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  1. in vacuum in air, mass, or better density has an effect as denser material gets less air resistance and therefore accelerates faster and reaches higher maxspeed. however, as long as all races are made of flesh (hello stoneborn), their density is the same. Difference would of course be whats in the inventory. an plate-armed rat with alot of iron in its inventory is of course denser than an unarmored fae with nothing in its inventory. stones fall faster than feathers outside of vacuum
  2. rofl. awesome. thats funny.
  3. agree, turning item quality to lowest on fail would be much better than losing everything completely. and it wouldnt even hurt newcomers that much, which is a bonus, too.
  4. in every game, some players are just there to annoy others. nothing else
  5. and why do tanks even get AT at all... why not a much clearer focus on defense? Why isnt there a class with only defensive buffs and other classes with only offensive buffs from training? In the end, everyone that plays a certain class will trait everything anyway. so why then should everyone trait everything, no matter which class he plays?
  6. Assassin already has AT training ingame... while others dont... sounds very much like assassin is next.
  7. Now that AT are changed and there are many new possibilities and abilities... What do you think is the best Race/Class/Disciplines combination for people that dont want to fight? So target should be high defense, good escape skills, high running speed, while damage and utility are less interesting... which would you choose and why?
  8. wasnt there a timewindow in testing, which got longer whenever a defender died and shorter whenever an attacker died? sounds reasonable to me. and it might even be a rule for some dregs campaigns to have 24/7 vulnerability.
  9. err... in lotro, critdamage can get much higher than 150%, some classes even get higher than 300%. but yea, class balance is bad there. If I remember right, vanillaWoW had 200% critdamage for melees, at least clearly higher than 150%
  10. tested EK stuff today. Worked. However, when I planted buildings, the trees didnt dissolve, they were in the building. When I planted walls, the trees vanished. With buildings, trees stayed. That was weird. Plus, dunno if you implemented new recipes or my training unlocked new ones... Seems like I need large amounts of unobtainium for parcels (plus large amount of 'premium ressources' which will exist in CWs so are no problem). what does one need to do to gather unobtainium? is this somewhere locked in passive training? didnt find it anywhere. besides unobtainium, i guess i know how to craft parcels now *happy*
  11. Yea, skill based crafting would have been nice. However, it seems the only skills one needs for crafting is patience for passive skills to rise, luck for experimentation and some knowledge about which material gives which bonusses. Only the last point is interesting, I'd prefer to get rid of the first two. Seems like waiting for CoE and what they do as they target skill based crafting.
  12. Imo, they should speed up passive training by factor 10 or 100 for testing. Otherwise, there are just things that wont be tested.
  13. Sad but true. Parts of me giggled as you wrote funny, parts got depressed because its so true... If there was the option to highlight a post per week to make a dev think about it, this one would be it for me.
  14. So then, choices are only relevant for fighters? Soo cool...
  15. Soo... after some weeks i finally reached a point in the skilltrees, where I realize that I cannot train the final trait because I just unlocked one path there and not every single path... If everyone needs to train every single trait in a traittree to unlock the final trait and therefore the following traittrees... Then where do decisions matter and where is diversity? If this stays as is, training might as well be completely linear within each traittree.