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  1. Still crashing from maximizing my 16GB RAM.
  2. You can increase you jump height by holding space and moving around, it will increase your jumping height untill like 10m up in the air. Looks like you're in a bouncy castle. Worked in my EK, just hold space and move around. I'm on a champion, with a 2 handed mace, and full basic armor. I'll give you a video. Disciplines equipped, Master of Great Maces and Weapon Finesse.
  3. Just running around in the map, the game uses 97% of my 16GB ram.. Crashed 2 times within 10 minutes. Crashed again, the RAM usage just keeps going up, till my computer just automaticly closes the game. I tried reset settings to default, which helped a little, but it still keeps going up.
  4. It's opinion against opinion
  5. I understand why you disagree, I know it will impact you a lot because you play the classes with the longest dodges. But hear me out, I believe it will improve pvp overall, why? Because now everyone will have to think about how they spend their dodges. It will require more skill suddenly to play a proper druid or confessor and stay alive, because you know you are more squishy than others. As it is right now you can almost dodge any direction without hesitation, because it leaves you with a huge gap between you and your enemy, talking about ranged vs melee, melees are not able to trade dodges with the ranged. With these changes, as a confessor or druid, you'll be forced to think about where you dodge, if you just dodge backwards you might end in the open alone with no backup and get rekt. I feel the changes will promote more teamwork, more skillful play and best of all, require more awareness of the individual player. It doesn't matter how good mitigation you have, if you are poor at positioning, you will get punished - these long dodges makes it easier for a player to recover from positional mistakes.
  6. I think you're looking at the combat in a wrong way, instead of thinking why changes would be bad for you, why not think of ways to get around it, see the advantages to it, adjust your current playstyle etc.? You might end up realizing that you have to rely more on your teammates when the changes come through. Let's test it out and have the talk again ?
  7. Or you know, you actually have to start to think about how you CC and peel for eachother. That would make the combat rely even more on teamwork, way more fun right?
  8. Try go under community news and scroll a bit up, in the Crowfall discord, there's a google docs link with the guilds in the discord server, don't think I'm allowed to link tinyurls here.
  9. My Crowfall crashed twice yesterday, because I ran out of memory. And I have 16gb RAM. Didn't have anything else taking a lot of RAM open.
  10. I can't log in, into the 5.1 version. I can log into the 5.2 though. And yes I have them in seperate folders. This is the error message I get:
  11. 2h axe and 2h mace, not 2h swords so far. Probably poleaxe/mace through centaur.
  12. Welcome! I would love to see more active guilds on EU, so hoping you guys stick around! ☺️
  13. Could just be a discipline to be honest, would be cool to play champ with dual wield or with a shield.
  14. On one hand you have the mentality that you should take a loss as a learning experience. Now you post this as if we should let it bother us that we lose once in a while.. You need to lose to get better, it's a part of every game, if you've played as much WoW as you advertise, then you should know it just as well. You didnt start out playing on glad rating, no one did.