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  1. as i said, let us customise everything this isnt even a debate for "how do we do it?" they just do it and everythings fine
  2. just give us the option to move and scale every UI element individually, solves almost ALL problems
  3. explain what more? the quote is kinda out of context
  4. as long as theres no botting involved owning several accounts is not even close to pay2win
  5. not sure if giving the weaver buffs is the right direction, a cc utility class sounds more likely and fits the theme better
  6. i didnt watch the video, was just answering because your comment seemed to be pointed not only to the video but games in generel
  7. not hard if enemys are just afk, why would you be in disbelief?
  8. guess why i know that this game is gonna turn out great? the community is already S A V A G E A F real animals running around
  9. even if the frostweaver is running a ranged weapon (which is very likely) its not out of the picture for us to have meele abilitys, frostnova, cone of cold and stuff like that
  10. thanks for sharing fam
  11. i agree, i hope they let people be able to create addons so everyone can tackle that problem with his personal favourite