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  1. Isn't this at least on the radar, quite a few of the early KS pledge packages had weapon/armor visuals as a reward. I would hope that the KS ones would be original, but they would offer more throughout the life of the game.
  2. My question was on trays in general, not specific to the survival tray. Being able to tray swap from an offensive (ranged) build to a defensive (melee) build is pretty powerful, especially with only a half second delay. We aren't going to see the same limitations on runes/weapons that the Druid Scimitar build had. I think that a half second delay between switches is fine, but I can imagine a macro that would allow 2 different weapon sets slotted in the survival tray, 1 weapon as an offensive, say swords, then the second set as defensive, hammer/board. Under that scenario, I am asking if they have thought about having a global CD go into effect once you have switched trays.
  3. I'm looking forward to trying out the new harvesting combat (we're killing trees right?). If anything else, it should help with new players understanding why they couldn't harvest before (default state when entering a vessel was combat stance). @thomasblair I have a general question: Is there a global cooldown for switching between trays, or plans for one? In Shadowbane we had around a 30 second CD to limit the stance dancing.
  4. Playing a little devil's advocate here: but now a player that only wants to play 1 role or 1 class, but still uses VIP, can now bank their extra race/class trains (at some point) and now has an in game advantage by being able to sell off their "extra" training for in game goods. So.....an established player can now even more control the "market" because they are using RL cash to advance in game profits. Tomes are going to be a ride!
  5. I used to test to see how long I could keep myself up once essence burn was applied; I never noticed before that my heals weren't happening during essence burn. There are several healing changes that happened, and I would like to know if they are stealth nerfs or bugs!
  6. Any heals do not heal the druid when they are in essence burn. Laying down orbs to get you to essence burn and then running through them should not only heal yourself, but lower your essence as you run through them (Dryad Rune applied). Currently after getting to the point of essence burn and then running through the orbs, your essence is lowered, but no healing takes place. When essence burn is appllied casting a heal like healing rain does not heal the druid. I hope this is a bug and not a stealth nerf. Druid's should be able to for a short time heal through essence burn in order to keep fighting. No other "class" in the game has a mechanic like this that penalizes them for doing their job. With upcoming tray changes, the life/death tray mechanic is not obsolete and the whole mechanic needs to be rethought. For now fix it so essence burn only decreases HP, not BLOCKS all healing. Then give druids a way to lower the amount of essence burn damage they take, giving them even more time doing their job. It's been reported, but this is a serious one, will o' wisps does not heal the druid anymore. I can tell you, that if will o' wisp is not reverted (hopefully this is a true bug, and not a stealth nerf) that it will be removed from my druid tray. While your at it, fix reahibilitation (Field Surgeon Rune) so it heals "healers" and a target, or "divine" casters under the new race/class split. I realize it's not as simple as just disabling the power, but split the power so it acts differently for different classes.
  7. Druid has always been a hybrid; dirty elves and their druids!
  8. There are a lot of holes that they left open on purpose because of modeling. From what I understand the race/class combos were based on the easiest path (which is not a bad thing in and of itself). What we are left with though, are things like originally there was no Sylvan healer (now we have Elken Cleric); and we have no "large" race casters (unless you consider stoneborn and half giant clerics as casters). I would love to see more combos that allow us to differentiate builds where the natural route might be a dex based character with high int, but a str based character with high wis could be played just as effectively (mino doomies anyone?). Mino Bard to go along wtih Mino Ranger? At least there is more flexibility in the current design of race/class than there was with Archetypes.
  9. Human has some good racial abilities too. My guess would be that if Humans aren't being played, it's not because of the "look", it would be because they are a subpar race for that particular class. @thomasblair Sure there are some good races that have been modeled, but do NOT underestimate any slight advantage players think they will get from racials. A lot of players in this type of game would rather go with an "ugly" model and a combat advatange than a beautiful model and be subpar in combat.
  10. It's nice to see a write up like this. After a few really well done community grey box versions of the race/class split, please start combining the races by their race/subrace and the classes under fighter/mage/rogue as well. Put out a consistent matrix, the one in the article was harder to identify groupings. I'm looking forward to 5.3 and all the new character combos we get to enjoy.
  11. You have quite a few good points, and I am probably only OK with VIP because of my time in EvE. I'm sympathetic to the "Buy Once and Play Forever" player. ACE created the current VIP conditions and under those, I should have been more precise in my approach, that VIP can be had for all, without the need to pay cash. If I use my time in EvE to gauge how much VIP might cost in CF, I would say 1 week of "farming". It would take me a leisurly week of "ratting" in EvE to come up with the 300-450M Isk that it cost to buy a PLEX. That gave me 3 weeks of fun in any manner I wanted. Now my leisurly farming was something I enjoyed; that could be PvP farming, taking resources from harvesters, that could be harvesting yourself, or it could be making gear and selling it for a good profit. While I didn't create the VIP standard, I do see many ways of natural gameplay where anyone will be able to be a VIP every month. Eventually as training goes further and further, VIP becomes even less needed, due to training lines being filled out. VIP becomes a nice tool for players (like myself) that typically have alto-holic syndrome. If your complaints against VIP are this strong, I'm curious how you must feel about the Tome mechanic. I see way more abuse with Tomes that I do with VIP. "Whales" may be able to use their flexible spending to gain more training than was originally intended. For me VIP is small fry compared to how Tomes may be able to be abused.
  12. I have never argued against the VIP non-VIP training; I find the VIP training to be fine; if they limit that you can only train 1 tree in each of the professions at one time. My logic is not flawed, because quite honestly I do not view the discussion through the lens of a non-VIP player. I care that non-VIP players enjoy the game, but I also see how VIP can be easily acquired each month in order for a non-VIP player to have the same benefits as a player paying cash for VIP (i.e. trade in game resources for VIP - the same way Isk is traded in EvE). In my view "everyone" should have VIP, it's only a matter of how that VIP is acquired, through in game resources (meaning they have lots of time on their hands) or through paying cash for it (they have less time but more flexible spending). This is how VIP is equalized and hence why VIP vs non-VIP has never been an issue for me. If we can get over the VIP hump, then we can discuss how training 2 different trees in the combat line will/won't give a player more power. For the sake of simplicity I would say leave it as is and just let players train 2 trains in combat at the same time. It's been mentioned many times here that the actual in game benefits from the training lines is so small that even with 2 trains in combat that players won't "feel" outpaced, if they chose to train only 1 in combat and 1 in crafting/harvesting. I still take the stance that I would prefer only 1 training in each profession, but in the end I won't stand on a soap box for it.
  13. Training in armor and weapons adds direct power, where training in similar crafting/harvesting lines (through racial line) will not create a direct power gap. Biggest thing is we know how training 2 trees at the same time in combat will equate to power, but because the racial skills have not been revealed fully we don't know IF those skills will be overpowered.
  14. When a player can train Man, and train Human, they could be double dipping into crafting/harvesting. No matter how it is cut up, there will be some form of double dipping. The best I have seen is to limit the professions to 1 train per sub-group; meaning you can train 1 combat 1 crafting; 1 combat 1 harvesting; or 1 crafting 1 harvesting. Since we don't know what exactly the racial crafting/harvesting skills will look like, we have no basis to say how beneficial training in Man and Human at the same time will be.
  15. Over the weekend I had a few instances where I was in the Life tray on the Druid and it would give me the error "not enough essence". Life tray = build essence, there shouldn't be a check to see if I have any essence to cast life tray skills. Normally this happened after I would swap from scimitar to staff, or go from death tray with no essence into life tray.