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  1. Hey Thergood! And welcome to the forums! As some other posters have pointed out, there's a few options. One would be to roll an additional account to take care of any personal crafting needs, another would be to pillage caravans, hunt harvesters, or control a POI. Harvesters and caravans will likely be guarded and needing defenders, so there's an option there as well, to perhaps be paid in materials. We'll see this dynamic soon in playtesting (hopefully)! And nice to play with you last night.
  2. Aaaaand I'm back from Iceland.
  3. Pls Riku, no! I also don't feel particularly excited at the thought of a mace or scepter and am also hoping the kusarigama will work out
  4. Garden of Frozen Enemies? FW will be my main.
  5. Oh dear... It'll get better!
  6. I don't know anything about this title, but that was a bad ass trailer!
  7. Meh, I'm not really concerned with plagiarism since this is speculation, and though OP said they'd "update" with their own ideas, they didn't go out and claim these ideas as originals. I'd rather stimulate speculation/conversation, especially from the new testers, instead of the alternative.
  8. I think your ideas are really creative! I'm not sure how this promotion would tie into the Lore of the confessor (perhaps as an apostate or something?). But it'll be interesting to get the information about promotion classes when they release it- then we'll have a better idea of whats viable or not!
  9. Frostweaver love. Pls. Send pictures devs. Anything- a pinky toe, a wisp of hair. Something!
  10. Hello everyone, I wanted to share a short little document I've put together using information from my personal experiences, feedback from experienced game testers, and feedback from devs themselves (including a few here on this team- Thank you!!) If you are new to alpha testing, or even if you aren't, this will hopefully be an insightful read for you! "Tips on Being an Effective Alpha Tester"
  11. Hey, you don't need to be hurtful to the Jim Bellucci's of anything you know! - Bump
  12. The most terrifying and hilarious thing about those pictures is the legio's faces xD