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  1. indeed. skill set give this race no reason to chose myrmidon coz similar mechanics. this way if some1 chose myrmi - it will be half giant. but champions will chose minoaur race for nice skill for their FX mechanics and huge heal
  2. add people to 5.2 -) this makes it much more fun. played last time there was no1 on the server
  3. before even client downloading I found some strange fixed patcher window previous was better for lower resolution.
  4. imo absolution now uses same mechanic as net and chain pull =) + desyncs
  5. can be outdated, but I tested it some time ago and make conclusion what all procs (here, burning hatred and storm caller) have some chance only on initial hit. ex: you have skill which hit for X then dot for Y dmg Z times. result: you have % chance only on X (single) no spam orbs while whirlwind or aurora emitter/bear =)
  6. testing... testing =) same bugs for years pfff true, but... they are already delayed soft launch. they even change classes list. why not go the same way and change their mind on amount of classes which should be in soft launch (decrease it)? I mean cleric is not necessary. even assassin (if abit change of duelist stealth mechanic). new class with, for example, stationary turrets, grenade parabola throwing LMB will be nice. new, fresh. not copy paste at least. but who I am =) so, I can only criticism.
  7. so, enjoy semi broken classes: druid with broken blinks, strange thorns, alof of issues myrmidon which almost impossible to play, also with alot of broken skills (3 skills working not as intended, alot of cut out of basic kit) and useless in TF knight who cant sprint, block and using skills champion who got buff before runes and become new tanks/dps meta duelists who are useless in TF (yea, lets talk about 1v1 which is not about CF) etc etc. only one class working as intended atm - confessor. all his skills not broken. but... bring it back LMB as projectiles and NO1 will play it. one class around 1 mechanic. more skills - more mess with every single fix (which pulls often a lot of changes in chain) if there was unique classes - its ok. raycast buff without new mechanics - isnt new class. this is just other basic kit, similar to current runes. one more class = more animation, more FX, more connexion = more time to fix single problem, longer developing, much more routine = longer w8 for us
  8. miss this info. does it from closed forum? if so, dev should write in news or in patch notes to all this and listed all classes who are going to down to list. else... well.. they got reports again and again (on the infos about near assassin and cleric indeveloplent news I think keeping classes with broken mechanics even in test is wrong way. disable it for time so)
  9. mana for knight with current rune kits - not possible (there are some OP builds) but fury/rage to knight will be good. since they told about removing CC immunity to block it will be decent roll
  10. yea. on the criticism note they should stop class conveyor and start polishing/remaking/balancing current classes and runes we have 2 undersupports and million with runes we have 2 stealthers (after assassin) we have 3!! tanks, some are also undertanks we have dpsers who can better tank than tanks we have alot of broken/not working or working not as intended skills we have alot of disbalance in trees (ok, this will be rewamped pretty soon, hopes without tons of bugs) we have massive amount of copy-paste skills (with old bugs inside ofc) all this things are pretty strange and imo should be fixed before implementing new quality >> quantity
  11. not bad, but we have already way too much supports for current group size (especially with runes) also it looks like this class have zero new unique mechanics and pretty much similar to old lego does this skill also will not working together with all types of resources like lego's one?
  12. good info there. will w8 to test if for sure but PCM guyzzzz or did I misslisten? why you even keep going with this wrong direction? 1) loled at just activating myrmidon whirlwind (30% of resources is gone on activating. behold - rickets class!) the problem with pcm which already exist for month (for some classes) will be in 5.2 for sure, sirs. why class have even 5+ skills if he can't use it? why I need to craft advanced weapon if I get such a big PCM on it (even high quality)? still can't understand the motivation players should get to play some classes and craft advanced weapon... 2) nice rework on dual wielding. how pcm works if in mainhand I have 0.75pcm and in offhand I have 0.2pcm and backwards. if I have both 0.2 does it summarized? 2.1) if dual wield weapons pcm are summarized, why shield + onehanded does not? 2.2) if 2h weapon hit harder, why PCM on it not doubled by default in every reciepts? 2.3) why you wont add bullets ingame if arrows still there? 3) who need dodge roll if race possibility gives you blink (wood elf + ranger). do you think some1 chose other than wood elf for ranger? 3.1) camouflage is awesome, but with some settings even out of standing will gives benefits to wood elves in fight. it should deactivated while in combat and getting dmg (not after getting hard cc) 4) why character info (myrmidon) say what he have 25 dex if race tooltip say it has +30 dex. and why he have dex??? for sure still indeveloping. also agile monster giant with summary less than human stats overall. need some work in this place imho. 5) also disappointed with minotaur race. only 2 skills? shared cooldowns and similar mechanics? lol, why you hate myrmidon class so much? it missed not "only one" but something more... remove myrmidon and move it to 2 major runes...berserker (berserker+mitigation skill) and myrmidon (net + charge and dmg combo) already see op minotaur-champ (crash mitigation on millions of FX immunity) and piece of sht minotaur+myrmidon option... really hopes it is only uncomplete raw idea demo I understand, this is still not a game and alot of bugs/not implemented etc, but all this question is about the fundamental balance which on the design stage is wrong (ofc you will lose wayyy moreee extra time in future coz this and as a fact). this calls into question all the of "buildings" in CF like it was in most class based games - 1-2 OP, 30-40% are middle and the rest are underpowered. I mean there will be 5-10 race+class variation and the rest are useless. If I can understand this from only 1 stream on example of 3 races with current classes and disciplines why you cant? and alot of the questions you will get during future tests =)
  13. it would be nice to colorise numbers in tooltips of skills example: earth : X base damage and Y weapon % damage nature: X base damage and Y weapon % damage poison: X base damage and Y weapon % damage etc
  14. 1) full reset Nvidia (google how to completely remove) 2) install fresh stable drivers 3) close all recording software (disable nvidia shadowplay as well) 4) close all overlay software (teamspeak, discord and such) 5) set medium settings try out -) works? ok, now you can add soft one by one
  15. overall yes. but templar isnt best example to start investigating in problem. big game experience taught me to show examples to bring up a problem. usually devs take attention on examples not overall problem (especially if they wont or dont know how to fix whole problem), so I do not want they start it from fixing 0 pip cost on templars while some classes totally unplayable, this is why I quoted like this. this is why I call this topic pointing to a common problem but pointed out in it what should be paid attention in the first place ps and ofc, like any individual (customer), I pursue my interests because it is exactly the problems with the myrmidon class that affect my gaming experience process in CF atm. some1 call it tests, but testers - paid employees. we are customers and playing with early alpha project else I wont spent my time to playing, bug reporting like this if I cant to influence the process of developing an interesting class for me