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  1. Awesome thanks its not often that i make posts in quick succession but when I do the wait seemed never ending
  2. Welcome Bisjul I hope you enjoy testing some of the features
  3. There is perhaps a moment or two of frustration when the server goes down suddenly or the world inventory is wiped, rolled back or changed. Or when every item in your spirit bank locks and cant be used or transferred. Im as guilty as the next person of getting frustrated or irritated and having a grump on the forum or at support but we should all take a step back and think, ok so something went wrong or there was a bug. Have i reported it, is there any constructive feedback I can give or should I just get on with it. For me the game at times feels more advanced than a pre-alpha sometimes we need little issue to bring us back to earth and remember we are just testers
  4. Also had the same issue repeatedly JLane Please please please can the time between posts be massively reduced. Its 90 Seconds i think at the moment. Most forums have it around 10-20 seconds over a minute is ridiculous when posting answers to new crows or discussing a bug. New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 64 seconds before submitting
  5. If you used a different email address Like i did contact and Gordon can check if your eligible and apply it to your account
  6. 1)iron, copper etc (higher grades) are on PvP -- slag (low grade)can be found on PvE Server (its the stripy rocks generally near the spawn points) 2)Welcome to PvP There are ways to avoid getting killed such as running to a far corner of the map and harvesting there or find some friends and harvest together or join a guild to work as a team. 3) The number of componant is to give you choice of power/affect. Read This to understand what type of ore/wood to use for each sub component to make the equipment best suited to your playing style or char. 4) Plenty of discussion on this Here 6)Try the US West servers just pick one with the lowest ping 7) Plenty in this weekends test on Frankfurt Server 8) Not found it an issue but I guess its personal preference 9) I think there is more than enough perhaps explain more what your mean by more mineral.
  7. Welcome from a fellow TG crewmember
  8. Hey Balmung Welcome to Crowfall and the forum
  9. Welcome to the forum ntrs Glad you are enjoying the pre-alpha tests
  10. I had the same. clearing key bindings (even though i had never changed them) by setting to default each time i logged in fixed the issue Bug: All EK tiles in Sprit bank are locked. unable to move pieces to inventory followed Gordons suggestions of clearing more space in bank but all that happend was more EK peices filled the spaces. EK tiles are not stacking correctly on inport so each individual gate, fort our house from sapphire import are separate unlike original gold/bronze rewards which stacked identical parts
  11. Yes !!!!! seperate bank tab would be awesome for all the EK stuff
  12. The original blocks I unlocked at login worked fine, but when selecting the remaining buildings an error They appear in the bank but are locked and not usable
  13. Anyone been able to place buildings ? Wall parts etc show but keyboard commands do nothing so not able to place. Is it just me ?