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  1. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting.
  2. Unfortunately this is a bug on the forum provider end. I can not give an ETA on when this will be fixed, but we have noted it as a bug in our system. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Investigating this now. Edit: This should be resolved now @Avloren -- Thanks for reporting.
  4. Thanks for the reports. We patched a security fix for the forums this past week. It appears doing so did break these boxes in various places around the forums. I am in contact with our forum providers to get this resolved, as the issue is not on our end.
  5. I agree -- 3 minutes was a bit excessive. I shortened the post time to 20 seconds.
  6. This is now fixed. See "Insert other media" above the Submit Reply button.
  7. This is now resolved. Once you change it, re-login and it should update.
  8. The issue with the ability to edit posts should now be fixed.
  9. We are still fine tuning some of the settings for the new member groups. The like button should now be fixed for all member groups.
  10. I did the process on your accounts and it picked it up correctly. I was although, able to reproduce the error you reported. I am wondering if it took a bit for the new SSO code to propagate on Invision's side.
  11. Investigating. Thanks for the reports.
  12. **NOTICE** If you have encountered the forum bug where you were improperly assigned to the wrong group. Please logout, delete your cookies (CTRL + Shift + Del for Chrome) and re-login. This should be fixed now. If you still aren't assigned to your proper group, please email support@artcraftent.com
  13. I am about to begin applying the fix for member groups. The forums might be a little bumpy here for the next hour or so.
  14. This is my current focus. I will switch you back.
  15. We believe we have the 500 error resolved. If anyone is still experiencing this issue, please email support@artcraftent.com.