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  1. They are going to provide templates that just drop on your parcels eventually. They even want to let other players build these templates and sell/trade to other players. Soo many pieces of this game are work in progress. Don't expect finished quality from stuff still in testing.
  2. Maybe you should learn the terms before arguing because "just a sort of catchup" is the very definition of a perpetual comeback mechanic. I would be perfectly capable of dealing with it, if that was they had been selling and having investors contribute to for the last two years. Since it's not, yea I would have a pretty big problem with it. The same kind of problem as someone who orders a steak, and then gets delivered a salad. Maybe you should spend some time reviewing what it is you think you just got yourself involved in, because your expectations seem way out of whack for what's been sold to us for the last two years.
  3. I would prefer they just build the mechanics in such a way that the system does not require cheese NPC BS to be the perpetual comeback mechanic. Things like FF, taxes increasing with increased land ownership, larger windows of building vulnerability and more placed to defend, would allow the enemy players to make the comeback happen, rather than just have the game create arbitrary boundaries of success. You just don't seem like you want the game being built, but want something far closer to theme park MMO with limited ability to lose, and are unwilling to simply let the community iterate through different campaign parameters to find the best solution without involving hard invisible walls to victory. The problem with that is, if you create an environment where you have a limited ability to lose, you also have a limited ability to win. It would be like constantly upping the amount earned when passing Go in Monopoly, based on the cost of rent on the board. In the end nobody would get anywhere. Somebody is going to lose, that's the whole plan for the game, not eternal perpetual conflict like EvE has.
  4. Yes
  5. There is a balance to be made here between perpetual comback and slippery slope. Sometimes campaigns have to close, sometimes players can make a comeback. Blue shell levels of knocking out the leaders is too much.
  6. Misleading vividness – involves describing an occurrence in vivid detail, even if it is an exceptional occurrence, to convince someone that it is a problem.
  7. The complaint, probably not worth the thread. The sub issues it raised of using EK access and management control to grief and defraud players, yea that's a conversation worth having. That's exactly why I would like to be able to see who I'm inviting into my EK, as in who else has banned them, before letting them in. Also a watch list that players could assign to EK's that let people know who has self banned from an EK they had problems with would be nice. If I could /ekavoid "player_name", and then /ekshowavoid | /ekshowbanned "player_name" to see who avoids an EK, I could avoid getting trapped or ripped off by some fraudster who punts players as soon as they dropped goods in a trade chest or whatever. When everyone has their own EK, and there are literally 10's of thousands of players, being able to identify the problem players/worlds is going to be important.
  8. I'm personally wondering if ACE will give us the tools, or players will build them for them selves, to know what EK's a particular player has been banned from. As crows it would make sense that we know a little something about those fighting for the Gods. The question is do we get to see if someone is regarded as an asshat before they enter our kingdom, or after. Will there be obvious EK wide factions and guilds players can join? Will EK players be able to join multiple organizations, and then have EK access gated by membership? There are so many interesting things that could be built into the game to support the social structures players will make.
  9. I would love to hear the "or else" part of this particular demand.
  10. This and trade fraud is exactly why I think they may implement this in the future anyway. No need to put it on focus until AFTER beta launch though, and there is permanence to items. Better to see now how people hooligan each other around, like the building placement kill bug, and then build the fixes. Frankly after all the times poor @srathor has been beaten up harvesting, I find it funny someone is salty about a couple of items after getting punted from his EK. The whole, "your name is your name" thing is going to make it hilarious to watch the .. um er ... difficult players get some player justice laid out on them.
  11. Oh the carpal tunnel is real, and I understand the problem. Have a sore wrist from too many 8+ hour marathons on unreal tournament. That said, yea it is sad about cheaters, but it's also the way things go. People like water will follow the path of least resistance. If games won't put in place the necessary rules and restrictions to prevent multiboxing, people will multibox.
  12. It will be in eventually, someone didn't read the FAQ, No reason that when they set this up, they can't add an "items and vessels" button to whatever tool they build for extracting parcels from EK's without you needing to go to the EK. For now, follow wheaton's law, and don't worry about it, or is it too late for that for you?
  13. Tab targeting = Bot friendly. No thanks. EDIT: Looks like you're not having too much luck with your polls today. Seems most on the forum like the way the game is being built.
  14. From the great talk by Mark Rosewater The limitation is fine. Having everything all at once is not a way to create creativity in play style.