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  1. In this test, i tried ranger and confessor for the first time. It is very annoying, that ranged skills dont arc and just shoot horizontally. You cant even shoot downhill or uphill, which should give you range advantage/disadvantage and makes fighting with even little amounts of height differences impossible. Plus, with hunter, disengage never put me in ranged tray and it was so slow that its not viable to be used. better just dash back and run. feels like with the speed of disengage, the enemy could just run with normal running speed and stand in front of me directly after again. so whats the skill good for then? I could not find any creatures to test skills on in PvE world (not the builder one) and the lag was really annoying. Half time i moved, latency juped up to 10k from 300 (playing in EU, server in Singapore), which made me rubberband very much. Its just, that I want to understand how skills work in a safezone versus simple enemies instead of directly fighting other players that know it all and dont even allow me to check how things work as im dead before i can do anything.
  2. I had some first tries with testing this weekend... My impressions so far: I dont like combat (but that doesnt matter as I'm not here for combat and combat wont change to something I'd like anyway). I like the music. Performance was okay. Crafting seems cool, but times to get skills via passive leveling are really boringly slow. Seems like it takes months until one can craft something useful besides just basic stuff. Basic stuff works fine though. Will there be a betaround where passive skilling is MUCH faster to see how things work with many unlocked traits? Gathering was kinda fine with all pots active at least, but for example recipes and stuff like that need to be unlocked with training, which is veeeery slow and cant be sped up, which is a big dislike from me. Is there some kind of preview which recipes get unlocked if trained? and how does one get more parcels? doesnt seem like parcels can be crafted, so those are purely rewards in campaigns and storebought?
  3. hmm... thats weird... i found like 300 nodes for copperstone, but none for slag ore... looked at every stone that i came across. are those ore nodes hidden somewhere? in a mine or have people built their fortresses around them? pve server was quite full with fortresses
  4. Hi everyone. I was invited to testing today and got a first sight at it. I was able to gather some wood and stones and craft basic weapons and crafting items. However, nowhere in the world I could find any ore deposits (PvE-world) and I wasnt able to leave feedback in the testing forum part. Is this WAI that there is no ore in PVE world? Will I just need to wait some time until I am able to post in testers forums? Whenever I found a boar and killed it, after the fight I had less health than before (i guess this is WAI as a noob melee fighter without armor, tried templar), however, it seemed like there was no reliable way to regen health in any way that makes it fun to fight... campfire regged nearly nothing (there was a note that i was infight on the screen on the right but no hint how to get outfight) and normal regen needed sooo long for me to recover... is there a way to leave fight to regg much faster? or are there areas that give health? or is it just better to play a ranged class and kite or play druid to be able to heal between fights?
  5. the best way to discourage multiaccounting it rewarding playtime. you cant really play all those accounts with different playstyles at the same time, while doing something that increases their skills.
  6. I like it. Please show as little information about the target as possible. No healthbar, no name, no faction. If someone wants to show his faction, he can always wear a uniform. And maybe, If you know someone very well or are in his group, you might get further information. But if you see someone for the first time, you should know nothing about him. Sounds like CoE somehow. But would be great in CF, too.
  7. CoE stops this issue by just resetting everyone every year. But I dont see this work with the idea of Crowfall^^ So yea, I guess, one day in the far future, if the game is still running and healthy, there will be crafters that just craft everything and no one else will be needed anymore as long as enough ressources are available or crafting takes huge amounts of time (which it does not look like actually as you can let thralls do the mass production which should be the most time consuming thing). If crafting was a full-time-job, which it is irl, that alone would stop one player from crafting everything for everyone. But players tend to call that 'not fun' and want to play a game and just play it and not craft the whole day. To me, it would be fine, if crafting took the whole day. I'm here for crafting anyway and not for the fighting part.
  8. seems like a good choice for gathering then^^
  9. i thought, we could gather everything in EK, but just Tier 1, where in CWs there would be Tier2 in outer rings and maximum Tier in Dregs...
