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  1. There is a difference between (RMT) Real Money Trading actually, and Cheating RMT between people who are legit, earn money themselves, I don't care what they do I think it should be allowed in every game, Botting or Hacking, and bots from the Asian regions is what gave Real Money Trading a bad reputation so to speak but generally people do it between their own risk on sites such as "PlayerAuctions" for example I think should be allowed, never spamming, and never posting advertisements to forums for example. Running Macros, Hacks, or illegal modifications should never be allowed of course. And yeah that is a problem, I don't like restrictions in sand-boxed games such as not being able to do every skill in a game, I really hope this game isn't going to be like this but its truly going to be open / sandbox based all around.
  2. So if I understand this correctly its still basically adding a "Race System" For example when I would create a character I would make an ELF, and be locked to a certain amount of classes via the vessel system? Or are you saying that a user can basically swap both Race & Class via the Vessel system on the same account without having to switch characters basically, and saving all crafting progress and such account wide / server wide rather than per character / vessel?
  3. I play multiple accounts 1 Full Fleet of accounts think it was 7 for EVE Online Had a Total of 8 Arche Age Accounts all patron before they ruined it best game I ever played. To Answer with honesty about this question, I am honestly quite disappointed in "Crow Fall" if what I understand is correct... I thought "Crow Fall" was supposed to be a "Sand Box" "War Throne Game" at least this is how me and a few of my friends who bought this game thought of it... But yes (I would play without multiple accounts) ***ONLY*** if they keep it sand-box based for example... 1.) Character per account (Which can max all crafting, and harvesting skills if they choose to do such) Obviously this would likely be time consuming. 2.) NO RACE RESTRICTIONS, I don't like the idea of being locked into a single character, or having to create multiple characters on an account repeat quests and such just to play certain classes (This should be undone) and thought about before proceeding with this, if I want to be an ELF Warrior, or a Human Mage there should be no restrictions to which races can learn such classes besides the looks, personally I love being an ELF, I have been an ELF in online games for over 10 years, but to have such restrictions dropped onto me is really insane as a player. 3.) I am not looking for a game with (ENERGY Limits, or Limits to crafting and such like "Arche Age" & "Albion.) So in general if these both can be met I have no problem playing on a single account Dark Fall, Rise OF Agon, is an example of a game that is developed and sand-boxed correctly but highly out of date and could be created better.
  4. Wow hopefully they re-think this with having to have multiple accounts just to enjoy the game and effectively play different classes, also is this the only video that talks about their class system i've been rather busy not keeping up on a lot of stuff lately, and IMO they should just make it so players can login to the same account 3 times and play three different characters at once if this is the case. (But I hope this part changes to allow any race can play any class.) Like I am not opposed to Multi-Boxing, or RMT, but I hope this game won't be filled with Cheat Spammers, people committing fraud like in Albion Online, and the ability to Bot / Cheat I hope that this stuff will not go unchecked either RMT between friends for example or exchanging across games I've never had a problem with but if you are familiar with other games like Vindictus, or Revelation Online the chat is filled with Gold Spam and I hate it. As for allowing Macros though, I don't think they will block it as long as its basic functions such as pressing G1 on my logitech keyboard presses number 8 for example, or basic things like this generally are not blocked even in games that run "Xing Code" or "Game Guard" which I hope this game would never install or require Rootkits to play it. There is line between using a simple macro such as expanding Hot-Bars, swapping between screens, and using a macro to automatically click all night on a resource spawn for example which I would personally define as cheating.
  5. Wait so I am Confused now? Am I now being told that (There will be "Races") and each race will be (Class Locked) rather than being able to use a single character and freely change between classes, as well as have to level up and play multiple characters? Like during the beta people can freely change and equip souls, but now if I am understanding this correctly (YOU CREATE A CHARACTER) like in world of warcraft, and that said character can only play certain classes? So basically to try stuff and play a game which is supposed to be sand-box you have to basically play multiple characters do repeat quest lines and all that? Yes but out of being curious, I went back and read the Terms & Conditions & Rules OF Conduct, although it likely states they can ban a user for any reason if I read the whole thing, it doesn't say Real Money Trading, or Botting is illegal, so I am curious to what they will do if people choose not to agree to when they slap this or Multi-Boxing being illegal, obviously I wouldn't agree to using hacks in a game or third party bots, but this should clearly be laid out already as people are already spending Real Money in this game. I also think its important they inform people before people invest, or buy into this game what their intentions are on what I have mention above, as well as possibly things like Key Cloning, or Isboxer, not that I personally use them, and only thing I use is my Logitech Keyboard and push key macros, no automated scripts or bots of any kind, but still some might think this will be legal on release.
