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    More specifically, the following Archetypes:
    - Templar
    - Legionnaire
    - Myrmidon / Confessor

    Also, Looking for a Guild, preferably Oceanic but also US West works best for me (Misery)
  1. Yes, sure, but you gotta remember that Conan Exiles has an "Endowment" slider. Last time i checked, I cant make my Legionairre have a gigantic, waggling, floppy &$@!, so you know, theres that to take into account.
  2. Haha this is unfortunately so true. I played the beta a bit, its essentially a worse but prettier version of Chivalry/M+B/Tiger Knight.
  3. Well I dont know about a forum, but I can show you this handy picture: So the short version is, the Eternal Kingdoms live forever - thats where we as crows live and we travel into the campaign worlds to wage war. EKs are safe, no pvp fighting, the campaign worlds have various rules over who gets to fight who. One of the strengths of crowfall is that there will be lots of different versions of the campaign worlds so you can find one you like, to capture resources and bring them back to your eternal kingdom. (Which is where your stronghold is, your guild members, and all your loot/stuff)
  4. Make sure you pick your friends / guild carefully. This kind of min/maxing only occurs in the very highest echelons of the game, unless your intention is to be one of the super-leet raiders and you want to treat the game like a job, this wont apply to you.
  5. There will be lots of room for more casual players. Dont worry, while I respect @Handies opinions he lives in a different world to the majority of gamers. There are kingdoms being put together for people to work together, and be citizens rather than soldiers. No one is telling you you have to play X archetypes with Y skills and Z items equipped. There will be groups of people who do play like that, my advice is avoid them and come hang out with the rest of us who dont want to play that way.
  6. Yep, Im not sure why some people cant understand this, we live in a capitalist world. This is how capitalism works.
  7. I dont think this information has been released yet. You can see there is about 1000 stats in the character stat screen at the moment, only the dev team know all the details at this point.
  8. This current version is a bit more buggy than the previous. I expect it will be a lot smoother next weekend.
  9. Yep. The game is pre-alpha, and hasnt been optimised especially the initial load. Just be patient and wait a few mins, it pops up eventually.
  10. Hear, hear!
  11. Well I see what you mean, but I also think people are overthinking it a bit. The best characters MUST be hybrids of some kind, simply due to the fact you need to train both your combat skills, and your vessel skills to have a maxxed out character. And thats not even including some of the minor, but important stuff like getting someone with the leadership buffs. I feel my "combat character" will have some points in combat, some points in exploration, some points in gathering. Will having a few less %hp, %attack power and %combat resource regen make or break the difference in a massive 50 man brawl? Clearly not. Skill and gear will make up 2/3rds of my combat capacity anyway, so i feel that lets me branch out into other areas that will help the overall quality of life and enjoyment of playing my character. Enjoyment being the key word here.
  12. Great points there, I have 2 accounts (just as a result of buying sale stuff and getting it by accident) so I will quite happily have a main and a crafter alt to support my main. I dont think that will break the game, just like people with 16 accounts wont break the game. Yes, they can learn every single crafting and gathering specialisation, but they are also putting in 20x the work of someone with 1 account. Yay? If you want to treat this like your job, go you. Im sure those with many, many alts will be in the minority - spending huge amounts of time organising it all will be a pain in the butt when I just want to play and have fun. The people who are obsessive will have heaps of accounts, the "normal" gamers will have 1, 2 if they gain an extra for some reason (like me). Ive played a game like it was a job before (vanilla WoW raiding) and it burns you out, makes it less fun over time because you are literally working, not playing. I want to play crowfall in my spare time, I already have a job so I really dont need to pay for the privilege of having a 2nd one.
  13. Nice answer there Viking, the game (combat aspect) is a bit too simple at the moment but hopefully thats because the infrastructure is being put in place currently. @OP maybe you want a game like smite? play arena mode - everyone is exactly the same, and its as "fair" as it can be. Crowfall is not going to be Smite Arena mode...
  14. Indeed! Im certainly excited and looking forward to it.