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  1. Harvesters will just use alts for the MLs, mainly to get minerals and gems. Guilds will have a platoon of miner / harvester alts from their core player/fighter types. It is a necessity because no one can count 100% on random harvesters they do not know, so alt harvesters are needed to make walls and etc. Sure the outer circle of guilds or factions will have some harvesting capability, but ya just can't count on it, (unless a trade system is established). Yhis is the reason why "group" harvesting is really a mirage, (was in SWG, is in Eve, will be in CF) - its alts you see, not a group of different players! Most harvesting will be done solo, or in the case of a pro harvester, their main and alt. So yeah, I think the limit of ML to 2+ people is non-sensical. One can say a player "should" be doing this or that, but a harvester will always maximize efficiency of their time for highest profit and one can easily do it solo/with mule alt. The issue with group dependency of harvesting is time and return. Every other real person not only reduces yield/profit but also is a mega time waster, when by the time things get organized one may need to logoff (complete loss) or could have harvested more solo / withalt. Harvesting should be modeled after the crafter, individual action, collective dependencies.
  2. Order, because that is where the goddess of merchants stands!
  3. Its all about mobility, stuns and crits (except for the siege part). Resources that enable this will be in the highest demand. Those that don't won't.
  4. I second this. My strategy was to spin a Kingdom vs a guild also, (Nation, city state etc).
  5. @Pann - is using CC-BY OK? (Music) Its just attribution, no other restrictions.
  6. That's the thing with economics - if there is in-game money / resources to be made, people will make business models to make it, and they should if that is their thing!
  7. Ditch the thralls altogether and put copper in EK. Besides thralls and npcs pull server power. If no copper then Alts it is then - with pack mules!
  8. Or a tax to place things in an individual embargo - with the "tax" portion going to the "group" embargo.
  9. So placing things in embargo is done on an individual basis, or a group basis?
  10. In their current description, one could log alts or even their main, do nothing, then boom free resources at the end of the campaign.
  11. And I would recommend a mount and blade like map to travel between kingdoms. In the future it would act similar to Eve online's multifunctional map, and also have real political, economic, and strategic gameplay value which completes the "game of thrones" model.
  12. It would be just like the automated harvesters in SWG, so it would not be unprecedented. Kindaa welcomed actually, otherwise we'll just make macro alts. Harvesting isn't a social activity, it is a profit activity. The social part is a mirage of alts.
  13. Human behavior does not change, so there will be all sorts of issues, guild inner circle selling resources for RMT, EK deals for campaign favors, theft. Guild will lose members who are not treated well financially. Socialism and "for the guild" doesn't work, especially for large groups. I think the biggest question right now is export rules. Like will it e a big pot? If so where does that big pot go to in the EK and who has access to it? Will it be individual pots (like the current spirit bank). When the embargo mechanics are spelled out, that will pretty much drive how economics evolves in the Campaigns.
  14. For me more a commodity exchange model, not really a guild per se. Of course relationships would be key Could start a collaboration / syndicate type thing (under the guild mechanic). Post away if interested! There is not enough published (imo) for merchant / wholesale trade business models yet.
  15. I was planning on making a farmer's cooperative market, so farmers can sell their food and resources to it - to feed the world! (echo)