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    Being a normal girl...pissing people off.
  1. Scorn was fun too.
  2. I miss Death server. was fun times
  3. a Sundancer warrior type from Shadowbane so sundancer rune would be great even a slight possibility?
  4. lol

    sb.exe FTW now just need the death tunnel and life will be complete
  5. lol

    was just saying the more I see, the more it's feeling like a improved Shadowbane. and BAM d/c with error. I love it. I already love it
  6. spent 10mins in game before it went to hell. now just wasting time trying to login. so much fun.
  7. I played one as a knight, it played fine just not my type of character of choice Enjoyed the druid, no complaints.
  8. will there be a character that will have the play style of a sundancer from SB? powerblocks, stuns etc with hand-to-hand and so forth?
  9. Had issues in SP where I couldn't move but we were definately sitting ducks for the group that rolled up on us. So I played HD and had some fun while the test ran.
  10. I'd die a happy girl if only it was Shadowbane 2 but as long as it plays anything like SB I know I'll love it.
  11. loved death server, was so much fun.
  12. Played on Scorn and Death (before they deleted it)
  13. I dreamed of there being a SB2 but alas I think this will be the closest I will find, I'm happy to be getting this but like you would of loved Shadowbane 2. Love your sig lol favorite race and class in any mmo ever
  14. Am I the only one that misses the Shadowbane Sundancer class? I would love to see a class like it in a game again, hand-to-hand, power blocks, stuns, etc. Was so much fun in fights.