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  1. Would you look at that, a fessor without nova!
  2. Tinnis' point of view of his AoE Druid DPS (low frames)
  3. So we did the Caldera colosseum, was a lot of 20-25+ vs 20-25+ group fights against eachother and it was a lot of fun! If you have any footage from the event please post them in here, thank you! This is my contribution: The entire event: VoD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154165696 Youtube link: Initial turnout on discord: The wall of death in the end: https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousWimpyLarkYouDontSay Thanks to all participating it was a blast!
  4. I'll make a seperate Thread to post the videos etc. hang on
  5. Noble purpose + Rehabilitation seems ... Pretty strong ..
  6. We already have 45 people on the discord, everyone is still welcome! Also still looking for some extra group leaders:
  7. We are looking for volunteer group leaders for the second part of the event, incase we need more group leaders than what we have lined up already. Your job will be: Get an order from the Army commander. Lead your 5 man group according to that order. Call targets in combat, and guide your group to some extend. If you would like to help out write me a message on discord or reply here, thanks!
  8. See this more as a chance to learn to know other guilds and random players.
  9. Updated the original post to include Event info and rules! Attention!We will have a fresh bloodbath faction server for the event, so DO NOT PICK A FACTION before the event starts! Thank you!
  10. We have guilds participating from all over the world, this is a good opportunity to get to learn your future allies/enemies! Also bumping for awareness, @Pann @thomasblair
  11. I have normally around 90-110 on US East servers. And I live in Denmark.
  12. If theres no rules set, then the only reasonable thing to do is run back and help your team. Maybe they should make a longer respawn timer?
  13. That might be the case lol. Sounds good bring everyone you know!
  14. See this as a chance to play and learn from some of the best pvp'ers currently in the game! Everyone is welcome - Join the discord and say hi!