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  1. tested EK stuff today. Worked. However, when I planted buildings, the trees didnt dissolve, they were in the building. When I planted walls, the trees vanished. With buildings, trees stayed. That was weird. Plus, dunno if you implemented new recipes or my training unlocked new ones... Seems like I need large amounts of unobtainium for parcels (plus large amount of 'premium ressources' which will exist in CWs so are no problem). what does one need to do to gather unobtainium? is this somewhere locked in passive training? didnt find it anywhere. besides unobtainium, i guess i know how to craft parcels now *happy*
  2. Yea, skill based crafting would have been nice. However, it seems the only skills one needs for crafting is patience for passive skills to rise, luck for experimentation and some knowledge about which material gives which bonusses. Only the last point is interesting, I'd prefer to get rid of the first two. Seems like waiting for CoE and what they do as they target skill based crafting.
  3. Imo, they should speed up passive training by factor 10 or 100 for testing. Otherwise, there are just things that wont be tested.
  4. Sad but true. Parts of me giggled as you wrote funny, parts got depressed because its so true... If there was the option to highlight a post per week to make a dev think about it, this one would be it for me.
  5. So then, choices are only relevant for fighters? Soo cool...
  6. Soo... after some weeks i finally reached a point in the skilltrees, where I realize that I cannot train the final trait because I just unlocked one path there and not every single path... If everyone needs to train every single trait in a traittree to unlock the final trait and therefore the following traittrees... Then where do decisions matter and where is diversity? If this stays as is, training might as well be completely linear within each traittree.
  7. Login each two days from day one for passive training, then after a month or two, I will start to play, if the way crafting and harvesting is stays till release. Then play for some month, find out that it will be an annoying grind to get anything done in my eternal kingdom and be happy about CoE getting released some months later.
  8. I'm pretty sure the design philosophy has nothing against jacks of all trades as long as they are masters of none. Decisions should matter good groups will clearly prefer 5 masters in their field over 5 jacks of all trades where none of them is able to produce anything really good. so for everyone interested in groupplay, it should be much better to train something as masterful as possible. however, there will always be solo-players, no matter how bad their playstyle fits into this game. For a solo-player, training everything and being able to do everything (even if bad) is clearly better than being able to craft the best weapons, but being naked and starving.
  9. Okay, the relative power gap is not. The absolute power gap is. As soon as the first player is done with the first tree and starts a new one, which second player wants to train too, the exact same thing happens. they dont come nearer which they would if they trained the same thing forever, they always have the same absolute power gap (which raises whenever player1 starts a new tree and then slowly gets smaller until player one starts the next tree), if they train the same skills.
  10. and if you wait a bit longer, until they reach the top of the skilltree and start a new tree, the power gap is the same like in the beginning this only works for skills that have endless training time and always get better.
  11. Concerning the "While there is an advantage in this system to starting earlier, skill gain is set up on a diminishing results curve; it’s easier to gain the first 20% than it is to gain the last 2%" point: This would be kind of catch-up if it were real for the whole skilltree however, its not. its just real for each node. This is the fundamental problem. As long as I need to train every node until its full to get access to the next, there is no real DR in the training. The way the nodes themselves work now should be how the whole training trees work. I dont even see the point in having nodes with DR inside as long as everyone has to train the whole nodes to advance in the tree. If it has to be everything or nothing, then it can be linearly anyway. DR inside single traits only make sense if i can skip parts of every trait to get faster to the higher tiers.
  12. I vote for 9, 10 and 13 combined
  13. Just forget the whole idea of passive AT training and let every AT start with useful strength. It should be enough to have combat training or not or to have better equipment or not. AT training ist just too strong atm and if it got nerfed, which it should, it could just be deleted if it shouldnt have a strong effect. We dont need AT training for diversity. Thats what runes and disciplines etc are for. All AT training does is make newcomers weak.
  14. I just had a crash when exiting the game. At least, thats what the game told me. It also told me to send some files to the team. So where am I supposed to sent the crashfiles to?
  15. In this test, i tried ranger and confessor for the first time. It is very annoying, that ranged skills dont arc and just shoot horizontally. You cant even shoot downhill or uphill, which should give you range advantage/disadvantage and makes fighting with even little amounts of height differences impossible. Plus, with hunter, disengage never put me in ranged tray and it was so slow that its not viable to be used. better just dash back and run. feels like with the speed of disengage, the enemy could just run with normal running speed and stand in front of me directly after again. so whats the skill good for then? I could not find any creatures to test skills on in PvE world (not the builder one) and the lag was really annoying. Half time i moved, latency juped up to 10k from 300 (playing in EU, server in Singapore), which made me rubberband very much. Its just, that I want to understand how skills work in a safezone versus simple enemies instead of directly fighting other players that know it all and dont even allow me to check how things work as im dead before i can do anything.