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  1. The system you chose is pretty good, you might want to update the ssd someday maybe, but that's like building legos. You also won't need 32 gb of ram. Crowfall just needs to get the memory leak fixed.
  2. Discord Integration sounds great. Why build it something new when most people will be using discord or teamspeak anyway
  3. You should be, the calendar is updated often just shortly before the test. There is of course always the possibility that they skip a week although that's highly unlikely
  4. That's a pretty good setup. I can't really comment on the price. But the hardware is really nice
  5. @Wildflower You might want to contact the support, your account is probably not flagged right. support@crowfall.com
  6. the malekai project did an incredible job for a lot of theory crafting needs https://malekai.org/
  7. Every vessel will have a racial passive, that is always on. That's the extra passive and active slot for humans or the trailmaster for elken, in addition you get a metric ton of passives of which only 3 are active at a time. so 3 standart passives + 1 racial passive
  8. What? that doesn't make sense at all. Every race and class will have unique passive and active abilities. What doesn't look possible to you?
  9. Pretty simple a lot of choices allowing for a nice customization
  10. Not extra trees, but you can choose from 6 trees to train instead of 3. But they are the same trees.
  11. you will have to reexplore the map again and again, because it won't update automatically, so people might just build their castle somewhere and your map won't show it.
  12. @BaSkA What are you talking about? you have to click once per stamina bar
  13. I'm not too concerned about that, it's way to early in development to get a big number of "casual" players in. It's too buggy, too uncomplete. They have 44000 backers but a lot of people are waiting to test a complete product, not bits and pieces of one.
  14. At the moment you can freely swap, and that will probably stay that way later on. BUT all you can take with you are skills. So your vessel, gear and disciplines stay bound to one campaign Well they CAN do that with the way their campaigns work, but it's highly unlikely as it's a pvp game No, every vessel in every campaign has it's own gear They said they want to add a bard class. But that probably has one of the lowest priorities
  15. So people can't play with their SO or roommates? That's just stupid.