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  1. Again, even the most money laundering "Free to Play" games understand that VIP should never give you more than double, most give mere 50% exp buffs and so on. VIP being able to queue what is effectively 5 pips a login while standard players only get 1 is crazy. Not in a good way but "crazy" as in "this insane idea will drive away players with self respect". A much better standard:vip ratio would be say... 3:5. (bonus points if you can queue pips from different nodes, that seems a lot better).
  2. I find melee abilities are really hard to hit with now. I thought the lower ping from the new Aussie server would help but it has don little to alleviate the issue. I'm watching my sword pass through my enemy again and again with no actual damage being dealt. I have no idea why this is but it's a real nightmare.
  3. It's us making judgments that force positive iterations. If something is broke you can't just stand to the side and say "It'll get fixed later" forever. I don't mind if this is put behind everything else in "things to do" but we've got to make sure it is added to the queue. I find the Dev's stance of Features and Bug Testing first, Balance later... problematic. Bad Balance leads to a bad testing environment, gonna be hard to find all the bugs in the other major disciplines when Field Surgeon is taking up one of everyone's two slots. I agree with ignoring fine balance but ignoring massive balance issues isn't helpful to testing.
  4. I have no problem with cowards, they're often very nice people. I do have a problem with people who insist that fighting should be the only option, this is a rpg, not a mindless hack n' slash. Either way. Plenty of hardcore survival games have surrender options, it's generally considered a good game function for allowing social minded players to team up.
  5. Yeah, that's optional, the emote it self would be useful in ending accidental fights between two unwilling parties (they happen a surprising amount) and fights with people who "Fight for glory and honor!" (if they say that then kill people who surrender they've kinda missed the point). The ability to open up your loot bag to someone is really to appease those who farm the farmers. Extortion rackets like that are the original basis of many historical kingdoms (not kidding, the first kings are bandits) so it would be a shame to miss out on it. Whether or not these two things should be the same... that's up to the devs.
  6. Ahh you have edited... yes that solution is the current state of the game that I do, a lot. Mostly this is about damage control. Anyone using a surrender button has lost anyway. It's still something to be avoided like the plague by the tactics you describe. Edit: Also I've already stated that I don't always like to kill so "or better yet, kill them." is kinda invalid.
  7. So your solution is that I 1. Have the third party chat details of EVERY single player including ones that don't have third party chats. 2. Hope that I survive long enough to... tab out, wait for TS connection, change to correct room, then tab back in. 3. Hope that people don't have passwords on their chatrooms. And some how this long shot strategy is part of playing the game better? (heck it's not even part of the game but sure) I would be better off attempting to convey my surrender by using shield block to speak in Morse code.
  8. The well equipped war band that just came around the corner tend no to wait long enough for me to get their teamspeak details.
  9. A bit more background on me and why this is so important to me. Comrades in an apocalypse, I love that situation. People that could gain more by ending each other but choose not to. That feeling of the uneasy truce. Which is why I love games like this, I can choose whether or not to fight and kill someone. It's not a competitive score game where you have to slay to win and it's not a PvE world where damaging the other person is impossible anyway. A large chunk of the vocal testing community seems to be of the mindset that a PvP open world means you must fight. With this I strongly disagree, just because we can fight and kill doesn't mean we must, or even should. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy beating people into the ground but sometimes I also enjoying... not beating people into the ground and most of all I enjoy making that choice every time someone new walks around the corner in a violent land. The communication in this game is pretty awful right now, partly because of bugs and partly because of how the channel system works. But even if we had enforced local chat... you still have to take the time to type and that's generally a death sentence. Voice comms? many people would just mute it. That's why I think this animation (and a few others) is so important and why it really needs to be a button press or two button combo... because /bow would actually take to long in most situations.
  10. Nice! That's definitely a big part of how sieges realistically play out and would help to smoothing out assured victories. But first we should implement it on a personal level.
  11. That's a reason for this feature not against. It's impossible to type out a surrender with the current time to kill. However something that activates as quickly as a the infamous 'C' abilities might be fast enough to save a life.
  12. How is it a throne war if people can't surrender (sometimes only to be murdered anyway). In light of how many people are being disheartened by the unrelenting slaughter a way to obviously surrender seems like a really good idea. So far when attacked by far more than my number a hurried type of "I yield" has saved me 40ish% of the time. Given the amount chat bugs preventing me from doing so and other players from seeing it as well as players being in group chat... that is a really high percentage. So I think a simple kneeling animation (and yes I realize that's very labor intensive to make) would go a long way to cutting down killing, at least from players who are fighting for the sake of finding good fights or winning the duels. Bonus points for addition functionality like Overrides stun/knockdown animations so it's usable while CC locked. (the effect still happens though, the player is still helpless for it's for the duration) Allows other player's to access your inventory as if you were dead (saves people from being killed by someone who just wants your items) Automatic local chat post across all channels: "[playername] Yields" (everyone within 100m sees it, regardless of channel) (later in development) accompanying voice line Some would say this sounds like a "carebear" feature. But at this stage I think the benefits it would make to aiding the testing of the game would be worth it (less crafters quitting). Not to mention awesome RP potential in both dueling and throne room scenarios... if you're into that sort of thing.
  13. Perhaps, as long as it's not with huge self healing like it is now.
  14. Indeed I really hope we don't end up with horses just for transport like most MMO's... I mean what's a Throne War without epic cavalry charges. But... I think we're a bit of topic here. Let's talk about how a Centaur went from 25% to 100% three times in one battle with me. Fire hose healing is bad... fire hose self healing is worse.
  15. Indeed, I'd like the Centaur and Standard Cav (looking at the knights warhorse skills here) to have Slow and powerful single hit side swipe attacks so as emphasis the attack and keep going of cavalry. Not to mention they should have an awful backpeddle speed and a maximum turn speed.