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  1. OOC regen and run speed could also be on a cooldown from a change out of combat, effectively removing the benefit from stance dancing while fighting an opponent.
  2. Take the update to be an explanation of what we are and are not getting in the first drop of 5.3, Which means 5.3 is close enough for them to consider how to explain "what we actually finished and is playable".
  3. (as part of our upcoming 5.3 update) When!?!?
  4. Nice work, thanks for undertaking. Sidenote question - has anyone collected the various revealed racial runestone stats into a single location? The wikis don't appear to have pulled this info out of the livestreams yet.
  5. But the alt feeder is training on different branches than the main, pulling the main up in an area that for all intents and purposes looks like a noobie player with virgin skills. Sure it only gives additional breadth to an account (you are training wide, not deep), but if I have a free alt account from the CE then I am losing nothing and getting a real benefit to my main which gets increasing synergies with every new skill option. The tools in my tool box aren't necessarily sharper, but I have more options. That is a benefit beyond just a catch-up mechanic for new players.
  6. Overall the VIP advantage feels good. If the intent is to have people spend alot of time in game (duh) then systems need to support people doing different things. Being able to fight and craft, or collect and craft, is a nice balance without making every player their own self-sufficient island. I have always wanted to have a singular account, instead of having to juggle my main plus my CE bonus, to be able to participate in CW efforts which will be a balance between conflict and economy. I'm not on-board with Tomes yet. The reaction in the twitch chat matched mine exactly - alt accounts feeding a main. The diminishing returns just makes an incentive for everyone to alt-tome up to that diminishing point, and doesn't remove the advantage to the behavior.
  7. Best wishes to his family and online community.
  8. Audio bug somehow linked to the overall map... After bringing up the map and closing it, combat sounds are magnified from unusually far distances and channeled into the right ear. Bringing the map back up resets it back to expected behavior.
  9. I'm a little surprised that looting corpses does not break stealth.
  10. Feels like the good old Shadowbane days of my hammer throwing Centaur stun/HoT Priest, but with some tasty upgrades such as block. Can't wait to take it for a spin!
  11. Play schedule right now is focused on weekends, or taking months off at a time while waiting for the next content drop. Most of us will have a lot more keyboard time come release, therefore planning your AFK training should be a relatively minor concern. Also everyone needs to keep in mind that there will be multiple nodes open for training at multiple tiers. As of now, progress on training saves its state if you jump around nodes. So if you are a non-VIP going away for a long weekend then queue up a fresh Tier 6 pip. (Or get some VIP!) I do agree with the idea of VIP allowing you to queue up the next skill, not just the current skill pip. It would be handy to avoid down time if something completes between daily play sessions.
  12. "It also means that skill training will “ding” much less often than before." Well that is good news at least. The current ding spam with the awful alert noise is very distracting.
  13. From one PvP guild's perspective, we want: 1) A central EK where we can build all the infrastructure buffs that will follow us into a CW. Is guild size going to be regulated by EK infrastructure? How many parcels will we need to slot the maximum number of buffs? There are lots of questions about this, and guildmates who want to contribute but have no idea what resources would be helpful to get and then contribute to a guild-wide effort. 2) A way to aggregate all of the stuff that we have over a hundred accounts. We would rather have a small but dense and visual interesting EK. If we can trade in all the random parcels and small castles for bigger capacity parcels, then life is good. Right now the store disables redemption of parcels and strongholds, and maybe there is a clever way to allow this that is unlinked from massive VIP purchases.
  14. At least some of the disciplines still reference LGNR (Runescarred Gladiator, Destroyer, etc) which looks to be an error.