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  1. damn, I thought you give fresh information, not wanting it ...
  2. is "Forgemaster" or the like not becoming a discipline?
  3. limited amount of Points, as Vectious mentioned, seems interesting, but I think that is not the way that CF is going to take.
  4. ok, KrakkenSmacken, these are a valid points that you make. However, you might find plate, but you want leather. Or the armor is about to break soon. And many will not have a 50/50 Outcome, but below. I personally think full loot will not add much to the fun of the game, and Darkfall also is not really a success Story.
  5. let's assume your survival rate is 50/50 ... in that case, every 2nd match you have to start from scratch - new weapons, new Discs, new armor. No way anybody wants to do this.
  6. that is the idea, but they do lack the technology atm to put it in practice. It might be on their Agenda, but not as a priority. So maybe in the future in town parcels and the like woodelf will not be able to go into stealth based on race; I think, though, that depends on whether the stealth is perceived by the community later on as op or not.
  7. Hi.

    Yes, Duffy, so it is. Given this, crafters and everybody else are spoiled right now, as I mentioned above, not the opposite (a Little hard on crafters).
  8. Hi.

    "a Little hard on crafters" ? Are you kidding me? Nothing easier than putting stuff to SB (b) and nothing can happen to you. SB is t h e safe Zone! .. .and I hope this is going to change soon.
  9. a related question is why duelists do not have to run bullets.
  10. played duelist: 1. After changing vessels (ranger to duelist or vice versa), the powers of the old vessel are still indicated although the former disciplines are no longer in place. 2. by pressing 4, I still get "inconceibable"" as in the initial power-layout of duelist, although i replaced Inconceivable with the power "Cut and Thrust". 3. "Shadow's Caress" Regeneration does not feel better than standard regeneration when burrowed. Pls. check. 4. c Ulti does not work well with duelist. Most of the time it stays above the ground. 5. "Troubadour": hard to get out of combat. Pressing z does not help, the song continues and forces you out of your burrow.
  11. I very much support this opinion. In my view field surgeon should be limited to 3 classes as initially intended: Cleric (a tool for strengthening the healing role), Templar (to allow Paladin role; at cost of reduced dps-output), Druid as a tool in life-mode. Otherwise why having classes when Major disciplines do not support the development and definition of a certain role but rather making you a jack of all trades.
  12. Duelist. Attacked 1 risen, 4 attack me afterwards. 80% of time down by Knight or Champion. Escaping by burrowing or ulti does not work. They chase you anyway. Why is sabre not seen as a blade and can use "poisoned blade" while using Poisoner as Major discipline?
  13. Like, it, I bet, though, that cleric will be earlier implemented than assassin.
  14. To be honest, I entirely dislike the negative attitude of yours, undermining any trust in the developers of this game. I think you better stop right here engaging in the forums and go to some other game to spread your poison.
  15. Campaigns are temporary in the sense that they are not eternal, but they can have a duration of a few month as far as I know.