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  1. Would it be low-effort to have the order be enemy capture -> 5m lockout -> anyone capture & the fort belongs to whoever picks it up? EDIT: Disabling the dragon statue during the fight in progress would hand the attackers a big bonus for burrow-capping without making it the end-all be-all.
  2. The problem with pre-scheduling the thread is that I mainly check the devtracker instead of the forums to see if there's anything new, and it will frequently appear before other dev posts I've already seen, so I'll miss it.
  3. I challenge you to find someone before todd's first post who was actually frustrated. The closest is Durenthal, when he reported an issue that was claimed to be fixed in 5.2.1. It's not "getting hung up" when it's not clear whether or not the issue is actually recognized as existing. Most of the rage in this thread has been since that post, from people are being told one moment to post everything & another to only post new things.
  4. I mean what to do with persistent unaddressed bugs & everyone's individual hobby horse bug are the main topic of conversation in playtest threads, it's not like it never gets talked about.
  5. QA has said said, when asked, to post any bugs that have not been specifically acknowledged by staff every single week.
  6. Todd's post cracks me up because that's the opposite of what we've been told to do by actual QA staff.
  7. IMO it's less strategic bc statuses like slow are always going to lose out to stuff like stun. If by using my duelist slow passive I'm making enemies more immune to stun, I'm not helping my team.
  8. I think being able to extend the lockout is a mistake. Instead I'd rather see a double-claim system where there's a smaller dragon statue outside the fort. The big statue only unlocks like 10 minutes after the smaller one was claimed, for a limited time, then they go back on cooldown. This means that the defender has time to muster & fight.
  9. The plan atm is definitely that god's reach will have preset locations, but AC previously said that this was specifically to deal with same-faction griefing. The implication at the time was that freebuild will be permitted in the dregs, but I imagine there's tech that has to get built for that so it's possible that won't happen in practice.
  10. There was a newspost like two weeks ago that showed a new char creation screen with adv/dis & races existing side by side.
  11. So you guys got dual-env working, but the test env is only accessible by pre-alpha... but it also seems like other than that there's just kind of a basic weekly patch without any of the CW mechanics, because siege isn't ready yet?
  12. Is that what they're calling it these days? Wrist exercise?
  13. The numbers are worse if you only take it to 3 pips. The numbers are worse if you only take it to 3 pips. The numbers. Are worse. Not better. If you only take it to 3 pips.