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  1. I think they should withdraw core balance things as "point", set for each "point" some points and firstly balance around it. shortly example points: CC: range: stun - 2 points (small aoe +1 point, big aoe +2 points) etc knockdown - 3 points (small aoe + 1 point, big aoe +2 points) etc. silence - ...... can be also pointed if used in combo (long, fast, 1-button), can be also balanced around damage and CD melee: stun - 1 point knockdown - 2 points ..... escape: roll -1 points with damage without damage with some effect .... invisibility - 2 pints .... teleport - 3 points .... risk vs revard: here is some hard skills like berserker, hard mechanics and such and alot of other mechanics already ingame if some class have no stuns, he will get minus points and should get more in other point like escaping, bigger HP and such. it is hard, but at last it gives good table to playing around balance basic kit and disciplines access, race access, damage, cooldowns and such ideally with this kind of system every class and race with every combinations should differ not more than by ~5 points then they can play around animations, stats, weapon costs and such also atm I do not see any possibility to play melee with enjoyment, success and effectively in big massive pvp (escept some broken melee classes like templar). all you can do - eating from all sides aoe damage, cc and nukes and running while trying some small hits. while range classes can I really like balance in LoL between melee and range
  2. I use nvidia shield sometimes =) remote linux client - moonlight 720p-1080p @60fps only with integrated GPU home pc with windows as server. works very well. can even pvp easily
  3. I agree: on tests we need less grind. we need some ways to get resources fast like raw resource amount after each wipe I disagree: on release we need grind coz it is mmorpg
  4. pretty strange. I tried searching in powers as well. now searching are working
  5. bug Go to disciplines, type "Take root" or sequence of this. Get nothing but this is represented in Dryad discipline Probably same for some search sequence also, but also working somehow for other such kind of query
  6. may be it is time to add something like /stuck /suicide ?
  7. tested it long time ago. in combat run speed was pretty the same or insignificant to even count it early in SP it was a matter. but in SP even bull rush worked as intended its ok to theorycrafting. as result you will see in success constant party (if even some1 will play myrmi ofc or if they took myrmi for constant party) - there will be no minos as myrmi. ofc all depend on FX effect of HG skill. if it works as immun
  8. yes we know... upda Tinnis got it =) actually abit early thewy told what for some races/clases main stat will give different bonuses (for example, ranger str and knight str is not the same but later it looks like they formalise it) crit chance is useless for myrmi since his basic crit chance and crit damage was reworked and nerfed very much
  9. @Regulus first of all, I also appreciate way CF team go to give us some race difference. however if they make all races available for every classes (+10500 years to developing and alot of money) and make em with the same skills (or without, as you call it "aesthetic") - it would be also ok. current problem for me as early stage of design - obvious victory of utility HG over all other races (dunno what about stoneborn). If it is obvious for me before even implemented, so I 100% sure it will be obvious for other 95% players. I really like concept and overall ideas of myrmidon class. I do not like what they make unplayable and broken those who was worked at start for ~3month best way to make ppl to chose different races for myrmi - give more synergy for races. there are only 3 races for this class anyway. so, If I can make a contribution on developing stage, I will try out. IF the half-giant Myrm might start out more powerful, but the Minotaur begins to gain on him early on - its ok, but I dont see any devs calling about it.... soft launch isnt so long to w8. 1 wrong lvling choice in tree = big time lose in CF experience.
  10. + related to news and myrmidon have access to some (very limited) amount of races: half-giants, stoneborns, minotaures Unknown statement about dworfes, their race kit etc. Half-giant - best chose atm. Why? Take a look on stats. Myrmidon have lowest HP pool from all "tanks" and his main stat - str. Since this class was nerfed hard and mostly he are inside pvp, HG bloodline will give him decent bonus to damage. Fast stun without combo will be also good addition to broken unusable basic kit. I am not 100% sure if it will be work, but if Blood of the giant will safe from berserker crash damage - it will be pretty much OP since massive pvp provide VERY big amount of hateres, so it can be usable ~ every 10 seconds under focus Now, minotaur. It was related to myrmidon race. Father race. What we can see? Useless stat (dex), not so decent passive and omg copy paste of berserker - main thing why ppl play this suicide class. now this can be available to champion who can overheal this. And this is all? Nope, Bloodthirst have shared cooldowns with berserker What we have here at the end? Ye, race swap for 2 classes: champion and myrmidon Myrmidon = half giant only Champion = myrmidon (better over other races) What I want to suggest? Minotaur race should get more love to support myrmidon 1) Bloodthirst should not share cooldown to berserker and crash damage while you under Bloodthirst or Berserker should be negated by Bloodthirst or Berserker this will open some good playable moves and makes possible to chose between HG and Mino for myrmidon 2) Think about bloodline passive of minotaur. It would be nice to see you remake it. For example, it minotaur get CC, after CC is gone, he will get CC immun for X seconds or longer CC immun for multiple CC or something like this. He should be unstoppable since biggest race. Not being like little pony
  11. stuns isnt so strong in CF atm. most strong is silence and knockdowns (+ bugged animation also make knockdowns especially strong) which comes from distance and have mostly aoe effect also there are passives which are very usefull for myrmidon in small scale (I believe what in CF mass pvp will be unavailable/unplayable for a long time) which regen HP after CC since myrmidon have NO access to some good self heals (champs, templars, even knights have access) and required some skills to regen or more sustain, I do not think stun immun (from, LOL, front) any usefull compared to other skills in minotaur race kit for myrmidon shame on designers
  12. hope dworf can make better dual hammers to smash harder
  13. best race for myrmidon so far. even for champion there are better races than HG any eta? ps. does blood of the giant will safe from berserker crash damage? if so, you will never see any other races playing myrmidon =)
  14. whole concept of promotion classes are unknown atm. there can be even no promotion classes in future. it would be nice to see myrmidon not the sticked to duals in advanced reprospective. IF they will bring us promotion classes, I would like to see something like 1) Namehere1. Focus on dual weapons (any kind - swords, axes, maces etc, but in the tree it can be splitted to multiple lines). Attack speed, crit chance (melee DPS focus single target burst, sustain heal from single target - life steal). Some unique skills based on such kind of playstyle 2) Namehere2. Focus on 2h weapons. As result - it will give myrmidon possibility to use any 2handers. Advanced futures to berserker to do some damage, huge single hits and slow aspd. More aoe futures, more HP, bigger fury pool. Some unique skills based on such kind of playstyle 3) Namehere3. Focus on 1h+shield. As result - it wil give myrmidon possibility to use shield. All advantages to survive. More hp. More CC. Health regen skills. Advanced futures to berserker to be more tankish
  15. I think it will be nice if devs expressed respect to a member of the community and make some ingame items/statue/npc named in honor of Coolwaters this player was a big parth of the community Perpetuate it in his latest MMORPG project would be a great idea