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  1. Couple of bugs I noticed playing champ yesterday: - Ultimate warrior still does NOT iFrame CC effects...however, it does iFrame damage. So using it to block a fessor knockdown doesn't work and sometimes you don't get the healing from the ability either. - I didn't have any crazy Rend launches...but I've all but almost stopped using the skill except in some very niche situations. That said, it's still clunky as custard and really difficult to hit. Especially with server performance as it is. - I believe Hurlbat could possibly be hitting twice as well (similar to that templar posting earlier) as I think I've seen two numbers popping up when someone gets hit with Hurlbat, but that said it's only happened maybe 2 times. - There is an infinite leap bug, not sure how exactly it is replicated but I did get a video of me doing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3sVCzQQSOU - Hurlbat seems to be really finicky in aiming, similar to like the duelist pistol shot. Sometimes you have your reticle over the target and it still misses. Elevation tends to goof it up a whole lot as well, but it seems that way for a lot of abilities. - Sometimes 3-3 doesn't actually play the suppress animation and it doesn't suppress the target, but the ability goes on cooldown. I think that's it for now, but i'll edit if I see anything else the rest of the test.
  2. I agree that we need some CC diminishing returns. But tbh, the problem in my eyes is that CC durations are freaking crazy long at the moment. I mean...you have knockdowns that are lasting for 6-8 seconds, stuns lasting 3-4 seconds, etc. In a PvP game those durations are just so incredibly long and is by far my least favorite part about combat in CF right now. I think if we reduced the CC durations things would feel a lot better, but I still agree that diminishing returns are a necessary part of combat. Just a few examples of CC locking targets and being able to 100-0 them during that lock (I'm pretty sure these are the duration values, though idk what the current DR is set at or if it's just "get hit by 3 stuns and then you're CC immune". So it could easily be longer than I'm putting here): Duelist: If someone is not paying attention and gets hit by barrel knockdown (6 seconds) + pepperbox stun (4 seconds) + pepperbox stun (3 seconds) + pepperbox stun (2 seconds) = 15 seconds of lockdown Templar: Parry knockdown (6 seconds) + 2 combo knockdown (4-5 seconds) + leap stun (2 seconds) = 12-13 seconds of lockdown Myrm: Net (8 seconds) + 3 combo stun (3-4 seconds) + C power knockdown (6-7 seconds) + net (8 seconds) = 27-29 seconds of lockdown Then you put all of these classes in a group together and you can basically perma-CC entire groups of people if you have the coordination and get a good opener CC on a condensed group of enemies. Duelist alone can lockup 4 people for the entire duration of his CC combos. Especially since with increased stun duration, it makes your stun long enough to hit enemies with an offensive barrel explosion. Anyways, done with this post, point is...CC durations need to be shortened for sure. And I agree that we definitely need some DR on CC effects
  3. I think druid will start to shine later when we get promos and you can really specialize what style of druid you want to play. That said, I agree with a lot of the points in this thread...I don't necessarily think that respawning at 25% is necessary. It would be nice I suppose but I don't think it's a deal breaker for the AT. In regards to the NA changes suggested, definitely SHOULD NOT be a heal in my opinion. It should stay a dmg buff on an ally (granted I still think 75% is waaaay too much for a dmg buff w/ the current damage numbers). I like @Tinnis's suggestion about getting the barkskin buff after 1.5-2 seconds of channeling, and then at the end of the channel giving the target a small heal, but only if you finish the whole channel. Tbh I'd like to see barkskin become more interesting. It has so much potential to be a druid defining skill, but is just so boring and lackluster right now. Something I've thought about is making it a targeted barrier spell with a cooldown...when you cast it on one ally you get the full barrier, cast it on another ally and both get half, so on and so forth. Idk could be a terrible idea but the point is that I'd like to see it have something more interesting then hit and forget attached to it. More than anything, anything at all, for druid I want it to be skill based going into essence burn. I really want to have a tactical aspect to that mechanic. Where maybe in essence burn, your wisp heals AND does damage. Or your healing rain slows or roots enemies in the radius during the duration of the ability. Then in death tray, make your 1 castable on an ally giving them a HoT or something and so on and so forth. Could be really fun and raise the skill cap
  4. Yerp, combat is much more mobile from when you tested last (didn't play SP myself but seen lots of videos and lots of guildies played during that phase). That said, they've kept some abilities rooted where it makes sense; myrm pulverize, etc. I think combat has been slowly continuing to get better imo (though like coolwaters said performance can be super spotty sometimes, err, most of the times), and I think once disciplines and vessels finally make it into the game then it will be even better. Looks good so far, and still has a long ways to go, in terms of features, to continue getting better
  5. Yah we definitely get some good fights here and there. I think once we get just a little further in the testing phases and eventually get our guild systems we will be seeing a lot more group PvP. I thought I heard this next test has 15k more people being invited or something...So I think things will seriously start picking up in regards to PvP
  6. I'd LOVE to see nameplates and names more visibly. Right now, with the font and red color...It makes then really really hard to see. Especially during FFA campaigns where there can be friendly fire between guild groups (though hopefully guild heraldry helps with that but still). I'm all for nameplate visibility improvements.
  7. Welcome to the community guys! Looking forward to seeing some Killjoys in action! Should be quite a splendid sight!
  8. Love this thread. Keep it going folks. Definitely some productive conversation. But actually...I think we can all agree that ACE generally does a pretty solid job warning about servers coming down and making sure to spirit bank your stuff. Also, just spirit bank everything everytime if you're worried about losing stuff. I get it's a bummer to lose some hours of work...But c'mon, it's not really that big of an issue to illicit responses like this. Just my opinion though
  9. Email ACE support, they should be able to help you out support@artcraftent.com
  10. I agree, I think it sounds really cool and has lots of chances to be very high skill cap in CF. With regards to the %dmg increase per "frozen" stack, I think that'd be really cool on one ability. I really like the idea I had where different abilities have different shatter effects, so maybe one ability has increased damage per stack but another blinds people in a certain area larger for each stack, and maybe another gives an ice barrier to all friendly players near the target. I think that'd be awesome, and gives you a lot of options when it comes to shattering and certain situations. Also, the C power should be a big frost Nova thing that shatters all "frozen" stacks on enemies around you in a AoE or cone or something.
  11. Champion Ultimate Warrior iFrame is bugged. No matter whether or not you're mid-animation and have the invulnerable buff you can still get CC'd. Have a video of it here, but it has happened to me multiple times. Will try testing with some guildies and see if maybe it's weird ping spikes at inopportune times or something.
  12. Duren stated exactly what I was going to say so I'm just gonna quote him
  13. This is somewhat what I had in mind. Though I'll probably build mine out to be a little more brawler-esque with lots of debuffs
  14. This. The very first thing I noticed when I started testing, definitely annoys me
  15. I'm somewhat hesitant about this as well...Guess we will have to see how it plays out though. More than anything I just don't want your classic backstab --> full combo points --> finisher character that has been done to death in far too many games