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  1. this is really good idea. I mean each parsel will be taxable. if you start ur EK - tax start to accrue
  2. Hello. I have only one question: Does EK hosted on owner pc via client (peer-to-peer or something like this)? Or this is temporary solution what ppl can't get in until you start it and ppl get disconnected after I leave it? OR I wrong and this hosted on amazon and this solution is only to reduce resource eating? If so, will it get some deadline time life? 1h, 1d or something after started?
  3. yes, and heals/buffs stay and have some tea/coffe until they try to kill you. but hey, confessor can do it also
  4. anyway I have confessor build who can beat everything (range, heal, buff, cc and huge dps, no problems with stats, escapes, semi-tankish)... and only one panel.... 37%+ crit chance, 300+ attack power with basic weapon, 150%+ crit damage. this is why I wont to build something for templar/mino/duelist atm. also as test it =) there will be alot of problems related to basic AT kits/mechanics and runes....
  5. Not bad. But with pips mechanic, templar become pretty broken until they get more ways to generate it. My idea is aiming on HP regen based on HP pool. Since Templar have biggest HP pool ingame, so, first must have rune is Juggernaut (HP buff + HP regen on CC) Second major rune can be pretty much any you like. I preffer dmg mitigation, range CC/Damage, heal (for example Field Surgeon, Bard, Banshee). Our main goal - make crazy tank who can mitigate alot of damage, stay alive, buff, heal. Who cares about weak to ranged AT if they can't kill us. Minor runes: need to test if it works for pips. for other AT effect pretty low did not test it workis on templar bless light aoe ticks after they make this works we can build some ranger slot or add alot of skills best OP minor rune ATM ingame imo. almost full uptime, but for templar with his pips can be a problem if you have free slots.
  6. noticed this also, terrible. also this affect skills animations. ninja semi-back to root motion yea. like a knight chain attack. I would like to see better confessor LMB changed to such mechanic so it will be not so OP
  7. got bug. x2-x4 more speed, wasd reverted (w move me back) happened during fight vs random knight
  8. is this knight? =) no block using =)
  9. What Campaign/Map Were You Testing On? Makkon's hunting field EK What Class Were You Using? - myrmidon List All Equipped Disciplines - [Disc Major 1] bard [Disc Major 2] [Disc Weapon 1] [Disc Minor 1] blood pact [Disc Minor 2] [Disc Minor 3] What Specific Discipline(s) And Power(s) Is The Problem? - bard Describe The Problems After using berserker sometimes I able to activate bard song instantly Sometimes after using wirlwind attack (2 second swinging and then interrupt it) I able to activate bard song instantly Is it ok what VERSEL OF VICTORY give 150 support and attack power? My unnarmed AP is 60, with basic weapon (full combat training since big world) I have 160 AP. ____________________________________________________ What Campaign/Map Were You Testing On? Makkon's hunting field EK What Class Were You Using? - myrmidon List All Equipped Disciplines - [Disc Major 1] bard [Disc Major 2] [Disc Weapon 1] [Disc Minor 1] blood pact [Disc Minor 2] [Disc Minor 3] What Specific Discipline(s) And Power(s) Is The Problem? - blood pact Describe The Problems BLOOD PACT under BERSERKER still consume HP. I wanna ask why? Berserker tooltip say: You constantly restore all HP lost while berserker active. It would be nice to see this working with synergy with blood pact
  10. Shortly. Broken, boring, gimp More. I didnt play for a long time. Leveling only myrmi and some random skills from other AT. After patch get very curious to check what happaned with my lovely class. I'm terrified. He need huge rework after latest updates and disbalance issues/fixes. Resource (fury). Out of fury whole fight (basic weapon + 20% we passive). Who tried it with advanced (coz I am to bored to gathering and get terrified again)? WTF you did with weapon efficiency stat? It wasnt so bad before. Examples: 4-5 LMB - out of stats. 2 skills - out of stats. Can't mitigate berserker. Can't net, can't everything except run Animation lock. Stun combo always miss. I can't reaim it while animation anymore, hunter hunted is the same. As result - always hit nothing. And yes, my aim are good. Net and hit registering. Terrible. 5 out of 10 ~15m distance catch air. Also net alot of time breaking from my bleeding damage. Bring back old net, decrease duration. Fix it. Current skills is useless. Berserker. Ontop of discipline mess you can revert back duration. Myrmidon is not tank anymore, not damage dealer (remember resource cost? remember what even knight can be same dd, remember runes?), not CC'er and not ranger. Also remember, myrmidon for berseker need to spent 1 slot for useless skill which are impossible to land for some1 anymore to mitigate crash damage. Disciplines. Why most interesting melee disciplines goes to lego and champion? they are already have alot of healing potential. Disciplines. Why no disciplines for life steal, fury regen, bleeding effects, berserker power? New CF period has begun. No need to balance AT anymore, they all need strong and unique basic skill kit. And what we have? Confessor can keep 3 skills (stun, knockdown+tornado, sin explosion) and get massive amount of custom skills for rest skill panel. Lego can easy heal, knight can mitigate alot of damage via block, champ can remove broken skills and get working. Templar can get range in near future (he have best in my opinion basic kit atm for melee) All other in the same bad situatuin as myrmidon. ps too much disciplines, not unique and boring. looks like they produced in china conveyor. you will put urself in dead end in future with such an approach. if you dont want such topics on soft launch (and as result, project fail) - think about it. TIME in CF = class leveling. If you fail with it you want wait until another one leveled. pss one panel class are bad atm coz only 2 free slots. can't wait to get range runes working psss Otherwise it was fun yday evening coz I can cast healing orbs with melee AT ofc except zergs running around.
  11. this will be good coz atm double panel classes have huge advantage especially if they have no problem with resource like ranger
  12. does it matter what you pick if you travel with zerg?
  13. ok, myrmidon + basic weapon = no fury 80% of fight after death I can't respawn for 1+ min (F button isnt show up) random move bugs (perma trailblazer or slow like turtle) ps my dreams come true
  14. did you have some plan to increase possible active skill slot amount? (dunno was asked or not) or will you think about intoruce some setups (like it was in GW) (switch between 2 panels or build on hotkey in combat)
  15. there will be alot of works around disciplines resource cost and CD for sure. pips can be balanced by removing whole pip cost and tuning CD rage can be balanced by reducing cost and tuning CD essence - I dunno how to work around this.... stamina, mana, energy not needed any balance. anyway, I think huge balance problems impact us in near future. mobile/fast and range CC AT will be OP. weakest AT in my being opinion: 1) Myrmidon. Melee, berserker is broken and bugged + need rework in long term. No sustain anymore + slow ultimate generation impact base mechanic very much 2) Druid. No dps. Healing with disciplines makes her heal worth less. Big problems with basic kit - essence 3) Duelist. Mostly coz anumation issues. Not so comfortable basic kit for dps output. all other will be ok. Cleric can get ontop of hard and easiest healing DPS and CC Confessor can get heal, life steal and more sustain ontop of huge DPS, mobility and CC Champions will be OP after broken skills will be fixed Knight is best tank (shield up anytime and laught) + can get heal and range skills and now AT basic kit holy wars has begun