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  1. Hope this is wrong. The previous one was better and it was a good example of a jack-of-all-trades but master of none race.
  2. As someone who plans to go with human ranger and dabble with skinning i really dont like how restrictive this looks. I dont think race (nor class btw) should interact with crafting or gathering, at least it shouldnt be the norm. Not to talk that i cant see the logic behind those choices. Half-Breeds and necro or grave robbing? Really?
  3. This is the biggest problem with the skil tree IMO.
  4. I liked the idea someone brought up in a thread some time ago. Give unlimited basic arrows (tied to the Bows) and leave the advanced arrows to when you want that extra punch, This way we avoid the problem of rangers being the only class that needs consumables to be playable, just a bow and you are ready to go. I think when we see factories the arrows stacks will jump from 50 (still 50?) we have now to thousands, so as long equipped arrows arent lootable i dont think there will be a problem. Of course running around with multiple stacks of differents types would be dangerous but that is okay IMO.
  5. I think [Race] - [Class] only would be good. I dont see the point of the gender. It has no impact gameplay-wise and IMO no one will ever go " Wait, what gender am i again?".
  6. Just heard that camouflage doesnt hide the health bar or name tag while moving (Predator mode). That is kinda of pointless. If it is possible you guys could only make those visible when in combat. Could also give us a option of hiding them from our vision (even if said person is in combat) since we have other ways to read them: The party UI for friends and the Icon that appears on Top for enemies. I just think that all those name tags and whatnot are super ugly. Pls give me a option to hide them.
  7. Nope. Not that. I downloaded the audio using the link you provided in the previous page and after amplifying it using a program (Audacity) i can hear them perfectly. Thanks for that. Still waiting for the YT link video though.
  8. I Maxed that. Listening to the Podcast Tinnis posted is the same. Honestly since my original headphone is broken and i am using one i found around my house it can be in my end, but since i can listen to music loud enough to mute my surrounding it seems they have room for upgrade too. It is easier to try to increase the volume in their end and to us to play it down than risk the sound being low to some users. I mean it is nothing major i just thought it was a good feedback.
  9. Watched just a bit in the end. The volume was too low. I thought it was in my end but now that i am listening to some music it seems the problem was in the stream. Waiting for zybak to upload the YT video now.
  10. No need for color codes. Just go with "Do X min - X max + Y weapon % damage as [type] damage". Perhaps they can use both but for me it is kinda awkward to use colors. They need to make a pass on tooltips and fix all inconsistencies and hopefully do the same they did with skills. A base explanation and if you press CTRL you can see a detailed tooltip.
  11. The way skill time is broken in 5 parts makes it certain that non-VIPs will lose training no matter what tier. There is a high chance the skill will ding when you arent home or sleeping. So thinking that this only affect tier 1 skills is naive. You can perhaps train other skills to minimize down time but this isnt that good a choice. That isnt perfect and i can come up with times where that cant be done. I believe that with first PIP of any tier will be impossible to not waste time for example.
  12. So Non-VIPs are destined to suffer? I hate bots but the VIP change is basically forcing my hand on this, so you can see how good this change is. In the previous thread there was already people talking about how to bypass that. If your playerbase has to come up with ways to bypass mechanics you implemented to actually enjoy the game something is wrong. I still think they should take a step back and try to enhance VIP appeal instead of making non-VIPs suffer.
  13. I wont do that. If i find it boring or dont like it, i will say it. As long as i dont be agressive or rude there is nothing wrong with that. I think those changes they made are cool but if you asked me if i liked the update i would say no. When i think that now we will have zero new stuff till Tuesday i shake my head and sigh. I am glad we got the patch notes of the next build today. That was IMO more informative than this update.
  14. Well, i said "waste", i thought the " " would kinda bring the point that it is not reaaaally a waste. Filler... i said that. About the hype management thing... i still think they could manage it better. I cant even list all the things that are supposed to be coming soon that they have being saying since god knows when. We basically got no more info after the updates where they said it was coming soon. Something more than "we are still working on it" would do wonders, updates exist for that IMHO.
  15. Sure. All i said was that i didnt liked this update but somehow people didnt like that and here we are. I am just following along. I find it interesting that the fact that some people not liking the update can warrant discussion. "How dare the whiny babies not like the update? They dare to not enjoy a update that talks about things they dont really care about?" - That is pretty fun to me. Seeing people complaining about me complaining is pretty interesting.