are severely limited. Can't really do everything sub players can. ESO is probably the best optional sub model I've ever seen. The 10% xp and gold boost is pretty minimal, specially considering reaching level cap isn't that hard and you can craft or acquire xp boost items in game anyways. Also in ESO you don't have access to DLC as a B2P (unless you purchase them separetely), but there is absolutely nothing gated behind DLC in terms of gear, levels of power. So a sub player and a B2P player in pvp (or competitive pve) are always on equal terms. Albion I never played and have no clue about it. But from what you showed me that sub advantage seems pretty extreme lol.