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  1. I enjoy a good SWG post. Thanks for posting
  2. I was not able to reproduce this using Mozilla Firefox (53.0.3). Please make sure there are no plugins you are running that could prohibit certain Javascript from being loaded.
  3. This should now be resolved.
  4. Resolved.
  5. The store should be working properly for European customers at this time.
  6. Looking forward to seeing what is created from you guys.
  7. The rest of the disciplines (Weapon, and Minor) have now made it to the news article.
  8. Developer Tracker should be working now.
  9. Glad you were able to get it resolved. Don't hesitate to reach out to support@artcraftent.com if you encounter this issue again.
  10. I enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting. I was surprised at how similar your story was to mine. Almost identical, except different planets and a different server (Eclipse -- Still waiting for some players from that server to surface around here.) +1 on SWG being an insanely amazing game.. Definitely my favorite of all time hands down.
  11. We will look into this. Thank you for reporting.
  12. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting.
  13. Unfortunately this is a bug on the forum provider end. I can not give an ETA on when this will be fixed, but we have noted it as a bug in our system. Thanks for reporting.
  14. Investigating this now. Edit: This should be resolved now @Avloren -- Thanks for reporting.
  15. Thanks for the reports. We patched a security fix for the forums this past week. It appears doing so did break these boxes in various places around the forums. I am in contact with our forum providers to get this resolved, as the issue is not on our end.