  10. two things, RNG in lotro and how alts render crafting mains useless: the last first as its not offtopic: one alt account does not render crafting for everyone useless. one alt account per person in a guild does. you need lots of ressources to craft, therefore obviously you need people that actively play their harvesters (call them main or hybrid, whatever you like). crafter accounts only need to login when there is a need to craft something. if in your guild everyone mains his combat account and 20 people have one second account each and plan what they do, then they just need to change accounts in a small amount of time to craft. There is no reason to be online large amounts of times with a crafting account, which is what i call maining a crafting account. which is useless if an alt account has the exact same skills. its not about one person having one alt acc for crafting. its about crafting on secondary accounts having NO disadvantage and therefore NO profit of maining a crafter. ACE told us that crowfall will have dedicated crafters. i and many others would like to be one. i dont see how that gives me any advantage over a secondary account that only logs in when there is a need for crafting. not one. nothing. now it gets offtopic, RNG in lotro: lotro has a crafting system which for many recipes allows crits. the result of a crit is either multiple versions of the same item or a better item (depends on recipe). the critchance is quite high. every profession that produces usable items can have a critchance of over 70% on those. thats very high, which makes it very easy to critcraft which makes noncritted items worthless and no one cares about them. noncrit -> vendortrash. you can get 100% critchance scrolls in the shop if you want to ensure crits and there is guild crafting that allows 100% critical results with a weekly cooldown. so yes, crafting has RNG, but its small as the chance to get the best possible result is very high. RNG in combat: there are critical chances for skills. critchance is capped on 25-32.5% depending on class. the needed rating (itemstuff) to reach the critcap is VERY low, so everyone that knows about the gamesystems has crit capped. There are classes that have higher and lower critical damage multiplicators and there are classes that need crits to use skills or regen their skillressources and there are classes that need crits to get proccs for buffs that you want in your group. Now, enemies have avoidance, which you can bypass with another stat called finesse, but they also have partial avoidance against which you cant do much. partially avoided attacks cant be crits and the partial avoidance chance was raised pretty much recently (especially in harder instances). this nearly destroys all classes that rely on crits to perform well and doesnt affect other classes at all or only lowers their damage a bit. everyone has the maximum critical chance, but some classes (healers, tanks, tactical damagedealers (no partial resistance, therefore not affected and with full critrate)) dont bother about crits where others (physical damagedealers) need them and dont get them due to other mechanics (partial avoidance) that stop crits from happening. this is a big balancing issue that lotro hasnt fixed yet. whenever turbine releases anything new, people usually like the quests and areas, but cry about just another RNG mechanism for gearing (crafting didnt get a real update for the last two years, there is no equipment via crafting for levelcap at all).
  11. If thats the case, then Crowfall fails to deliver what it told us to be. They actually invented the system to have dedicated crafters and dedicated fighters. If one part gets rendered useless due to multi accounting, then that should be looked at. which is all thats asked for.
  12. actually not tl, did read it all and it has some interesting points. sure, it totally matter what you are crafting. if you create iron weapons, you can smelt in failures, with steel that wont work. if you break wood as failure, obviously no reuse (besides filler material for walls or whatever, we could get filler stuff at each fail maybe). and sure, if i burn food, its of no use besides maybe filler material or feeding the pigs. maybe i just played too much of lotro to get to my RNG-hate as there, RNG is involved in every bad processes and in most nice processes rng is not or less involved. often, you get the feeling RNG is put in for the sake of it and things would work the same way without and RNG is just there to have gambling. like the new flowergathering... they invented a system where you gather flowers and change in for items. just that you dont need a certain amount of flowers (no rng), but you need a certain amount of phials and the phials are connected with flowers with RNG. would work exactly the same without RNG, but RNG is there. just for the sake of it. dont like that type. and sure, its still pre-alpha here. although i cannot agree on that if even beta testers get invited to the tests now. how long will they call it pre-alpha? 2 weeks of alpha followed with 2 weeks of beta before release, then release? i, personally would prefer the minigames. but yea, the forum has spoken clearly that those are disliked for Crowfall.
  13. and all those processes are of those kind that never fail if you just follow your recipe and know what you are doing. As long as ingredients are okay, there is nothing that will usually fail when producing bread, if you are a baker/know how to do it. there are many ways to mess up with it, if you dont know what to do. but if you do, there is a near 100% chance to succeed. most times you actually fail producing something eatable is when you try to produce something new and do research. those products differ a lot in quality. but those you have mastered are no problem and if you give the recipe to anyone else, he has no problem to reproduce it (if he knows the basics of crafting in that profession).
  14. if i crafted a weapon with materials irl and failed crafting it, i would still have the ressources to try again. in case of metallic weapons/armour, i would have used some coal and that would be burnt now, but the metal would still be there. i would always get a result an if the result would not please me because i failed producing what i want, i could smelt it again and try again until i succeed. that you lose all ressources on a fail is just annoying. not resonable in any way. what you should lose as a crafter if you lose is time. the time you used to produce some item should be wasted if the result is not good enough for you or your customer. you should still be able to do changes or smelt the piece of metal and try again. if i were to produce a pizza, the only thing that ever fails is, that i forget it and it converts to coal. so for food, having your result be a fail and the process not repeatable may make sense. for metallic stuff, its unreasonable. RNG is nearly always the simplest way to do those things. and its the way i hate the most. that wont change how its done, it will just change how much i like the crafting in crowfall, which was the second most interesting thing for me of the whole game.
  15. There are people that like RNG and those that dont. I, personally, would clearly prefer needing 200 bars of iron for a helmet and knowing 100% that i get something useful than needing 50 bars and having a 50% chance to get something useful. And yes, although with the second way i have a chance for 4 iron helmets and although the chance to get at least one is pretty high. I just really dislike RNG for the sake of it. And it doesnt really make much sense either from the POV of the crafter. I either have the skill to craft an item or i dont.