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  1. Hey, can agree with Durenthal, I'm now playing for 1 year Crowfall and this combat state is the worst one. I was trying to write something down. but after 3 a4 sites and 3 grafiks, i only finished the first topic, i gave up, because its too early to judge. But its still to early and the class /race will change a lot. But we can all agree that the combination Range, tones of CC, easy gameplay and a really nice dodge is op.
  2. After Burrow Teleport i was start flying ... just appered random both times i wasnt recording the beginning. https://youtu.be/nPLvTRt7oLY
  3. yep if u putting the icon on that place
  4. The Buff could also only show the Icons and the names will pop up with an overlay
  5. I need the Buff visibility to see when my Amor of faith is running out, to see my stacks of careless wisper and also to check if im burrowed or not. Also im like the place of the buffs I think supports need them ;P Instead of removing Replace the Text with a symbol or give it a better visual At least dont say remove. Give us the chance to move the ui and let us hide stuff that we dont need Also would like to have a system that hide the chat and non combat related stuff, if u are in Combat mode
  6. Got stucked ;O pls help @Stumpstuff missing a throne to capture
  7. dont know if it helps
  8. Runecaster (Health buff) the long buff is still kicking a Duelist out of stealth after the buff went out ( the Buff is getting by a teammate)
  9. appears when you running / jumping next to another person http://imgur.com/erJnNYQ http://imgur.com/wMayD47
  10. alot of weird stuck bugs like falling in ground or down in walls http://imgur.com/dGGf3oL http://imgur.com/qT3yUrF also able to jump under the stairs http://imgur.com/X4Kmd4h Chaos temple is up in air http://imgur.com/uMpJLr1 AND PLS FIX THAT BUFFS like Thoughness from an mate is kicking a Duelist out of stealth
  11. http://imgur.com/sBJrUoA - Pistolshots dosnt requires a Pistol and dont do Crushing dmg they do atm also with pistol piercing dmg - Critical Doge from the Disicpline Master of Pistols can occur more than 2 times in 45 sec - The speedy retaliate dosnt works some times animation is working but still cant do anyting - the Plaguelord ability ( festering Wounds) is exposing you and not the target - the animation of amor of faith, Redirect Pain and other abilities can abort by dodge and the ability is on Cooldown (getting no buff) - the root of Master of Staves is now a complete stun
  12. Could we get a min number of people that have to stay around the statue, when you want capture a Keep / Fort ? I think capture the statue should be a task of a hole group. And one guy should only able to hold the capture status.
  13. first slag is needed for basic stuff. also with slag u can only create grey stuff low tier advanced wep. That is also my last reply because you should play the game before writing that stuff. Because all that you mentioned is in Crowfall. That is all in. Im a PVP player and i HARVEST players and that is effective.
  14. i create an advanced slag weapon in 30mins with resource farming and im not skilled in that things. A Weapon breakes after 15+ death normally they hold 4 days. And slag Advanced Weapons are good enough.
  15. Hey Blueshadow, Pls check your drivers. also pls conntact the support for more help. the email is: support@artcraftent.com