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  1. Loved the part about how they double/half to get to the balance point. From a shortlist point of view, it is one of the most efficient way to find a specific target value. Explains a great deal about he balance "swings" we see.
  2. I think an ALT account player would be more than happy to reduce management overhead, given the goal may not be to complete a specific character for competitive reasons quickly, but rather to maximise efficiency in multiple general line training to get the most out of each individual account. If the difference is logging in over a 10 minute period for 10 accounts, vs sporadic and difficult logging in times 24/7, I personally would make the choice to just pick complementary training paths as much as possible.
  3. Which if you follow to it's logical conclusion, makes ATL's and people willing to buy them, destroyers of the gameplay experience. Either ALTs provide something that destroy the gameplay experience, or if it does not. If it does, something should be changed. If it does not, then altering the mechanics so every account can contain the same ability does not. So which is it for you? Do ALT's destroy the gameplay experience or not?
  4. I like this idea. Maybe then number of people required could be based on how built up the item is. If it's a tier 1, 3 people. If tier 2 4, etc. So the more built up it is, the more obvious and large a group attempting to take it out needs to be.
  5. No, you make them pointless and not give an advantage to have.
  6. Annoying people is not an ideal way to deal with alt accounts. I do like in principle the 72 hour buffer per month idea, but I would like to see some math in real world terms on that. How quick do you burn through it when you are just starting would be my primary concern. If you end up burning the 72 hours on tier one training in a week, simply because you want to sleep a sane schedule, I would much rather see a 24 hour buffer implemented. This buffer sounds a great deal like the time bank I was hoping for, lets see how it's implemented.
  7. Hey, I hate alt accounts as much as or more than anyone here, just ask Tark. But you don't solve that problem by making crappy mechanics that annoy, and just annoy those with less accounts to a lower degree than those that have more. Frankly, that's just a stupid idea. Making a game and experience crappy on purpose to drain the will out of cheaters, rather than designing the in game mechanics to handle the problem. With the level of competition for the gaming dollar out there, something that was not as strong an influence when all the games we are nostalgic for were out and tolerance to grind, boredom and unnecessary difficulty, you might as well pack up shop and call it done if that's your approach. Everything about the game needs to be made with one goal, to make it a better game first, and not be some ham handed weak ass attempt at pissing off exploiters who will simply script around the problem anyway.
  8. How hard is it for people to understand? EVERY PLAYER HAS ALREADY SUPPORTED THE GAME FINANCIALLY! This is not a F2P game. Everyone is a paying customer, not a freeloader. You don't screw over and annoy paying customers, not if you want to stay in business you don't.
  9. Yea, much better to put off new customers than figure out other ways to deal with the multiple accounts that doesn't ruin the early/non-VIP experience. </sarc> If you build mechanics with nothing else in mind than making multi account players and by extension other players lives difficult, you're doing it wrong.
  10. Depends. If they bump the availability of resources so that it doesn't take multiple hours of harvesting to make a single suit of armor, then it won't be a problem. It's a balance. Time to acquire vs time to lose. If you have a fast time to lose, you need a fast time to acquire to match it. Right now it feels ultra conservative on all fronts, to make sure that everything has value and meaning. The problem is, the tighter that create destroy cycle is, the less important spending time trying to get good gear becomes. It's going to be a balancing act, and it feels to me like we are not even past the prolog part of this particular performance.
  11. If durability hits are based on a percentage of MAX durability, what's the effective difference in survivability between 1000 durability and 100? 100-10-35-10-35-10 takes just as long to wear out as 1000-100-350-100-350-100. As a percentage, durability just seems like a non-stat.
  12. Add to that the NEED to be on the winning side of a conflict to drag materials out of a campaign, the ability to close a campaign if necessary, and the fact all of these farmers assets will be open for us player to go and take up arms directly against the gold farmers, it could turn into quite the fun time for us players, to just hunt and ruin these guys. Time to go kill some Suxors.
  13. I think what is being said here is that simply removing a negative, like the crappy and nearly impossible login schedule to prevent falling behind in skill training, does not mean it's positive. Paying to avoid penalties is not the same thing as getting something positive for your money. Automatic, passive skill training was advertised and PAID FOR as part of the core of the game. The current plan for the differences between VIP and not totally removes the automatic and passive nature stated in the FAQ. Suddenly taking away that promised feature is not one bit different than if ACE decided that in order to join a guild you had to be paying VIP to do it. (What, you want to run around with other people? You should be happy you can login and go out by yourself for "free"). It's not paying to gain a positive, in it's current form it is simply removing a negative. At this point I would rather have active training and farming grind, where I can eventually catch up if I work hard, than be a non-VIP player and be limited, behind, AND stuck trying to juggle a crappy login schedule. What's fun about any of that?
  14. No it could not, at least not in relation to "shallow power curve". Having an entire additional ability, say a snare CC, is a much steeper advantage than a bonus 5% to crit chance that only impacts DPS.
  15. Yes actually it does. It punishes people for NOT buying the convenient "meal" deals. If you buy each item separately, you are punished by paying more for each individual item. If you want to watch your calories, you are basically punished by having to pay more for less if you skip the soda. They have toned it down more recently by increase the type and variance of items you can put into a "meal", but it used to be much more punishing to your wallet, and your sense of value exchanged for dollars, if you wanted smaller portion sizes or less than a full "meal".