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  1. [either as three or adapt down to just two rates] I like it. Instead giving VIPs the chance to train twice as faster (faster isnt the word...) than non-VIPs you can make VIP work like a secondary profession would in older games? Intead of training in melee and ranged like planned today, you would train in ranged (with your normal training sphere) and train at a lower speed in melee using the VIP training sphere. Instead of being good at everything you still have to make a choice. VIP still stay as a good choice but not as OP. The perfect example would be someone with a VIP having to choose between wheter to main crafting or fighting. The way it is now, if i got it right, a VIP can just do both without penalties. It can also be applied for Races and classes.
  2. Well, since those are outdated data they should be converted to classes in todays terms. Future archetypes means future classes... probably.
  3. "And a huge number of our design data tables were filled with archetype-related data… not for just the current archetypes, but the future ones we intended to build." So you guys already have some classes planned but chose to keep a secret? I can understand why but i must ask if we could tell us more about them.
  4. Just wanna said i nailed the ending: ^ From the hashtag suggestion thread. And still think it is a pretty damn cool hashtag. Though i am not the kind of person who dabbles on that.
  5. Just a different game perhaps. I'm sure he will make a name for himself there too...
  6. Was expecting the kind of reveal where the powers are explained and stuff... Kinda dissapointed since there is nothing new here...
  7. I got the feeling you guys are missing a lot in the "PvE" department. I know PvE isnt the focus but thinking that skinning and Disciplines hunt are enough is kinda depressing. There is so much potential to be obtained from fighting Mobs. This a RPG so i can come up with dozens of ways to implement Hunting as a gathering profession. For Crafting just refer to the monster hunter game for ideas, there is also the more mystic POV (Alchemy, souls, blood, etc.). As someone who plans to go as a skinner ranger, i expect hunting to be viable. I mean i expect to get more than a high quality leather after fighting a dragon, otherwise it is kinda underwhelming.
  8. What about VIP? In my country (Brazil) 15 USD isnt exactly a small amount. It is not high either but it certainly doesnt equal what i believe 15 USD mean in north america or europe. If someone really wants VIP it wont be a problem, but i believe that with a 15 dollars value it wont be a trivial choice. It is the kind of value that makes you think twice, so it may be worth a look.
  9. Please change a few details in the racial runestone to differentiate it from disciplines. A color change (i reccomend Dark Red), remove the 'can equip part', also check ahrez post about using statistics and attributes. Also remove the green discipline text.
  10. Hope this is wrong. The previous one was better and it was a good example of a jack-of-all-trades but master of none race.
  11. As someone who plans to go with human ranger and dabble with skinning i really dont like how restrictive this looks. I dont think race (nor class btw) should interact with crafting or gathering, at least it shouldnt be the norm. Not to talk that i cant see the logic behind those choices. Half-Breeds and necro or grave robbing? Really?
  12. This is the biggest problem with the skil tree IMO.
  13. I liked the idea someone brought up in a thread some time ago. Give unlimited basic arrows (tied to the Bows) and leave the advanced arrows to when you want that extra punch, This way we avoid the problem of rangers being the only class that needs consumables to be playable, just a bow and you are ready to go. I think when we see factories the arrows stacks will jump from 50 (still 50?) we have now to thousands, so as long equipped arrows arent lootable i dont think there will be a problem. Of course running around with multiple stacks of differents types would be dangerous but that is okay IMO.
  14. I think [Race] - [Class] only would be good. I dont see the point of the gender. It has no impact gameplay-wise and IMO no one will ever go " Wait, what gender am i again?".
  15. Just heard that camouflage doesnt hide the health bar or name tag while moving (Predator mode). That is kinda of pointless. If it is possible you guys could only make those visible when in combat. Could also give us a option of hiding them from our vision (even if said person is in combat) since we have other ways to read them: The party UI for friends and the Icon that appears on Top for enemies. I just think that all those name tags and whatnot are super ugly. Pls give me a option to hide them.