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  1. And any further "arguements" and comments you're going to be making will be ignored by the majority of the community.
  2. Gravestones only stop working after the EKs shut down. Leaving an EK and returning moments later doesnt shut it down.
  3. You take an item out. I kill you before the 2 min timer runs out. I cant loot these items.
  4. Please remove the 2min CD when retrieving from the Spirit Bank. '
  5. What is the Current Testing Phase? Last time I checked you were a "Tester" Urahara : not a "Developer". As that is the case : Who do you think define when the game is in Pre-Alpha, Alpha or Beta? Let me give you a hint - It's not you. You may have a different view of such, but that doesn't make it correct. It's not in a certain development stage till those whom develop the game state it. Now I've stated 1 thing you said that wasn't true.
  6. If you don't like it, you're of course entiteled to that oppinion. At least though before you start sprouting all these proclaims make sure they are facts when you are listing them as such. Basically all I'm saying is half of what you are saying isn't true, and you're always entiteled to find something else to do and go play another game if you don't like what you see.
  7. I did my best to encourage them to have another go. When that didn't work I went looking for them! I dont have the mobility nor CC of the Confessor, so I felt I had to play to Zone controlling. Weaving and bopping to avoid counter damage from them. Luckily the terrain played to my advantage, but without health bars it was really a challenge... Thank you for the compliment! Kinda think it's broken! Know what I mean?!?
  8. I utterly disagree. The long haul is exactly why I'm here and the instant gratification should by no means be part of this game, not from crafting.. not from harvesting.. not from skill leveling. @Work. Pure and simple..
  9. Greetings from the shadows.. Need your help! This weekends lag made testing a bit hard, so I am asking those here who have just played the ranger this weekend if they noticed any changes to the C power/Sustain. Let me elaborate : Using it with you Bow tray : Nearly no life steal. Using it with your Melee 2 : Wow the lifesteal even off 3 peope, still not really impressed. Got like 20-25% health back. So I'm thinking .. are the numbers just MUCH lower, or could the extra healing from the Melee 2 when combined with C just not be stat wise triggering? Anyone have some experiences or footage to look at? And remember!!!! Always watch your backs!
  10. Well put together.
  11. Group invites are always interesting They spice things up. C? What C!?!? Is there a C-ability in this game!?
  12. Archtype skills definately -dont- work.
  13. But it's as close as I'm going to get to one... There were several moments in which I got lucky. So enjoy the view : Ranger vs 3 Note : No health bars, poor visual with random damage numbers, no Archtype skills working - didn't make things any easier.