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  1. my referral code if you buy in
  2. If anyone is looking for a home for at least a few months for AO release next month send me a PM.
  3. It wont be a ranged healer, it will be a front line support with shield buffs and some heals. Think warrior priest from Warhammer online.
  4. Had a weird glitch fighting today. In the middle of the fight I was forced pushed 100 meters or so away from my target. I would call it a rubber band but I never boomeranged back.
  5. Also with discs the champ is in a much better place. I felt comfortable knowing I had to make choices / sacrifices if I wanted relentless. Pretty much having endless rage by default would break this class.
  6. I know if at full health it increases your health to whatever the increase is, so if you are at 4000 health your bar will raise to 5000 for example with full health resting at 5k.
  7. Destroyer > Aegis of Salvation: Any chance of a visual barrier on self at any point ?
  8. nice fighting
  9. Thanks Tinnis, you are a scholar and a gentleman.
  10. Stoneborn were forged as keepers of the flame, the first living things created by the Gods to control and maintain fire. If any race should have access to fire magic, the ability to control the flame, it should be the Stoneborn.
  11. You realize there are no female stoneborn ?
  12. How soon till we see the rest of the races that havent been released for testing ? and by races I mean this guy
  13. hail sun dancer Lets face it, rarely if ever do devs in any game care enough to support themed racial guilds. At least we have choices now in racial/vessel / class building. We were talking that if nothing else our vessel crafters may have an advantage as we are focusing on one single vessel type.
  14. ok who let the elf in ?
  15. when can see the new races in testing @jtoddcoleman ?