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  1. +1 Druids and the essence issue is spot on in the same boat...
  2. Same goes for the Duelists gun + rapier
  3. With the announcement of Campaign : PLEASE DON*T PUT OFF GETTING A SYSTEM IN PLACE FOR ARROWS!!!!
  4. Even IF there is a container I will have to pull out enough arrows for the FULL fight we face. I die as the first person get full looted.. This is simply put meaning that I will spend arrows even faster, have to stock up even more ... I wont be shooting more arrows, I will have to carry more arrows so I don't have to run back to the chest all the time. The system and the implementation of it -is- not ready for campaign.
  5. Huge concern : Rangers - Arrows - Campaign - Removal of Spirit Bank. The current system of arrows is -not- going to work in Campaign. Simply put - It is a lootable ressource which will mean that on -every- single death the ranger will have to stop to craft arrows... oh wait! Will have to get RESSOURCES to craft arrows cause you can be damn sure everyone (and their mother) will loot them.
  6. +1 Arrows have become a "grind" and even factories and thralls will not remove the problems of them being a lootable ressource.
  7. Make it possible to make FALSE maps pls!
  8. Use the "Mass" stat.. If you have lower mass than the person you chain.. you are pulled to them. If pulling a person you have more mass than then you pull them to you. Maybe.
  9. @My Concern as well.
  10. Ranger Power Test on E24 ; The power reads : Leaps Backwards dealing : 244 - 331 + 287% weapon damage - It doesn't do the damage at all. 1 : Stand next to a target. 2 : Apply the Combo to trigger the Disengage.
  11. Ranger Power Test on J2 : You're able to bug your lifeleech through the repeated usage of LMB. I have had it happen a few times but haven't found the exact manner of reproducing this. Relogging will remove the effect.
  12. Ranger Power Test on E18 : Dagger Spin : The power reads : Increase your lifesteal bonus by 60%. This doesn't happen. Repro Steps. 1 : Put on Master of Daggers to establish 10% lifeleech. 2 : Find a target. 3 : Use Daggerspin ... or watch the video below Video :
  13. Ranger Power Test on E30. Sustain : The power reads : Grants 400% Lifesteal. It only grants 40% Repro steps : Use it or look at the video. Video :
  14. All those posting videos. Can you please also link your Computer Specs :
  15. Tinnis : initial turn out: Tinnis AoE DPS Druid [warning gtx 750ti low frames] YouTube Tinnis Crowfall - The Caldera Colosseum ~25 vs ~25 - AoE DPS Druid - WARNING: low FPS. watch at x1.5 speed!