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  1. Gotta say it does get old. Comes off as patronizing and preachy at the same time. If altruism is your expectation in a PvP game with asset destruction it's going to be a disappointing game for you. In short, you do you. I've got this poorly made socks from my end.
  2. Reading your post now it doesn't actually sound like you even disagree with the post you initially quoted. And as I said, no change to a subscription model was suggested in that post. Only that the existing and always promiswd VIP subscription be made more desirable than simply buying more accounts.
  3. I have to say I agree in general. Having played a good amount in 5.2, we did some scrims last night in 5.1. I prefer the old targeting specifically for Druids Spark, I think. It is a little bit too easy to Simply hit a target once and then hold down the left button while staying in range.
  4. That's an extremely vague comment. Care to give some examples of games that were wonderful, ruined by a healthy subscription? Great games ruined by tying content consumption to investment in the game? It's a ridiculous concept. The free to play model ruins gaming. This is especially true in a game with this level of asset destruction and PVP. I'll give you the opposite specific example of your vague comment: Shadowbane was a game many of us loved when it had a subscription. They went free-to-play and everyone had a dozen alt accounts. It custard ruined it.
  5. And look at the poorly made socks games it has produced. edit: I'm with you on the sub preference.
  6. They don't even have to do it that way. They only need to make the VIP subscription extremely desirable.
  7. Well, no more P2W than VIP with Crafting + Combat general skill lines would be anyway.
  8. An untrained white vessel will not scratch that itch at all for most. It's the training.
  9. I think the extra passive and ability slot for Human is pretty big. Generally thought the live stream was fantastic. Things are coming together.
  10. Welcome aboard ha Swedish meatball. Now jump into testing and get bloody with us.
  11. Trusted traders?
  12. Not yet. The gerbils can claim while stealthed though, which makes it pointless to defend.
  13. Na. For the most part the howling wolf in my sig and avatar were our crest(s). We did run under a few others on occasion, but I don't recall a solid black one.
  14. There's a large contingent of SB vets here man. Not sure what server you played, but every day is like a class reunion round these parts.