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  1. The Dark Web comes to Crowfall! Muhahahaha! Will they be selling in game gold on the Silk Road? lol
  2. You are exactly right Phylor. Much later Garren and his wife Saya came back and played on test. I saw his name on noob isle and started a conversation with him. They ended up playing with us in Shadow Dragon for a short time before they quit playing again. Also, The White Tower were allies of House in Visus. When the capitol fell, the guilds all subbed under Garren and formed Empire of the Burning Moon. Green shield and a yellow rising sun symbol. House in Visus was later replaced by Riders on the Storm. They were located in North West Mainland. I remember The White Tower so well because they had dropped their walls wrong and they were inverted. You could /stuck into their city. We used to go PVP in their town all of the time lol. They were kind of dumb. I miss the old SB days. Beta and Fear server with Ebonlore, Trechery Server with Covenant of Swords, Test Server with my nation, or DeathRyders or Commanders Reborn, and most of all Death server with LoD, The Golden Era of SB!!!
  3. I speak to him on boards. He posts quite a bit there. Very nice guy.
  4. Nice to see you here Panthro!
  5. I'm the one that should be forgetting lol. I'm getting old LOL
  6. If you want to get down, down to the ground Crowcaine
  7. Dionisis was a Female Aelfborn
  8. I remember that! My UA Warrior was named "Sexopheliac" and got changed to Golden Bunny. I got Ben to fix it for me, so it got changed to Dionisis. Jose had a toon named "Korean Puta", it got changed to Lavender Bunny lol. Test was so much fun!
  9. Good luck new Mods! Respect Pann, she is awesome! Keep the "Crowbutting" to a minimum haha (inside joke)! Modding is a thankless job, but the satisfaction you get, when the boards are going well, is worth it! I have enjoyed my past year of modding! Kudos and god speed! @Doc - Hail weary traveller! Glad to see you back! PM me bro!
  10. +1 for some great guys and fun guild. I loved fighting you guys!
  11. FC is nearly 20 years old! Are you guys reforming for CF? I love your site and all, the artwork is great, but I was just curious about why you would call Free Corps a newly formed guild? Im not attempting to be rude at all, I hope I dont come across that way, but I fought you guys down in the bog on death server. That was many moons ago my friends.
  12. You just have to get close to them. "Dwarves are natural sprinters, very dangerous over short distances."
  13. WNx! I haven't heard that name in a while! I'm friends with a couple of guys who played there. I still talk to Joe (Ace/Webedeadly). I haven't talked to Nick in a while.
  14. -Worst PvPer of all time - Manshoon -Worst forum poster of all time - Caliman (with Ajushi as honorable mention) -Worst guild leader of all time - Caliman (Manshoon a VERY close second, followed by Zerakul) -Worst person to not have muted in ventrilo of all time - Kyntyn (You just can't unhear the things he says lol)
  15. It was "The Elitists". I think Gozer the Traveller and some of his guys started that guild. If I remember correctly. They occupied the area that was once occupied by Choas Element, and The White Tower. TWT was later known as Knights of the Burning Moon.