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  1. Twitch cutted Youtube (comming soon)
  2. Pistolshots dosnt requires a Pistol and dont do Crushing dmg they do atm also with pistol piercing dmg // that bug works only with an advancedrapier Critical Doge from the Disicpline Master of Pistols can occur more than 2 times in 45 sec The speedy retaliate dosnt works some times animation is working but still cant do anyting Stealth is really glitchie: Perception is some time not working correctly, sometimes you see the duelist round about 25m, sometimes you dont see the duellist right in front of u. If a buff is running out, the duellist went out of stealth .. sometimes with skillbar sometimes without, so u think u are still in stealth. (works with debuffs and friendly buffs) if a duellist going in stealth infront of you, you can still see the duelist. (none burrow) (low chance but still working)
  3. Want to see the server full of players Maybe we will crash them too
  4. I miss the last big EU clash .... T__T but this will be great
  5. All Resistance are not influence the mitigations .... so we dont have a stat to show if Armor is working or not ::)
  6. yeah but the duration of the bleed is round about 15 sec so its feeling like a 15 sec abillity and i know that the barrier comes from scarecrow because other player used it too
  7. Duelist pistol shots and abilitys are blocked / doing no dmg on targets with piercing barrier Also Druid dmg has to be nerfed Bear is doing 4k ... maybe abit the lighting ability too and of couse the new basic pls why you implement a 100% crit chance ability ... would like to see that the basic crit chance only effects heals and scimitar bleed is also too much dmg or the cd is too low
  8. Its also boring for us, alot of the new eu players are playing also on the NA servers ... if we need a scorn server its should be a East one Speacially the East server is more stable then the EU one
  9. Ranger can hit twice if you clicking twice on a full charge
  10. Why just add a discipline / passiv like Relentless for Mana, Then you have (Rage Mana) Adding a passiv that Healing or Attacks give you mana Druid Essence funktion ... it would be easy to build a discipline / passiv that transform mana in other Rescources. But Old RPGs had also only Mana and they worked still want old mana pots
  11. Would also say all classes one rescource would be nice
  12. Scarecrow (stun, suppress), Troubardour(Damaget tick), Reality Warper(Cooldown increase), Bard (Buff your dmg) combined that with a divine light or alot of bleeding or moderate bleeding or the dot of the scimitar durid or the Confessor bleed, these allstacking together, troubadour has also 3 types of aoe debuffs so you need 3 guys with that. too many DOTS / buffs in my opinion i added the ability as an finisher because these ability will not kill a player but only one skill of them and they are die.
  13. not that i know, but Troub. and Scarecorw stack which is a stun damage comb without doing something. i only Wrote that post, because i got overrun by a 5 man group with these abilitys.
  14. @Yoink yeah the damage seems to be fine on single target , except the Cosnant Chain, that Skill is abit too strong, but we cant say that really because there are to few DMG disciplines yet. Yeah sitting the Tick rate lower could solve the problem for a short time, but if you stacking these Buffs / DOTS on a target, is still a too efficient way todo damage. Im thinking about 20 vs 20 if 5 people have these buff / dots it went horrible