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  1. I hear you!!. I should be in test this weekend
  2. Not been able to do much testing over the last week - how did the Siege Tests go??
  3. Looking forward to another weekend of testing. May have to try the druid this time though.....
  4. Make sure you select the "Testing" (currently version 5.2.2) otherwise the Campaigns don't seem to launch
  5. Just done mine too
  6. I'm hoping we do.....crosses fingers....all of them....
  7. I think we are a a little further out and will predict Q2 2018, but who knows I'v been wrong before....many times actually
  8. Yeah, I definitely want to try out the Stoneborn race and these Disciplines are very interesting. I think there are going to be some real interesting builds coming up
  9. Yes i was looking forward to that too, but they did say you could use Disciplines to get to the same functionality which should give more flexibility to your build anyway
  10. It's looking like the big reveal is going to be Disciplines for sure. Now all the crazy build theory-crafting can start
  11. I have a feeling it's going to be 100's of Disciplines released into testing. Time will tell though
  12. This is what I think the reveal is going to be too. I know they have been working on them and they were very excited to discuss during the last Q&A
  13. They did look interesting Diz. Looking forward to giving it a try
  14. We're really looking forward to testing using resources to rebuild campaign strongholds that; info that ACE posted on Thursday. It's going to be very interesting to see what is needed and how this works out in gameplay
  15. Nice; looking forward to testing this!