  6. How to kill players on a PVE server... Is this fixed yet?
  7. Okay so far I upgraded to a 1151 CPU with 32 Gigs of ram... Game runs at around 62 FPS now on a 750ti which is rellay dated... Now the annoying things I find in game that really nag me personally, its only Alpha so it will likely change just a few of thhe things I see right off in no specific order really... 1.) Having to hold the "F" Key to harvest materials rather than just pressing F once and then walking over items, I am also not sure how others feel about items not being added directly to inventory this part doesn't both me much other than F key should be toggle option as well? 2.) This is only Alpha I don't want to throw out any insults assuming its final or anything like this, but the world itself looks so unreal, the white flowers on the ground look nothing more to me than a "Object" that is "Alpha" with a texture on it or something along these lines, but at least they appear to have physics although it could just be set to move it would be cool if the game had weather effects that did actually effect the lands in the game which randomly change over time like the Real World... (What is even worse is the trees) these look kinda awful... Same trees everywhere and the quality seems low... (Although the ground texturing isn't all that bad) if I did have to compare this game I would compare it to Ever Quest Next, or rather Albion Online. (However to say some areas in the game with this type of grass are looking decent, but still the tree models should look a bit more high quality.) 3.) Character Names, I hope that on release people will show their character name instead of the User Name like on these forums :3? 4.) Spirit Bank being unable to move items around after they are placed inside. 5.) No way to craft multiple items at once of the same item like Runes for example "Axes" (And worst of all no way to Auto Equip Them, or Fast Equip them Via Right Click...) 6.) Character Models still look Cartoony even with now being able to play the game, doesn't seem to be any customization options yet, Hopefully this will change during beta / release though. 7.) Floating "Cat's" which were slain falling off animals corpse stuck in the air asking me to harvest was pretty funny... I don't know why those Blue and, gayish things are named Cat though... (Also saw one running into the terrain too as if it were trying to go somewhere.) 8.) Again going back to crafting would be great if there is an option on release to craft directly from Bank / Spirit Bank instead of inventory I see so many games that should do this but don't except for GW. 9.) The Text in Crafting Menu is too small barely readable where it says "Crafting Parts required" for example Wood, etc. 10.) Running out of Stamina Too Fast I do hope later there is a way to increase a skill which causes it to use less stamina or something sometimes can't even get through 1-2 nodes before it says Out of Stamina.
  8. Wait is "CrowFall" seriously going to have "Skill Caps" like "Mortal Online" having a game with "Skill Caps is one of the worst decisions I have ever heard of );. Skill Point caps are just flat out stupid it drives away players, I have played a lot of Games using such systems quickly got bored and left I just flat out couldn't stand it at all. Having Unlimited Skill points' or Unlimited skill training is always the best way to go if using a system like "EVE" or "Original Dark Fall". Offering the ability to "Customize Skills" and choose from what skills your character is equipped and limiting this is okay however. If players are going to be all care-bear about it allow "Kings" of their own kingdoms if this is where PVP Happens to set the Level Caps themselves on their own territory for example and Skill Point Caps Right now since the last time I played this game, I found the skill system (Awful) The whole UI I flat out hated the way the skill system works, the small text on top of all that, once I get my new Intel I7 out of the box and can actually see if the game runs better then I will know if anything has improved but over-all if there is a skill cap or limit I don't think I am going to like the game at all.
  9. So I just took a look at the new CF store for the first time... If a person buys a founders pack and doesn't un-package their items are they still going to be able to upgrade their castles? Also is the Crow Fall store going to still be around after the game is launched, and is the only way to obtain one of these new $7000 kingdoms to pay $7000 USD for it or are these planning to be able to be upgraded or built without spending real money on them? The third question I read about is what is the difference between the 2016 buildings and 2017 buildings both look the exact same and cost the same amount of money?
