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  1. wheres the loch ness monster? must have missed it! welcome to the game
  2. r/suicidewatch or r/anime irl? welcome tho
  3. i wonder if they will take a look at the falling mechanic as well when releasing assasin, cuz its horrible as of right now
  4. im glad the error was on my end, im relieved
  5. you are ballin yo
  6. lets hope they fix falling first, because its a horrible mechanic atm (super laggy and animations get all wonky) but i agree that would be a good addition(maybe we will see the first falling mechanic with assasins? they got wings afterall...)
  7. give it a while to adjust, if nothing happens in a few days open another ticket
  8. BDO is lacking identity the same way many "modern" mmo´s do with slick graphics and extremely action packed combat, they might look good on the surface but theres not much beneath, thats what i think at least BDO´s style is simply too fast to work in a mmorpg
  9. to add on that: rare(blue) leather is also common in chests, and if you happen to play on a bloodbath server the chests are placed in a wide circle around the blue crystals
  10. didnt they say that it would depend on campaign ruleset? with some campaigns having full loot enabled (even body loot)
  11. fair enough but this might affect other things as well, so its worth looking into it imo
  12. i hope ACE devs payed close attention and took notes for future tuning as well as some bugs (notably spirit bank not working for alot of people), thanks for opening a server for the event, was super helpful!
  13. i feel like this would belong to the exploration skill tree
  14. well we dont even know how transfering stuff between EK´s and CW´s will look like so i would wait a little with this suggestion