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  1. You have some power (and passives) that can heal you. Destroyer's Aegis power can heal you for 10-15% hp. There should be more.
  2. @Ivellian When i said using the passive and focusing on other stats i meant focusing on increasing gathering stats. The passive gives plentiful harverst so i would train in critical harverst chance or something like that. Even if the passive stays for the live game if we focus on training other gathering skills lines we gatherers should still have a edge. The passive also makes us ready to harverst at day 1 which is nice.
  3. Hahaha I heard somewhere that they changed how targeting works so it is not a performance issue. Something about changing attacks to raycasts or something like that... Will try to find it... EDIT: HERE:
  4. I believe the plan is to have EKs run 24/7 like a CW would. No idea about the costs of having so many running at once. They will probably put up some rules so that people dont just create EKs for fun and waste their money. I would like to see EKs runtime tied with VIP, i mean those things need ACE money to stay alive so it makes sense to "pay" for them.
  5. I also dont like it but i can work around it. If i can get one Plentiful harverst from the tree and stack it with the passive (for a amazing 4) i will be happy and will focus on increasing others stats. Even if they dont stack i will probably focus on others stats first and use the passive for gathering. I can just keep swapping it. PS: Was it you who wrote the article on
  6. That is what i thought but the passives only give bonus "Plentyful harverst". I dont remember right now but i guess gatherers have 4 or so stats to train so the passive by itself doesnt equal a crafter. It seems just enough to make a non-gatherer see some mats dropping.
  7. What is the Barrier values provided on Berserker strenght? Tooltips should give us more specific details. Same thing on demolish armor.
  8. I really dont think heals should be open to all classes like that. Just look at how many orbs you had going on at once! Each healing for 100+ hp (heck i just saw a +221 heal). DPS classes should not have acess to healing Discs. Should limit it only to support classes or something. Though those guys shouldnt let you escape with so little health like that.
  9. Hey man! Welcome! You got on the game with great timing, the game can finally be said to be fun. Still a little unbalanced (and buggy) but definitely looking like a game. I believe with the momentum Crowfall got we will be seeing a lot of new faces here soon.
  10. According to Blair (see previous page) PIPs users dont interact with the Power Cost Multiplier stat so no. Templar and duelists dont need to bother with that. This stats need some balancing though. Not even the worse weapon should give you .25 PCM, that is insane! Working in a -0.1 to 0.1 PCM window should be okay. If to obtain a 0 PCM a player have to give up on any other weapon stat then it is bad.
  11. Cool! Seems like the Weapon Discs are pretty easy to craft. Majors will be limited solely on Thralls. Thralls... It seems capturing Thralls will have a lot of depth. Seems like they will be another thing people will fight wars for, even more given the feeling i have that they probably are limited per CW. The blood bit seem interesting. Should be a monster drop. Could perhaps be given to us skinners? We know how to dissect a mob's body. Hmmm now that i think about it Majors seems to be way out of reach of common players. I dont think we will ever see Thralls just being sold at the market like that. Seems like even guilds would need some considerable effort (and probably luck to find the right thrall) to equip a few members.
  12. Also try hitting F12 to solve that problem.
  13. Basically through crafting. Right now all you need is Ore but in the live game we may need some super rare ingredients to create those Major Discs.
  14. While the Wiki will need a lot of updating Crowfall is really needing a up to date wiki. Last time i checked the wiki didnt even have Mirm info. After all info is online there is no need to try too hard to update it. Just a big pass in major milestones and fixing the occasional flag should do. As long as the info isnt super old it is okay.
  15. Skill caps are vessel based. The others no. Stats (str, int, etc.) are a mistery, so maybe?