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  1. - Higher-rank animals don't exist in the game yet. - I haven't seen the rank 1 table, but generally speaking, higher-rank materials only show up for very low rank nodes at plentiful 4 or 5, or on crits. You can take crit chance & amount potions that may give you higher-quality on about 1 in 3 boars. But, I haven't seen the rank 1 table so it's possible R1's only give grays. - For the moment, chests in structures have a chance of giving white and green leather, including for mob types that aren't in the game yet.
  2. What's going on with weapon hilt experimentation? It has the old-style two damage tracks, but.... doesn't have any apparent damage stat? No sheen track? What is this? EDIT: While we're at it, is the final tool combine in runemaking supposed to have a sheen track for sigil stats?
  3. It was only put up on the playtest calendar but the 12:30-3:00pm event says that we get the same version as last week.
  4. "We will dominate this video game with a crack team of people who are not willing to die under any circumstances."
  5. It's a pretty common logical fallacy to assume that spent money largely represents either waste or stuff you don't care about. The monthly costs of running Pearl Abyss now, while their game is in maintenance mode, is 5x the monthly costs of running Artcraft. That money goes to things. There are meaningful, concrete things, that you care about, that artcraft cannot afford and pearl abyss can.
  6. Pearl has 5x the personnel as artcraft, that much is a fact.
  7. - Slag Plentiful 2 table is broken, they aren't consistently dropping things like cobble & knotwood do - Stinkbomb & caltrops used from stealth as Duelist pop you out of stealth but don't swap you to your active tray. I still have the burrow effects at my feet but I'm otherwise exactly like not being in stealth.
  8. Is that actually the plan for release, that laborer & potion stack?
  9. I've said this a few times, but I don't think labourer is that big of a deal, because P3 is really not that big of a deal. It has almost zero impact in terms of wood/stone/ore over P2 (which there is already trainingless access to), the main thing it does is give more access to dust. If laborer + potion stack that seems like a problem? But for some reason I've assumed that that won't be the case long term.
  10. Sorry to double post, but to be clear, I would like "competitive advantage" to be a thing guilds think about, but atm you're really better off trying to get more coverage of crafting as a guild than to pick a slice of the economy and build a diverse crafting/harvesting/combat group around it, because having better access to, like, bows with crafting stats on them is more valuable more quickly than training out 5% crit to slate.
  11. In this case I'd be a second rate runecrafter/second rate miner, because the 135 days accounts for the majority of runecrafting-related skill nodes. Some time after that I'd be a first rate runecrafter/second rate miner. This is assuming it's even worth it to pick up the first 70 days of basics, it's assuming that gems & soul stones aren't extremely common from people taking trap options & dumping byproducts into the economy. If jewelry is valuable but I'm willing to buy it, then I can skip out on needing to gather not just cutting grit & gems, but also soul gems because they're a byproduct of collecting cutting grit & they're forced into the economy like diesel when heating oil demand is up. Secondly, +10 chance/+2 amount is not huge when equipment offering +30/+5 is fairly common. It's a good chunk but it's not a ton. The availability of that equipment is based on crafter availability, and due to the relative speed of crafting training, the equipment will come online before the skill training does and stay ahead of skill training availability basically forever (because MMO churn is a thing, players who will stick around long enough to pick up any harvesting capstones will be rare). Meanwhile, the purpose of the crowfall economic system is not to gain a competitive advantage, it's to fund a war effort. Harvesting skills are only good if, for several possible guild configurations, learning them is the most efficient way to do that. My contention is that the tree as it stands: - Explo/Harvest/Excav basics are sometimes more efficient than crafting/combat - Node type basics/crit/amount are only more efficient than crafting if you were taking the basics anyway & your guild already has full availability of blacksmithing/woodworking/runecrafting/leatherworking and all the factories it could use. - The other 400-something days worth of training per harvest types are never more efficient than crafting/combat This is pretty dire. As far as solutions go, I like to throw out various ideas but I'm not married to anything in particular. Last night I was thinking that doubling or tripling BenHar chance boosts across the board might just about fix the problem by itself, just by giving the back half of the tree some value & adding an additional effective 15-20% crit chance & 1-2 crit amount to the tree. I don't care about the particulars, really, I just want the following questions answered by the harvesting design: - When can I take off the laborer discipline - Why should I take quarrying instead of blacksmithing, since they both allow me to add 20% crit chance & 2 crit amount, but blacksmithing gives me that in a fraction of the time & also I know blacksmithing
  12. Couple points: training is 2 total, the capstone does not give you crit amount, only chance. Secondly, I've got mixed feelings about the various harvest basics junk. However, even if you decided, say, I'm gonna get the motherlode, pick, and soul stone basics before moving on to other things, that's 69 days of training compared to everything else. Heck, if they put in the 50% thing they were talking about, you could cut about 10 days off that & only lose 5% of the mining power out of the things I care about. After that, it's only a question of whether you want to get 10% crit chance + 2 crit amount in each ore type for 135 days. I could see an argument for it, but you could also spend that time making picking up runemaking, during which you'd be able to easily learn all rank 2 adv runemaking skills, the T3 recipe skills, and make some early progress in Mass Production. And that doesn't even get into the other 400-something days of training available in the harvesting & excavation advanced trees that are just kind of there.
  13. If it's the latter, that'd be a pretty big deal, don't you think?
  14. Mining Skill being important has several issues: - There is a cap on mining skill as relevant stat, at 10% of node HP. - The mining skill is 20% of pick skill, meaning that it requires high pick quality to be relevant even on high-rank nodes, creating a pretty narrow gap between unkillable & capped where it matters at all. There's kind of this theoretical zone where crafters could experiment marginally more crit instead of mining onto a pick made for a dedicated harvester, I guess? - Mining skills are in the basic tree and easy to snap up before moving onto something else if you really need it. - Node kill speed is only really that important if banging nodes is a high % of harvesting time, which at current node density/respawn isn't the case. Pick Decay Rate being important has an issue: - Pick decay rate effectively reduces the resource consumption of mining itself by 25%. This is only relevant when that resource consumption is high, but picks require 4 ore to create. So you reduce the resource cost per pick by 1. Who cares? The only reason resource consumption of mining seems relevant is that factories aren't in so the process of crafting, itself, is frustrating. Beneficial Harvest being important has an issue: - The actual mathematical impact of Beneficial Harvest is basically nonexistant. It's roughly equivalent, even at full power, to a 4.4% crit increase (25% pop chance * 20% crit chance * 7/8 nodes because if it pops after the last node you're SOL), but only after you pick up all the improvements in the tree, after over a year. This is also assuming any number of additionals, like that you don't get distracted between nodes. Effectively, the only improvements that have relevance are Crit, Amount, and P5.