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  1. ah yes. that's the stuff. thanks!
  2. nope. how do you get it?
  3. " the server list was not available. check you internet connection" I have been sitting at "checking crowfall servers loading screen since 11 pm EST last night.
  4. After playing in last night's test I'm confused as to what kind of game Crowfall is going to be. Perhaps I was mislead or misunderstood the "most anticipated" banners at http://crowfall.com/ and various videos that I have watched . I was thinking this game was going to be like a MMORPG almost like (and I hate to already bringing my WoW baggage) Alterac Valley on continental scale , but last night's test kind of felt more like a 3D MOBA mixed with a search and destroy mission from a FPS. I'm trying to keep an open mind that it being an Alpha phase test that what I played last night was a small sample of what is to come. Are the "item malls/Hubs" going to be in the actual game or are they for testing purposes only? i could see why they would be available to simulate gear acquired that we would otherwise be unable to get during the test cycle but if its going to be part of the actual game i fail to see the point in having items at all. I'm probably jumping the gun here and making all the wrong assumptions but am I the only one that is getting these vibes? help me see the bigger picture.
  5. this the same guild from Nost?
  6. Thank you For your Hastie response. My issue has been resolved and I am currently downloading with my Crowfall patcher! See you all in game tomorrow.
  7. Should I or shouldn't I be able to log into the crowfall patcher with my login credentials before the test tomorrow? I am simply trying to get my client ready before tomorrow's test and wasn't sure if i should be able to get past this point. it may be possible that all i need is the updater. any help would be appreciated.