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  1. That may be one skill that is activating the problem, but I wasn't fighting rangers when it happened to me. I was fighting Templars and Confessors. I was on a druid when the "tints" happened to me. But I don't think that makes a difference as Caenth was on a confessor when it happened to him.
  2. They are aware of the "green" tint overlay that happens on the screen (I don't know if they know the reason why though). But there is also a blue tint that happened to me, after the green tint, and it started out the same way as Caenth's video shows; the thick white strokes around an unknown texture/view system. When in a few fights, the screen would be normal, then those thick white lines would show up around "something" and everything in between the lines would turn green; eventually the whole screen would be green. From the green screen I then had it happen as the screen turned to blue. My guess is that Caenth had a faster/quicker situation where it when from green/blue/black. At the 20 second mark (and a bit before) you can see the green overlay on the left edge, and the black closer to the middle.
  3. I would love this, and as Tinnis noted, there is a movement towards this. I would also like to see them change the "alt" for cursor mechanic as well. In addition to the movement by mouse, allow us to have UI windows open while we are moving; I've never understood why they don't allow our inventory/character/paperdoll etc. window to be open while moving
  4. IF, and that's a big if, ACE were to fix the gates/walls to make them impassable, and forts could be built up to hold off an attacking party, then we would have no need of a reclaim. I do think it should be more like Shadowbane, where you had to be out of stealth in order to claim, and any damage done to you would stop the claim and you would have to start over.
  5. It's not even the whole folder, you just need to delete the settings file. If you are wanting to go back and forth between 5.1.1 and 5.2.1 then you have to delete the settings file each time.
  6. Is the client updating to the 5.2.1 patch? If it is, I encourage everyone to try and log in. It should give an error if they are restricting by pre-alpha/alpha etc.
  7. The account name will be the in game name; if you would like to change the account name so your in game name reflects what you want in game, then contact customer support. They have been very helpful with other players changing the account name before. Too much of a tongue twister - just contact ACE customer support.
  8. With the announcement of the Cleric, will there be any minor changes to race/class combos. Tinnis has so kindly pointed out that there are no Sylvan Cleric's. Would it be advantageous to allow the High-Elf the ability to choose Cleric, and then take away another class (I would choose assassin). I love the idea of the Guinecean Cleric, but it may be better served not as a cleric, but as an assassin. I don't see how the Cleric in it's base class is a firehose healer. It has 3 slotted heals, 2 of which are HoTs; then it has a 4th heal that requires getting hit to activate, and it replaces any kind of dash for that block. After those base heals anything else is a disc rune. Now I would agree that getting rid of Holy Symbol in place of some talked about rez mechanics would be good. That also limits the healing ability of the Cleric.
  9. Here's an honest question; why do healing skills need to be changed in order for the healing effect to be changed? We have skills that absorb healing, so why not make those more useful, skills like blackmantle etc. We also could have skills that drain mana from the the cleric, thus making it harder to maintain "flat" heals. There are so many ways that could counter flat heals, that I see no problem with actually allowing firehose flat healing. It's up the the devs to implement those ideas and make a balance pass. You can have the best heals in the world, and never be able to apply them. That is one advantage the druid has with orbs; being able to place them for when the ally needs them. So are there other ways that we can disrupt a healers healing ability without actually touching the heal skills themselves? I would use your suggestion of short duration invuls in an opposite manner by giving invuls to certain discs that cause heals to not be applied for x seconds, give discs the ability to add a barrier that reflects the healing from the healers target towards the player laying the barrier on.
  10. Speaking of races, I think it will be different for the cleric and druid just based on race. The druid has 2 races that should be very mobile; I don't know how a cent cleric will be for flexible mobility vs straight line speed, or how the guinecean will be as a cleric, but the other cleric races are traditionally bulky slow races. I love the cleric, and it's the healer class I will be going to for primary healing, not because it's "better" but because it fits the play style I most enjoy. I love HoTs and I think it will be a lot of fun; however if the cleric can keep only himself up, and doesn't actually bring anything to group comp then the cleric could be subpar. Right now we don't know how it will play out.
  11. Druid = roots/snares, cleric = stuns; make it happen. At some point I feel like you want to be able to have a Druid that can do massive damage and still be able to heal themselves. Isn't that just trading the confessor with the druid meta? I do agree that the cleric's root should be changed, and I don't think it should be another stun (we can get that through discs) so I would suggest adding something to the cleric, like an attribute debuff. Another suggestion I would like to make is that any heals that the cleric can acquire through discs, be added as HoTs and not as direct heals. Give the druid and cleric a fundamental difference in how their heals are applied.
  12. To some people the character customization is the game. What they have so far is playable if they needed to push a siege aspect out; but we don't have all the classes yet, that is breaking.
  13. Range for the Cleric LMB - this is setting up to be like the Prelate from SB days. I'm glad they are making the change from Legio to Cleric; and for those people that love Centaurs, you can still be a cleric.
  14. So there should be a second set of bonuses for the Human line, well that is a lot more flexible than just having 2 static per race.
  15. I like that it has 2 options for ultimates right from the start; great way to start playing with differing builds.