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  1. Champion: Basic attack combos are bugged, regularly i can only do the first basic attack in the combo on Tyranny US east. Rend is rubber-banding the user like crazy and locking them in place for between 10-20 seconds and at times teleporting them from 20-50 meters. Throughout this time it also becomes impossible to cast abilities.
  2. Thanks for the fun fight. Props to Scorn during that bout, you made it really difficult to apply backline pressure
  3. Echoing what everyone else has said about landing certain ranged abilities. Myrm net is running into the same issues. Where I'll miss it 90% of the time at range. It may actually be worse than it was in 5.1. Also myrmidon net pull is not pulling targets correctly, they are rubberbanding back to their original locations half the time. On the plus side, landing melee abilities feels good again so props for that.
  4. No dual weapons still have broken PCMs so no help there. And with the change to noble purpose we'll be back to our old resource starved-starved selves. The change to gore was okay but still doesn't seal the deal Myrm (I still think it's too expensive for something we have to constantly use and hopefully land). I think a helpful solution would be that all the stacks reset when a new gore is landed and cap that stack limit at 5 or something along those lines. That way we don't need be constantly spamming gore which isn't really fun since it limits the pressure we can apply. I'm still pushing for an increase in the uptime in berserk too.
  5. Always, you cant run without it on myrmidon. Ive been going eith weapon finesse, noble purpose, and one flex passive. Still doesnt allow me more than 3 strikes, which need to all land and get me hunter stacks.
  6. Youll have to explain that one to me, i run a non-broken pcm advanced mace at .2 and still cant do much of anything.
  7. Myrm is still a borderline impossible class to play. The fact that you have to just span your gore ability constantly to have any hope of being able to cast abilities isnt a fun or creative mechanic, it's just straight up frustrating (you can maybe get 3 attacks off before you just sit there hoping to have the chance to negate your crash). Basic attacks cant be used of myrm, they eat enough fury that the user cant even finish off a combo. Reduce of remove this cost, it doesn't make any sense in the new world of efficiency and power costs. Gore is a bad mechanic for resource regen, it might have been fine and made sense before weapon efficiency was introduced but now the user need roughly 8 hunter stacks to have be able to combo and add any chance of pressuring an enemy. That's 8 gores in 30 seconds, and each is on an independent timer. I literally am a netting and goring machine, that's all we can do. Resource costs means the myrmidon has to choose whether to try and sustain itself and die slowly through bersek, or die quickly without being able to really dent an enemy (no resources means no burst damage).With the myrmidons inability to provide pressure, it cant handle its role as a tank since a mana-shielded confessor can ignore a net the myrmidon casts as the myrm cant attack it afterwards without any hunter stacks( no way to gore to salvation on a fessor or druid). Disciplines mean nothing to the myrm, he'a shoehorned into field surgeon because you need noble purpose to have the extra resource gain when berserked, and juggernaut so that you dont die from a crash(due too low of a berserk timer). In terms of damage itself, the myrmidon would be in a good place if it could consistently use abilities, but as long as it's gimped hardcore by resource costs it's bottom tier class, not good at single target or group roles. To fix this issue, it needs a couple things, most abilities on the myrmidon need a resource cost reduction. Pulverize shouldn't cost half a resource bar and gore needs to be reduced dramatically, it's our only way to get regen. Berkserk timer needs to be increased back to it's previous value or at least 10 seconds since the myrm has poorly made socks mitigation. This is literally the only way to not be blown up instantly on myrmidon, so make this cool mechanic not feel like a total crutch all the time. I want to try all these fun disciplines too, but Myrmidon literally is forced to stack resource abilities and passives.
  8. Just to reiterate, this pretty much kills the Myrmidon right now. Currently it spends 3/4 of a fight after the first five seconds out of fury. You basically have to decide between survival (using pulverize) or getting one extra swing in.
  9. Damage bonuses while nice aren't the core of the Myrm issue right now. Berserk doesn't necessarily need a damage buff, it needs to give the user enough time to actually do something. Right now you can pop berserk and you maybe have enough time for two attacks before needing to hit pulverize, and that's if you don't get stunned for 5 out of the 8 seconds and crash (which happens 75% of the time).
  10. Did some more grave-digging this weekend, it appears that monster legs still dont appear in the loot tables for monster graves, so we cant test myrm or stalker vessel crafting. I tried using Centaur legs but they only appear to work for centaur bodies.
  11. YeahI agree with you there. There currently isn't any other craft with so many obstacles just to make something basic like necromancy has. As long as the drop rate is low, and minerals are hidden behind motherlodes with a high quantity requirement, you're going to see bodies being a rarity that only some of the larger groups of players and guilds can afford.
  12. Cinnabar drops from marble now, but the drop rate is so sparse that it's just torture trying to get the 36 required for one archetype, even with skill training and motherlode potions.
  13. So now that I've actually been able to test mineral gathering and necromancy this weekend, I can still come back to the same conclusion I posted a few weeks ago. The drop rate for minerals is still way too low to make necromancy a viable craft. Almost two hours of farming to get 7 Cinnabar and 3 Halite is a joke (and that's cycling 9 Marble motherlodes and 6 Granite motherlodes. It takes 36 of each of those minerals to make one archetype (48 for centaurs), which is just plain torture and doesn't make for a fun of engaging gathering/craft. There really isn't any other craft that has such a barrier to make even basic components. Even a 30% chance with stacking potions and the mineral skill doesnt solve this issue. My recommendation is to up the drop chance on motherlodes and/or give them a lower drop chance from normal nodes. We already have to farm graves and mobs for the good necromancy additives, and adding these slow drops with such a high quantity requirement feels like a shot in the foot for good measure. Hell you need to address this just to give us a chance to dig into necromancy for bugs during these tests.
  14. I haven't tested this patch but I may try again today to validate that claim.
  15. Any word on if the motherlodes will drop Cinnabar now?