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  1. There sure are. And the way Crowfall requires you to access additional general skill content there will be a custard lot of them.
  2. Wait, so for the Disc that resets Cooldowns you want to add a .... cooldown? My head just exploded man. (but ya, a short CD makes sense)
  3. Some Druid fun in a short, 20 minute session of Corruption: Flying Nun Druid x3 Blink to death from like 3 feet x 1 Rooted in place and unable to use any abilities until relog x 2 Just the highlights. All kinds of things for Druid are wonky. But it's still playable if you avoid these big ones above, for the most part. Lower the death CDs IMO. Make Scimitar a weapon that makes sense for a caster and not a heavy mele. Or give us heavy mele stuff, like more HPs. edit: I should also be giving you guys props on the healing tray. Death Druid has issues because of the CDs, but the synergies you have put in for the healing tray have elevated Druid as a healing support to the same tier as Lego in some size engagements.
  4. If that's the case, (that general combat training isn't very impactful anyway) then I see no reason not to allow VIP to train it in addition to another general line for the convenience of not having to log in that additional account. Because it's a "very small portion of player power" anyway. Right?
  5. Indeed. With the low CD on hurlbat Champ may be a more reliable ranged DPS than Druid, lol.
  6. They have nerfed the CD on Druid death abilities so hard that we have to slot disc damaging abilities for 2 reasons: 1. That's the only way the damn thing has remotely the sustained DPS to drop a target 2. What else are we gonna do while our few decent abilities are in CD? Left click, lol? Edit: hoping @thomasblair finds his way to this thread. P.S. please move Scimitar to ranged arcane.
  7. I had a lot of stuttering and lag last night. The camera would suddenly flip 180 degrees constantly. Master of Scimitars needs more offensive abilities on it or you need to lower the cooldown on the Druid death abilities. They are literally all on CD at the same time, leaving the option of left clicking or doing nothing at all. Both have the same basic effect: no damage.
  8. I don't want to misremember, but I'm fairly sure with Pixie and Staff and Friar I was able to stay in heal tray constantly with pretty strong heals. Build was light on self healing, however. I agree on essence. When most builds are singularly aimed at avoiding the mechanic entirely, how fun can it be, right?
  9. You - twice - have falsely attributed posts to me. Trying to explain it away just makes you look like a liar, frankly. Everyone makes mistakes. You made a few here. edit: Just to spoonfeed this to ya, again: Jah said: Then you said: And you were either wrong, or lying.
  10. Disagree with me all day. Just stop falsely attributing stupid posts to me. edit: neither have I ever said: You just keep making poorly made socks up. The correct answer is: "sorry Cool, I misread your post."
  11. Not really. Just a guy attributing convenient and false posts to others so they are easier to argue with. For reasons that are bewildering.
  12. Lol, hardly. Stop misrepresenting the facts man. The post I liked did not say (contrary to your false representation): On the contrary, what I liked actually said: The post I liked by Jah was exactly consistent with my argument here. The water may be getting a little deep for you.
  13. Now you're getting there. And ya, I read your post closely. You say alt accounts don't increase power. I, consistently, have disagreed with that nonsense. Neither did I post the thing you actually accused me of posting. Jah said and you responded as follows: Ya. I didn't ever say that either. I said quite the opposite. Friends will get more from the content, but have no more access than an alt account.
  14. I mean, I guess quote where you (mistakenly) believe I ever posted that there was no increase in power from alt accounts. I've never said that.
  15. Even if ACE can't stop alt accounts, they could certainly change their pricing and revenue models to discourage alt accounts rather than encouraging alt accounts. And I wish they would, for a number of reasons.