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  1. Hunger shard and body parts like lungs seem to have stats already built in. So there's 7 hunger shard drop with same name but different stat?
  2. [Bug] Able to leave temple in crow form, the timer is gone. After around 20 minutes of trial in corruption. Theme: The world where only the crow saw
  3. Another sheet is added temporarily for specialty seals stat.
  4. I'm configuring on how to add the specialty seal currently, there's easily 10+ seals and listing all of them would make the data too messy. The noticeable pattern is that same resources tier of the crafted item with same seal gives the same stats bonus. (resource tier is removed long ago though, so might be outdated) I haven't delved much into mitigations, too busy to gather those. That said, there's more and more important data that indirectly relate to crafting... so this might be a necessity.
  5. Thanks for the finding, it's one that I need the most. The 'Necromancy Additives' is just body part, I suppose. (the stats are still important to gather though) I find that simple is best in some parts, not much to adjust in Resource Combination sheet. Unless you have an advice on how to make it look better
  6. Thanks, it will be helpful. Only need to include the data somewhere.
  7. [Loading screen bug] - When exiting from any world to lobby, the loading always get stuck at 'leaving world'. This is a recent issue after the latest update patch. Around 300 ms ping.
  8. Data on specialty seal is incorrect, the stats change depending on the crafted item. More testing to find the stats on each item will be needed Example : Skinning seal effect on Boar Leather and Cat Leather is different.
  9. [Bug] - The world's color is the same when in crow form after summoning new vessel. (corruption) [The world of the dead... Nobody else is here. At the very least, nobody alive is here. Every scenery changed, mirror to the real world yet so different.]
  10. Update : Changed 'Total Resource' column to 'Craft Amount' column. Building components will be tested this weekend as much as possible, and recipes that uses rare resources as well. (Heartwood, Soulgem, etc)
  11. The idea is to add a new system called 'Crafting proficiency'. This might be self-explanatory from its name, basically it directly affect crafting success chance. The more item that the crafters craft, the higher the chance for a specific item to be successfully crafted. This could affect both thrall (due to mass production) and player separately, so thrall with higher proficiency will worth more. The proficiency can be trained the same way as skill, but this is considered as an active training. The proficiency be categorized into either : - Each recipes having its own proficiency - Every category (blacksmith weapon, blacksmith armor, weapon component, etc) - Other possible method Maybe more can be affected by crafting proficiency, but should not be too important. Personally I think that this could make sub account less favorable compared to a full-time crafter as well
  12. [Bug] - Falling below the ground on temple, Specifically around infront of large statue. Usually the temple's force return is enough to make the player return back to ground. However this time my crow form stuck within a certain range below the ground, making the force return won't active due to how close the range still. Relogging & relaunching the game doesn't work. The crow form is stuck below the ground forever
  13. After consideration, the sheet is decided to be open for editing by anyone. Copying the sheet without permission is not preferred, so please ask a permission beforehand. Any editing done accidentally need to be undo. Additionally, a form is added for those that don't know how to edit and want to contribute
  14. If anyone want to help, you may message me or request for edit permission. Posting in here will do it as well. (email address will be needed for edit request)