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  1. On behalf of those in Caldera, and myself... Please accept our heartfelt condolences, words cannot begin to express the sadness his family is feeling right now. We hope that in time the sadness will be replaced with fond memories... that in some respect he will be remembered. For those of us who had the pleasure to know Coolwaters, he was always someone to keep an eye on and have a word with.... He'll be missed.
  2. Ranger : RMB Buffs oddly : - Clearcasting - Ironwood Body
  3. It was an issue on the server, somethig with a firewall I believe... Should be fixed.
  4. Tyranny EU restarted... only seeing sky issue persist
  5. Local bank : Does it wipe with each test? or does it persist like the spirit bank.
  6. Think Druid + buff ally .. and no it wasn't the ranger your body had no arrows in it. It did though look to have orbs around u by the ton.. Also if your ally got hit by it too it couldn't be the ranger.
  7. 5+hours on "Tyranny EU"... 1 fight. Man I'm growing old...
  8. And hide...
  9. Lately there is one option which is starting to annoy me quite a bit. It's nothing huge like the change to the melee reticule hit. Nor the ranged extremely large reticule hit assist. It's something as simple as : Sprint. Before "Trailblazer" was introduced. All we had was "Sprint" as a movement modifier. When it was changed to only be used in combat, I have to admit that all the skill training I'd done went down the drain. Now it's what it is... and still I can't help but think that it feels wrong. Sprint should not be a in/out-of combat ability. It should be -on use-. If you want to sprint in combat. Fine. If you want to sprint out of combat.... fine as well. What really does close the deal for me is : Since it's -atm- only usable in COMBAT, how come we can't "sprint" AND attack at the same time? I would love for this mechanic to get relooked at...
  10. Smaller. Semi transparent. Less transparent on crits?
  11. You don't need large scale combat. Just 1v1 on a ranger and use Rapid Fire. The damage numbers actually interrubts aiming. Would be really cool if these numbers weren't right on top of the target you hit so U can keep aiming. That just leaves to another problem though. Seeing -whom- U hit in larger scale combat.. Don't have an answer nor solution to this one, but the feedback of doing damage - meaning the numbers sprouting form the attacked target... are actually hindering sight often.
  12. +1 Well made!
  13. Gate Bug : I jumped while pressing F .. and got more than I bargained for.
  14. Already sent em when I made the video
  15. The objects which block are huge then cause its only on this ledge of the ramparts which its like this. Onjects in general are imdeed a nuisance and often causimg weird interferance