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  1. Indeed, then we can live in our own echo chamber and never have any dissent.
  2. Its going to be awesome. Should hold me over until Crowfall.
  3. Sorta seems you have the issue all figured out. Just haven't made that high tier step up and to play around it to maximize game-play. But seriously, most of the stamina unique issues is more than likely unintended stuff that is from mixing other mechanics with stamina(also called bugs) and will be fixed eventually.
  4. Healing clerics are for the weak. All hail DPS clerics!
  5. Fair point. Why cant people just abuse the catch up mechanic to get out of having to specialize. Although i already think there will be a alt account flood.
  6. Well only every 3 days they have to worry about that 3 times in 9 hours sprint. And it doesnt HAVE to be in the middle of the night, ideally you would do it in the day and since its a 72 hour repeat cycle, you would have it timed perfectly as to not be a sleeping burden. And i dont see how a person would think they are not getting a Buy2Play model when the only key difference is committing to logging on a few extra times, which honestly, at release people wont be logging off very often. So i doubt it will even be a issue. And again, you can always spend time to earn this feature via the game. Dont get me wrong, they need to revamp the scaling between pips by alot, but 5 times in 3 days isint bad, just need to break up the first 9 hours a bit.
  7. Well you sort of argue a case for more general skill trains. And then they can restrict it at the vessel level what you are allowed to do. If you want to stop harvesting and craft, you have to go and switch vessels. But for crafting, the factories and blue prints will actually -remove- the amount of time and effort that crafting requires. Pushing it toward a more alt driven thing then it is now. And yes, you do have to actually play the accounts. But they are all skilled up and ready allowing you to experience more of the game. That is why i plan to run multiple accounts, not because i want all the power and be self sufficient but because at any given time i want more options for my game session then beating on a rock. If a game only offers me one way to enjoy it, when i want to do something else i will go and play a different game, the more frequently this happens, the less i login the first place until i stop all together. Also, you ignored the elephant in the room, and thats import/export. Alt accounts breaks this mechanic. As long as you can trade resources, this can be abused. (And you can argue you dont even need skill trains to abuse this)
  8. This made me chuckle. Suffer seems a bit harsh of a term in this case. Which is forcing a person to login 5 times over 3 days to manage skills. Like, basically thats what it is. One person doesnt have to login 5 times over 3 days while the other does. And thats only on Tier1 skills. Get in to tier 4-5 and its 5 times over a course of 12-15 days. Suffering on a epic scale indeed.
  9. More like rather not have the extra development costs associated with supporting that additional it actually indicates in the quote. I am sure it wasent dismissed out of hand. They more than likely evaluated how many Mac gamers out there that would be playing Crowfall and decided it simply was not worth the additional cost. Obviously if they found in their research it that supporting mac users would make up for it with the volume of the people they would be able to play, they would support it. Its business.
  10. 2nd Bug, allowed us to post in the patch notes thread.
  11. I am also 'amased'.
  12. I also got a different opinion from the video. If you start with a stack of 90 ore. You make a BP for a metal bar. You HAVE to use that particular stack of 90 ore for the metal bar BP. Then you have 9 metal bars. You make a hilt BP with one of the metal bars, you HAVE to use that particular stack of metal bars. I understood it that the sub component(even raw stuff like ore) is created at the time the BP is made.
  13. I must not understand how BP's work. Dont you need the corresponding serial number of material that the BP requires? The BP itself is useless if you dont have the materials that it was forged at the time of creation.
  14. I mean...could you point me in the direction of something that is EK only?
  15. Well its not that im worried about a person trying to play on 5+ accounts. Although it does make them more and more self sufficient in alot of different ways (we are spoiled right now because we have all the recipes, soon we wont and it will become a more glaring advantage). The import issue is, they can import multiple times as many goods to a CW and use that to completely dominate it. Again, you cant compare 32 people vs 96 people. Its 32 vs 32 with the first 32 having alt accounts. While they may not be able to play all 96 accounts at the same time, they can import/export the resources equivalent of 96 accounts. A guild is just now finishing their first keep while the other guild just finished their third keep because of the massive amount of stuff they were able to import. The entire import mechanic is designed to bring everyone to a even playing field, the alt accounts is buying more and more of a work around to a restriction to people who cant afford it. And what if they had more then just 3 each? What about 5 each? 10 each? It gets silly quickly. Obviously, the easy fix is just play on the Dregs with zero import restriction. Then it depends on the export mechanics on how much alt accounts will gain you a advantage(if any). But i would hate for this game to turn in to that only one CW playset is playable due to whales.