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  1. The core of the fight was; Ranger/Scim Druid/Knight vs Druid/Druid/Druid/Fessor/Champion/Duelist + Other randoms popping in here and there
  2. Battle for BloodBath
  3. Good fights all around.
  4. Please make this happen +1 x 100000
  5. Can you get burning hatred to work on a druid? Last time I tested this on a scimitar druid it would not proc at all. I have found a few skills / discs that seem to not work with my scimitar druid. Careless Whisper for instance. I cannot get this whispers to stack. Other classes it works fine. Not sure if these are intended to not work with my class, but scimitar druid definitely has some weird quirks.
  6. Yes please. Landing call storm is such a pain in the ass. Not sure whats going on with it vs a skill like fairy fire which seems to hit much easier under the targeting reticle. Call Storm is not the only skill that suffers from this...
  7. On Part 2 I disconnect somewhere before 3:11. You can see my body just sitting there... My PC hates crowfall
  8. "The Hill"
  9. This hill was a pain in my ass. Good fights vs -W-
  10. That hill fight was brutal. I think it was the terrain mostly that was causing issues with my targeting.
  11. "The Long Chase"
  12. Good fight vs -W-
  13. Some 2v3 Fun
  14. Good fights vs -W- and the little Sugio squirrel.
  15. Don't know what the hell you are doing? Want to get PvP ready fairly quickly?