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  1. I've noticed them up this week and last week. It was nice to be able to test things out the last few nights; quite a few people have been testing. @TJB0ND thanks for hanging out in the Winterblades PvP EK last night, it was a lot of laughter over you being around our 4v4 and thinking you were a part of it. Several of our players went after you not knowing you were just hanging out.
  2. Thanks for confirmation; it was pretty easy to see when you jump on a g-dude and there is a gap of air between your feet and their head. Jump on a templar and your feet are in their forehead. @mortalman I suggest you stop watching twitch for the details of the game, and actually get in to just try it out. As for the FPS, I think that 90 is unreasonable, and a steady 30 for hundreds of players on the screen is a good goal, with 60 during small skirmishes. The game plays smooth for me, and I'm not on a high-end machine. I think it's quite funny that people love the guinecean now, considering that a few months back they were unplayable. But a dev has confirmed hitboxes are the same size, so the OP's question on will it make a difference has been answered; nope it won't.
  3. The biggest hindrance to the idea is dust/gold is a physical item; how are you going to automatically transfer dust/gold from when a guild member picks it up. In EvE Isk was a digital commodity, so it made sense for a tax to be deducted right away. In CF however it would take us outside of the high-fantasy believable. I loved that Shadowbane had gold as an npc drop, and I kind of miss it here. So many late nights spent farming after mine fights, just to keep the city up. Right now dust/gold doesn't even have a reason to exist; however the game will change and new mechanics will be introduced, so maybe dust/gold will be used for newer mechanics. As of now, the biggest way a member can contribute is to just be on the field when the guild fights over resources.
  4. I'm excited about this, I like longer fights, and wish this would be the norm. Nothing you've said gives me any cause for alarm. I guess it's just a different way of looking at how you like to play. Personally I've always hated quick 15 second gank fights, and a longer 5-20 minute fight between good players sounds awesome. So do you need me to open up my EK with a few walls thrown up, where people can play 24/7? A lot of testing of builds is going on, but I guess it's not being seen because it's guilds doing the testing and not a lot of single players.
  5. I feel that @armegeddon has done a great job describing some of the more detailed aspects of SB sieging. When sieges first started there was no time limit in SB; sieges could literally last a week, with players logging in and out at different times in order to push the attack or defend etc. Eventually the mechanic changed to the one armegeddon described, where the attackers placed the bane, then the defenders had set amount of time to respond or it defaulted. Near the end the banes also had a time limit on how long they could last before the bane window ended. Week long sieging interferes with real life too much, however 3 hours sieges (during whatever sieges windows we have) are something I'm looking forward to. One aspect of the question I feel has been overlooked, is how will city design effect the outcome of sieges. In Shadowbane you were limited to a square and very simple building pieces. What we are seeing in EKs right now far outshine anything done in SB, and I am excited to see how city designs will integrate into the sieges. I don't know that EvE's system takeover mechanic would work for CF, but there are some components that would work. In EvE when a system was being attacked, you first had to attack any POS's in that system. Attacking the POS could take place at anytime (this is the midnight raid part of the mechanic), and once the POS was taken down to a certain point it would go into reinforced mode, until a set time later. That set time later was determined by how much of a specific resource was in the tower (it was stront or ice). Even though the attacker determined the first round of when combat took place, the defenders had more control over when the POS came out of reinforced mode. Two rounds, each side getting to determine a time, but the defenders choosing the final timeslot. For different reasons, I hope that ACE uses parts of both mechanics for CF.
  6. Master of Greatswords and Master of Greatmaces applies well enough to the Templar, but the Master of Greatmaces still does not allow application of a greatmace (a crafted greatmace still says champion only). However the description in game for crafting a Greatmace says that it can be equipped by all that can use it. Thanks for splitting out swords and greatswords; can't wait for animations to be finished so we can test crushing builds on a Templar. Templar was sliding down slopes when gathering, I have video of it (if I can figure out how to attach it I will). Rubberbanding was bad across several EKs and CWs tonight; from a purely observation standpoint, it seemed to be from when too many players tried to join at the same time. When more than 10 players switched CWs it could cause massive increase to the ping etc.
