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  1. Agreed with entire post but this is my favorite. 5 pips....... Just so much less "painful" 25 pips may seem overkill for most and probably so; but as mentioned earlier, some guys are may be on deployment and such and this would be a blessing to them. @AnthrageThanks for posting some common sense
  2. Burrow: Looting a chest keeps the animation in stealth mode but in reality you are not
  3. ........ rolls u an ego check - fail Rpg - sim- whatever ..... the realistic part that I ......and I assume many others seek is "Consequences"
  4. link directs to old client for me
  5. @Tinnis Slight variant on season - perfect Heheheeh I live close the equator so the 12/12 gets old and actual seasons besides rainy and and kinda rainy would be nice
  6. +1 75/25 split much better .........
  7. What's the history stats on the fireballs being thrown around?
  8. Other name is better .........
  9. +1 for remembering these guys
  10. I usually try to read a whole thread before replying ....... but his one? I got to page 3 then went to 18 and nothing really changed so to make it easy I went back to page 2 to just +1 @Anthrage
  11. +1 for very good news!
  12. Thanks guys, it's people like you that help me keep the faith in the gaming community
  13. While interesting ........ most of you should know better than to participate in such a total hijack
  14. Kenitc energy to proportional mass ............. Fine....... But that does not account for the constitution or integrity of the "mass" ........ But I own a bar...... not a professor