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  1. Thanks for the response. I definitely lost my fort wall blocks from a EK crash. The items that were in my inventory but I appreciate the heads up on the parcel inventory as well.
  2. Is there any plans to reset the EK's any time soon? I lost all my fort building blocks from a crash in the EK and I'm hoping to play with them. I also have many blocks that are frozen in my Spirit bank and cannot load them into my EK's inventory.
  3. Hi Unfolded. You played well for sure. I had a lot of fun and got some good experience in that fight. I hope to someday be able to hold my own as well as you did.
  4. I believe it was at the large statue in the center. However I didn't know I could do that until recently and it is possible I used the Templar statue to respawn out of old habits. I will pay very close attention if it happens again. When I lost my gear last week after falling off a wall I definitely respawn using the confessor statue cause I didn't know I could use the Giant center statue. Thanks for looking into it.
  5. My EK crashed and I lost all of my inventory again. Had all my fort wall building materials (and some castle stuff also I believe) in it. Not a big deal now but when there are no more resets this is going to be a major issue. I was on top of a mountain and I rearranged my parcels . Found myself floating very high in mid air and couldn't move or do anything at all. Couldn't even use escape to log out. I exited the program and when I returned I was a crow at my re spawn statue. After re spawning my inventory was empty,
  6. In my EK I put down a castle. I try to get to the tree inside the castle but as I get close to it I get dizzy and quickly die. Not sure if this is a bug or you don't want people getting close to the tree. Ether way it supper cool to see the castle in my EK. This game is cumming along super and cant wait for next cool thing to be implemented. Kcing
  7. Your “Master of Swords” Weapon Discipline says the Knight, Ranger, Assassin and Templar can equip it. But when I craft it and try to use it on a Templar I cannot, The "hover over the icon description window" says the ASSN, KNGT, LGNR and RNGR can equip it. Personally I think the Templar should also be able to use it but ether way your text description needs to be updated when you have a chance. Thanks for your hard work. Your doing a great job. Kcing
  8. Orion Knights will be a guild that Specializes in all aspects of Crowfall and will welcome players of all skill levels and ages. Our guild will be using a communication App. to coordinate our combat tactics and to talk among ourselves. We may purchase a channel on Team Speak but for now I made a channel on Discord named Orion Knights. I'm Currently looking for combat officers to lead us using our communication App. and the web site form to coordinate our fighting tactics. If your interested in teaching and leading us in combat then please contact me through our contact page located on our web site. As Artcraft brings new game systems online, we will be looking for officers to specialize in those areas also.
  9. I'm asking to make the current combat testing system part of the actual game that we can use in our EK's. As time goes by and if it's popular, they can expand on to include things such as rewards that won't conflict with the CW game play. The skirmishes could actually be a resource sink as the keep will need to be built and repaired after battle. But for now I'm just suggesting to include what they already have. I believe it is a huge extra for us while requiring the least amount of work from the ArtCraft team.
  10. Not sure if this was your bug or my computer but in last game the program crashed on me and I got a "out of threads" or maybe it was "to many threads" message from windows.
  11. My character moved through a solid wall into a closed room (no doors to get out of it) in the main keep while using Zealot Rush. The only way I was able to escape the closed room was to jump into the air and use Zealot rush again. Not sure but I might have been on steps when using Zealot Rush to move through the solid wall and enter into the closed room. I believe the walls may not always be solid up off the ground a bit. I have a screen shot of the void room if it will help you but I don't know how to attach it to this post. I can e-mail it if you like. I have moved through solid walls before but I don't know the circumstances that existed except it was also in the keep and while I was using Zealot Rush. Nick AKA Kcing
  12. I so enjoy the current combat testing and the way it matches up small groups of players for some quick combat fun. Since the programming is already mostly done it seems like a cool feature to include in the EK's for players willing to sponsor it by providing parcels, structures, resources etc... to fight over. You could have toggles for things like looting and building destruction for players wanting different risk levels. I believe it would attract casual players to the game thus creating a higher demand of quality resources from the CW's for the hard core players to prosper from. Also more casual players mean more cash flow for ArtCraft which means more game development for us.
  13. What is the new accessory pack listed in the new stronghold packages? ArtCraft just keeps making the backer packages better and better and I'm unable to keep up with the cool changes
  14. Should we sell our character slots or do they convert into vessels? Also will multiple accounts per player be aloud? I have read confusing post from players but haven't come across any info from ArtCraft on this subject.
  15. I lost the head of my toon for about 30 sec or so while I was running (first game) . Actually looked cool. The rest of my issues were stated by a previous comments. First game laged for a while but the rest of the of games seem smooth. 14ms ping, 30ms and around 62 fps most of the time. The only other issue I have is that the games were fun and I wish there was more play time.