  10. So the last tests were unplayable like Absolutely unplayable for me. I changed "Graphics Settings to High" and got around 30-70% GPU usage on a Asus Nvidia 750 TI, still has bugs / issues like changing graphics settings while a game is running screen goes all blue / pink until game is closed /relaunched. Over-All this patch at least I was able to actually walk around without freezing every 2 seconds but still low fps, could be the system build I am using being too old not to mention the Operating System though. Nope I do not have Windows 10 yet so I have no option to change to run a game on the GPU yet, how is this option working for everyone, I am not upgrading for another few months till I have to funds to go a bit high end, and drop my other MMO Subscriptions which I no longer enjoy.
  11. The biggest problem with the game right now in its current state is its just unplayable because the UI is too small, text is too small, and hopefully in the future there is an option to re-scale and customize the UI itself to be like a class game rather than tapping a skill then another letter on the keyboard to use it rather like being able to fully customize keybindings and such. The biggest complaint about the combat itself is the way it works pressing E for example or a number or whatever it was to use the skill then having to press another and choose to launch another personally I am more a fan of the way traditional MMO's have worked all these years being able to have keybinds setup for skills, perhaps a meter you fill up then choose an ability you want to use rather than the current way they worked. The other problem is LAG and the game itself being unplayable unpolished, and of course the content still needs to be developed and put in obviously... A Soft release isn't a bad idea but I don't expect the game to carry over to the main release of the game?? And still constant testing on a soft release?
  12. I bought black desert and the game sucks even before the hackers destroyed it, I am honestly still not sure if CF will be great or not given the fact Alpha is unplayable due to massive lag, but hopefully that is fixed... But honestly my last hope for a decent mmo at the moment is crow-fall everything else sucks anyways... and honestly only enjoyment i get is an arena based mmo called skyforge really dungeon or whatever you want to call it at the moment. The problem with BDO, and other MMO's is the fact things are not done server side for verification, so hackers just reset skills constantly client side when in fact if a user uses their skill it needs to send notification to the server and if that skill is reused the user needs to be automatically banned, perhaps allow it to happen more than 2 times for verification the user is a hacker or something just in-case of error but otherwise games like BDO should be un-hackable with these type of things.
  13. 1.) The game is unplayable, I understand its Alpha but im getting around 15-30 fps sometimes 15-50 FPS spikes, running latest Nvidia Drivers, and given the fact I am running Low Graphics + the game graphics aren't even that great in arena I shouldn't be getting the amount of lag I am, I believe this is because my GPU isn't fully being used and its offloading onto my CPU, its improved a little bit since the first alpha I played but still can't really play like this. (Yes I am running a bit of a potato setup) But right now I run 3 instances of "Arche Age" on my computer without getting this much lag even though AA as a game is poorly optimized and has its own set of issues. 2.) Text is too small, Players who are not running 16:9 wide screen monitors which I am not running 6 lower 1280x1024 resolution monitors "Text" is way too small, the same problem with "TERA" as a game which I reported this issue and they never fixed it since Beta Testing, there needs to be a way in game to adjust UI Text scaling for example I can read the "Character Selection Screen Perfectly, except for the word "Malekai" under the join match button, and the "DELETE" Character button which is awfully small. . The Powers window is also too small on certain resolution monitors as well as the Text here I can read it but I have to stick my eyes up to the screen, The Chat in game itself is better than this but still a bit too small with no way to adjust. . In the game itself the text and ability bars are too small not to mention the status bars at the top. . I tried shutting down every process that I wasn't using on the computer got the same problems around 1.6GB Ram Usage and 30% GPU Usage with spikes between the usage. Hopefully these issues will be addressed by the time the game makes it to beta.
  14. Could be but when a new player tries to take the name BOB for example, and that name is taken this is a problem ,Blizzard as a company has solved this by giving everyone a random ID# so a user can always get the name they want.
  15. Please add a "Last Name" system its something many MMO games fail to do so you end up with names with a bunch of numbers or zero's at the end its annoying. Please add Last Name so players can be like BOB + Last Name, or expand characters so they can contain a space and like 20 characters.