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  1. Will you dare nonetheless? Apply at
  2. I understand the need for VIP to give players more than cosmetics and fluff but on the other hand players becoming Swiss pocket knives being able train combat and crafting will imo be detrimental to the interdependencies between specialisations we all expect to be a key feature of Crowfall. The solution could be to make some skill categories mutually exclusive for training by VIPs. So for example you would be able to train combat and exploration or crafting and harversting in the two slots granted by VIP but not combat and crafting or harvesting.
  3. Very nice work, I love it ! btw I found an omission in the description of Blood Pact: "Grants a Blood Pact for 15 seconds, which all powers to consume Hitpoints instead of their normal ressource type." Should be: "Grants a Blood Pact for 15 seconds, which allow all powers to consume Hitpoints instead of their normal ressource type"
  4. Yeah, putting the trailer under a huge magnifyer and being hypercritical about it isn't helping anyone. The trailer is just fine, let's put it in perspective, I like it because it's telling a little roleplay story and Melissa's voice is beautiful
  5. Sad news, my sincere condolences on the passing of your friend.
  6. Bug: Unable to claim Order fort at the Dragon statue, even after 3 tries. Notice how the animation didn't trigger.
  7. Grafic bug after being hit by a druid power I believe
  8. J'aime "La Ruine" quoique ce soit comme "l'Apocalypse" ou "Le néant" un peu trop exagéré. Le "Fléau" décrit assez bien le phénomène mais reste un peu vague. Je pensais à "L'épuisement" ou la "déperdition" qui décrivent tous deux le charactère graduel et irréversible du "Hunger" qui amène tous le monde à se cannibaliser. Il faudrait seulement un mot plus poigant et fort, je continue de chercher également PS : "La Famine" ou "La Misère" peut-être?
  9. If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. Seneca
  10. You hopped in and out SB... you left absolutly zero marks. You then hopped into DF in an uber alliance being the local jester. I started playing in the EU beta of SB in an alliance that proved itself. I played on Damnation EU until the death of the server in a small but competitive guild. What are you trying to teach me about domination ? You should learn about perseverance, then maybe will you have shot at glory. You have zero proof of your alleged skills.
  11. So you played SB for a few month, claimed to have won the game but actually got crushed and blaimed it on dupes and hacks. You sound like a sore loser to me. Also, I have never seen you in CF, is there a pattern here?
  12. It's funny how you judge a game you never played. You heard a few facts and you grossly exxagerate them to try proving that SB players here have no rights to tell their own story on how they experienced SB ? On how this game was absolutly amazing ? You better come up with something more solid than some weak psychological projections and tricks. You're like someone who never went to Vietnam telling Vietnam veterans they are totally mistaken on how they experienced that war. You're a virgin acting like Doctor Ruth. You're empty.