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  1. My issue with scimitar druid is that it has nothing given to it to replace everything taken from it. Is it supposed to be a ranged dps? Too bad fessor and ranger do that better, with sustain options, and group utility. Too bad staff druid does MORE damage with all the healing and waaaaay more group utility. Is it supposed to be a group support? Too bad we lose all the support discs and only support ability we get is lightning armor...when druid is the only lightning damage in the game. There is no reason...no reason at all to run scimi druid besides wanting to have fun. It's outclassed in everything, by everything, even it's own other disc that gets to keep healing. The resource is arbitrary with no control over it besides "well hope this fight doesn't last so long I run out" which they most definitely will when SP gets buffed. And then you're stuck there unless you wanna waste an ability slot for sacrifice, but you have no sustain to replenish your sacrifice. I think that: 1. Call storm should electrocute the area around your target as well, exploding druid orbs (or if not exploding druid orbs then at least snaring enemies) 2. There needs to be SOME sort of resource control. I'm not sure what would work best, I'm sure you guys could think of much better ideas then I could (but I like the idea of getting resource when you pick up stormcaller orbs) 3. Some sort of niche for it to shine. I agree with Riku that it should be AoE group busting.
  2. I like this idea.
  3. lmao you don't. don't even worry about it. You're a good person to have a constructive back and forth with, a lot more logical than I am, so I appreciate it
  4. Or could even be a future promotion class. A promotion class that focuses on essence burn mechanics could be very cool? Edit: being able to have constructive and friendly back and forth is such a nice break from the normal.
  5. This happens regardless of running out of fury or not. Whenever I stop the combo, the animation persists for another 5-10 seconds. Makes it very hard to see enemies animations while fighting
  6. Alright, yah I can concede that. I was just trying to add a more tactical aspect of play to the class, but you are right, it doesn't play well with lag and other factors. Just trying to get creative
  7. I like the idea....but I WANT essence burn to add something. I don't want ACE to keep dumbing down their class mechanics; especially, in my opinion, one of the mechanics with the most potential. I'd be more than alright if they took the route of Makkon's post, good ideas I think. I just want a little more reason to reward smart essence management and not just another arbitrary resource you forget about. We have those already and it's boring af imo
  8. I mean, they could, but that's boring imo. I want a reason to purposefully put myself at risk by going into essence burn for some significant buffs to my abilities. Heck I'd be fine if they chose to add another ability (1 to life, 1 to death) that ONLY became available while essence burning. Literally anything to make it a risk/reward and fun mechanic, because it has too much potential to not be used imo. Better be organized. Like literally every other ability in the game with friendly fire
  9. Yah no I agree on the tray swap 100%, super annoying. Hopefully they will polish it soon, because it is pretty frustrating trying to swap, having it not go off, and then double swap back to the same tray lol. I just don't think the actual mechanic of essence is irritating, not to say there isn't a whole lot more that is.
  10. you clearly haven't seen previous ACE "balance changes" lol
  11. can confirm, i've tried ignoring the OP multiple times but somehow we always shows up in my chat
  12. Regardless of the strength of the disc, and being gated behind thralls...the design of the disc is what makes it OP. its a spammable self heal for minimal resource. this disc will go one of a few ways: They nerf the healing from rehab into the ground and up the heal amount required for the passive and nobody uses the disc They keep it the same and restrict it to support classes, and it quickly becomes a necessary part of any healer build stifling overall build diversity They change the actual MECHANICS of the disc, and it becomes an interesting disc choice for multiple builds and is no longer a mindless self-heal spam. I think the healing should be lowered a little, but once they fix healing values and support power contribution this disc will provide much less healing for anyone compared to an actual support class, unlike how it is now
  13. I don't think essence is irritating, at least not on staff...pretty easy to manage honestly. But I can also see where people dislike it, and I won't disagree that it needs plenty of improvements.
  14. Not true. Gatherers will reign supreme in the economy game, if you wanna make a ton of money especially during launch, go stone harvesting
  15. Yah, I don't care how they do it...just make it interesting I guess is my view. My thought in terms of life essence burning was to make support spells more "supporty", but I like adding offensive components to it as well for sure