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  1. The druid in WoW has that in their travel form, so it's not unheard of.
  2. I would really like if you would make Rend steerable on the Champion again. It's our best damage ability and it's almost a waste now with the locked animation.
  3. You would have to post your feedback inside the feedback thread for the current test. 1 I totally agree the lag should be priority, it makes for a horrible experience, and has been like this for months now. 2 some skills are locked animations, just play some more and you'll get a feel of the distance you need to use it in. 3 I dont see this becomming a thing, the healthbars just need to come back. 4 You stack stuff in inventory and spirit bank by holding ctrl and click RMB on the thing you want to stack. Remember you can only stack the same quality stuff.
  4. The EU server could use a reboot right now, when I post this, it's unplayable with the freezes and lag spikes. This is all server side..
  5. The Champion ability Rend is now a fully locked animation, you can't steer it in the air anymore - intentional? Also it still shoots the champion away from time to time when used. Anyway I personally liked it better when I could do a 180 degrees rend in the face of someone chasing me. Apart from that, this test is playable, no nameplates makes it a bit harder to fight, but hey - we adapt till you fix it :-)
  6. The player will also have to play good, with sick gear, to make a huge difference I imagine.. And the person would have spend so much money that their entire guild would be well geared, to it make an impact on a campaign.
  7. Well yeah in that sense, they basically took 2 different specs from the WoW rogue and turned them into 2 different archetypes. That said, they can be 2 different archetypes, because one revolved around being highly mobile and doing burst damage, the other slower but higher damage over time. Why change something that works, why not use it?
  8. Very excited for this archetype, I like that you inherit some of the rogue style from other games. Regarding the stun lock, when you play enough, you get a feeling of when to use your retaliate to counter the stun lock, also they already have a Diminishing returns on CC in the game, while it could use some work, it will also play a part in that you don't stay stunned till you're dead. I'm surprised you didn't make a Shadowstep, as a teleport to a target - and then the C ability a smokebomb so the assassin can disengage in a cloud a smoke that blinds surrounding enemies Good stuff ACE, looking forward to testing it!
  9. Yeah apart from the 67k crit in Rogdons video, then it looks better I think it was just a UI bug that crit though.
  10. Thanks, a lot better with full screen
  11. I'd rather see 2 seperate videos to be honest, or one edited together nicely. Also, why speed it up?
  12. Unless a certain discipline rune is the best for a certain archetype, then I doubt everyone will be the same. You choose disciplines in the future to match your prefered playstyle, you choose your promotion class to match your playstyle - in short, you will be able to find your prefered playstyle with an archetype.
  13. This could be something they could think about for sure, when they have finished everything they promised first. Like in WoW, arenas didnt come until their first expansion.
  14. Can't you just open a corruption map? Since the bug with health/stamina seem to only come from equipping items that gives +health or stamina? So it would be up to the players not to equip stuff like that - so we could test the lower stats in pvp, with like basic gear If not, it's understandable ofcourse.
  15. Yes nerf to crits, feelsgoodman Now i just gotta test it when I wake up tomorrow 😀