  7. @thomasblair The same thing happened to me on the Templar using Bard, or Troubador songs. When casting a song WHILE moving, the character controller is rotating weird, like it rotates forward 90 degrees on the x axis. I reported this earlier in the thread, and a few posts above my original was a video of a myrmidon, except the myrm was rotating 90 to the right on the z axis. Again this has only happened to me while moving; when standing still the character model was as expected. This also happens to me every time that I "log out" of the game, and try to log in with a 2nd account without closing the client. In order to keep this from happening I close the client everytime and reopen the client. For some reason when logging out, the game is not clearing the previous accounts information and so the visuals from the previous sessions training are staying. It is not actually affecting the training, as I've tested it out.
  8. Don't use the patcher every time; update once with the patcher once a new version is out. Then to launch the game again go into the CFtest folder and launch the Crowfallclient directly.
  9. When on a Templar and trying to gather on a slope the character slowly slips downhill. When I stop gathering, the character will stop sliding; something about gathering is causing the controller to move. I had several intersting bugs where the names of archetypes were slight off to the left in the skill tree. Also while in the game, after a death the harvesting runes were sitting slightly lower than the bottom edge of the equipment box. Still having issues where you have to click on the "ME" chat tab before being able to chat in global. Also crafted a 2H mace tonight, and I could not equip it to the Templar; it still states it's for the Champion only. I did have the Master of Maces rune applied on the paperdoll.
  10. I like the response, I fully plan to mulit-box; however multi-boxing is a far removal of key cloning or using hacks, which I won't be doing. Sometimes I think that a certain subset of players think that multi-boxing is somehow cheating; it's clearly not, and confirmed by the devs.
  11. So you are praising the dwarves or the half giants, I can't figure which one. Because dirty elves definitely didn't come first. (It's all meant as fun!)
  12. The biggest difference between EvE and Crowfall, in relation to accounts, is in CF I buy once and can play forever; where as in EvE you had to keep up a subscription. So it won't matter to me if I don't play an account all too often, as long as it's only a few changes to the passive training, I will be keeping all of my accounts, because they aren't costing me anything. If I choose not to keep paying for VIP then I only lose out of 2 archetypes (soon to be classes), but can still fully play the main class I am active with. Sure someone with more than a dozen accounts may sell off a few, I can see that happening from an economic standpoint no matter what. With passive training, there will be players that are buying up extra accounts and maintaining the training, only to sell them later to new players who don't want to enter the game with zero passive skills trained. For these players, it's about the economics and investment, and they really are only concerned about making a profit. I've known several people like this, they always buy into a game early, as a means to make money, never to be interested in playing the game.
  13. The proof is in the pudding as they say; and the pudding I see is that they stopped developing promotions, and have actually take away some promotions from ATs. The new discipline system is allowing us to have 2 promotions essentially, so I don't see the promotion system in the works from here on out. As for the stalker/ranger merge; I sure hope they allow for a melee only ranger build, because 3 of my current wants are for 3 different types of melee ranger builds. I have no desire to touch ranged if it involves a bow.
  14. The last I heard they had opened up testing through Alpha 3. While previous tests were allowing for some Beta packages to be in the testing, as with any new roll out, they first started out with Pre-Alpha 1 & 2 packages, then the Alpha groups. By this weekend hopefully everyone will be up and running; but that's a hopeful guess and not anything factual.
  15. I liked a Shadowbane approach with some of their cleanses, where you would cleanse the first debuff, and not a targeted type. So if you had 4 debuffs on you, and the last one in the row was the most hurtful, you needed 4 cleanses before you could get rid of it. It was an actual tactic during Templar fights to bury certian debuffs, forcing the other Templar to wipe the debuff several times, thus wasting time. I think that different approaches is a good way to go. So while some can be effect specific, it would be nice to see some general cleanses.