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  1. Definatly Hispanic, name suggestions: Speedy Gonzalez, El Corazon, Salsi Puedes, Jefe ...
  2. This one is for crafters Major Discipline: Occult metallurgy (Alchemy) - Transmutation: transmutes metals, for example turns 20 slag into 1 iron or 40 slag into 1 gold. - Purification: purifies metals, for example turns 20 tier I silver into 1 tier II silver. Major Discipline: Philosopher's stone (Alchemy) - Elixir of life: Gives back some durability to vessels.
  3. In my EK potion timers don't work (staying on 0s).
  4. Caldera cordially invites any mature and active Crowfall players to join our guild. We are the most active european guild that has been around since the very beginning of the kickstarter, with members from all over Europe. The primary agenda of Caldera is to have fun and to win. If you think you would fit in Caldera please register on our website and apply for membership !
  5. Anyone else has seen this movie? If you haven't I absolutly recommend it, it's a blast!
  6. Brant Bjork
  7. I agree, the latest test-fases constitute a lose-lose situation detrimental to the motivation of both organized guilds and solo testers because of the lack of competition or generally speaking a goal. But I'm still optimistist about the whole process, I'm sure there's a reason why we testers have to bite through the sour apple and that we will get the promised role-out of features soon. We just need to have patience.
  8. You seem to like lighter hogwash, let me enlighten you: it's still hogwash. This discussion is flawed to the core, there's nothing interesting or groundbreaking about it, can't you see it? I guess nothing is as difficult as not deceiving oneself.
  9. Twelve pages of revolting hogwash, bravo !
  10. Choosing the Templar on Scorn EU and Sanctuary made me jump in spectator mode and slowly glide away from the temple. I noticed that in the customization screen there was no Templar avatar. I tried repairing the client files and reloggging aswell but now remain stuck at the loading screen (Waiting for avatar).
  11. Shadowbane indeed had the Huntsman discipline with the "Tracking" power which had a 12 sec. cast time and allowed you to track one player from a list. You then had a directional arrow pointing to the target
  12. I don't know if this idea has been posted before but it would be immensely cool to have trail-finding implemented in the game. As I envision it trail-finding would be a discipline allowing you to see the actual steps of players on the ground, these trails would last for one minute. One could think of differentiating the trails with colours for each archetype for example. What do you guys think about this?
  13. Nice interview, keep up the good work Dave !